Take a bite of Life,
And be surprised!
Be very surprised
Because it’s Good!

It’s not the drama it was.
It’s not the rush it could be.
It’s not the drudgery it’s been for so long.
Life is Good!

And why?
Well, who cares?
Good Life doesn’t beg for
And its biggest, fastest, quietest killer,
Waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Good Life is just that:

Take a bite of fruit,
And be glad!
Be exceedingly glad
Because it’s Good!

Everything it needs
Is already there:

Everything Life needs,
Your Life,
My Life,
All Life,
Is already there
Within Itself!

Life is Good!
So for Goodness sake,
Take a bite!
And say,

“Thank You!
Thank You very much!”

Blessing Prayer – Prayer of Jabez

And they said to him, The LORD shall surely bless you and enlarge your territory, and his hand shall be with you and shall deliver you from evil, that it may not have power over you, and he shall grant you that which you request of him.”
1 Chronicles 4:10 (Lamsa Bible)

Blessing Prayer – Lyrics

Instrument: Yamaha NP31 76-key digital piano

Oh, that you would bless my soul
And may my reach be great by your command!
Oh, that I may always go
Upon the path that’s guided by your hand!

Oh that you deliver me from evil,
That it’s power over me is past!
Oh that I may know you in my mind and soul,
That you grant the things I ask,
Oh that you grant the things I ask!

Spirit Manifest

The substance that creates the wind,
The earth, the sky, the sea,
Is manifest in everything,
Including you and me.

It is the One, the Great I Am,
The Spirit of all things.
It knows the highest good and asks;
The Law then pays It heed.

Our thoughts, attracting like in kind,
Create the world we know.
By way of the subconscious mind,
They manifest below.

The wisdom has been passed along:
We are what we believe.
What Spirit asks, the Law provides.
Our thinking is the key.

There is no wish, no fear, no hope.
Be clear and be direct!
Intend to serve the highest good,
For this is what you’ll get.

Creation is continuous,
Transcending time and space.
For Spirit, which creates all things,
Can never be erased.

The world that we experience,
Evolving in its form,
Is changed by Spirit’s conscious Thought
That’s neither dead nor born.

The all-in-all, the Universe,
The is, was and shall be,
Eternal Word of Thought and Law
Resides in you and me.

With Gratitude, with Clarity,
Just ask for what you seek.
Then trust that it will manifest,
For You’re the “powers that be!”
–And so it is!

The Holy Spirit in Metaphysics: Who is it and what does it Do?

Picture this. A person without form. Not just an invisible person, because maybe we can imagine that. (H.G. Wells anyone?) This is a formless person.

Can’t picture that? Well good, because that’s not what the Holy Spirit is! In Metaphysics the Holy Spirit is not a person. It is formless of itself. It’s simply substance. In order for Holy Spirit to take form and do something, it must be instructed.

So, Holy Spirit can be said to be the Law itself. It is impersonal and formless, makes no decisions, and has no thoughts.

Mysterious, isn’t it? Aptly enough, it’s also called the Holy Ghost!

Holy Spirit is the substance, the feminine, receptive aspect of the Trinity, that simply–bear with me, ladies!–takes what it is given. It is a vessel. It carries out what it has been sent to do.

But it cannot and does not work, unless it is instructed to do so. The Holy Spirit is an inseparable partner to the Father–God-Mind which instructs it–and the Son–the idea that it is to carry out.

The Law has been called the Law of Love, and the Law of Mind. The Holy Spirit is both these things. It is Love, pure and simple. And it is Mind-substance, the stuff that is stimulated by Thought.

Holy Spirit is the Power of Father (Thought) and Son (the idea of the Father-Mind) that goes forth to manifest the idea.

The Holy Spirit is the breath that gives life to manifest ideas. This breath is sent by the Father to do “this work,” a certain thing. It is not random in its work, and indeed as has been said, Holy Spirit cannot work, cannot even exist, on its own. It is an integral, receptive and loving aspect of God.

From personal experience I know that the Holy Spirit is that feeling that descends when you need it most. If I specifically ask to be comforted, I am comforted. That comforter, as it is also called in the Bible, is the Holy Spirit. It has come because it has been asked to do something. “Holy Spirit, comfort me.” Whether or not you call upon it by this name, it is the same power of divine Love, come to offer peace.

Now picture this: A dove flying overhead. This is another symbol of the Holy Spirit. Only the purest prayer, spoken or cried out by the soul, can bring down the Holy Spirit. And it will always come, because it has been asked and welcomed.

May your relationship with God, as your own Higher Self, be enriched and deepened through the Holy Spirit!

This article is my own understanding of the Holy Spirit as applied to religious, New Thought Metaphysics. Based on this entry in Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.

Thank you to Mark Hicks and truthunity.net for making the MBD and other texts freely available for study and reflection!

He Created Them

Male and female
Female and male
God is there
In each one
He created them!

Female and male
Male and female
Never separate, for we are all one
One God, One Creation
He created them!

Wife and husband
Husband and wife
We call them married
We separate the married from the unmarried
In Truth all are one
He created them!

Husband and wife
Wife and husband
Unfolding in a relationship
Where both express fully
And grow as the mighty oak, in Love
He created them!

Man and woman
Woman and man
Together from the beginning
Not by legal bond, perceived obligation, or circumstance:
But by His creation,
He created them!

God and Life
Love and Spirit
All names for The One
Just like male and female
Are names for God in form
He created them!

Male and female
Female and male
Expressing God-Life
Different pieces
Of one mosaic
He created them!

The Metaphysics of Divorce

Is divorce wrong? Can I be forgiven for it? Will I be restricted after divorce? These and many other questions arise when spiritually aware people contemplate, or have been through divorce.

Here are some answers, based on Metaphysical Science teachings. Please take what you need, and leave the rest. All the Truth you seek is already within you!

Is divorce wrong?

Ultimately, there is no wrong path to God. Therefore, divorce is not wrong. It may be a detour. Perhaps your soul’s purpose includes marriage, but you divorced. Oh well, now God, in infinite wisdom and intelligence, just recalculates, and you take a detour. You can still fulfill your purpose, even after divorce!

You haven’t totally ruined your life, no matter what others say! If you believe in second chances–and that means more than two!–then you pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and ask God to guide your steps. And ask often, because God never forgets, but we do!

Is divorce a sin?

In metaphysics we think of “sin” as “error, mistakes, separation from God.” In that sense, divorce is error, because it creates a sense of separation between you and God. Whenever we feel separation, not belonging, or other negative feelings between us and another creation (a person in this case), that is error. That includes divorce.

Can I be forgiven?

All error can be made right! All “sin” can be forgiven. All thoughts of separation can be brought back into harmony with God-thought. So, absolutely! You can be forgiven after divorce, and you will be if you ask.

Will I be restricted after divorce?

Usually, this refers to remarriage or intimate relationships outside of legal marriage. What I share here is metaphysics, rather than traditional Christian doctrine. So, don’t be surprised that it’s different from what your priest, pastor or grandma tells you!

Again, I encourage you to seek within, where God-Presence is always, and uncover Truth for yourself!

Divorce is separation. So, if we marry, or become involved with someone else in that same state of mind–the consciousness of separation–that is committing adultery. In metaphysics adultery means having mixed thoughts. You’re sending the Universe mixed messages. Do you want to be separated? Or do you want to be with someone?

This is not just physically. Do you want to remain separate in consciousness–separate from God and therefore from another creation? Or do you want to live in harmony?

If you choose harmony, you’re no longer committing adultery. That is, you’re not having mixed thoughts and living a life of inner turmoil. Your consciousness, your mind has risen above the “divorce” level. You’re no longer separated from God, your former spouse, or your new significant other.

Yes, I said you’re no longer separated from your former spouse. That does not mean you must return, reconcile, and live with them physically! However, it does mean that you recognize and even embrace your spiritual oneness with that person!

Of course, you cannot do this on your own! I couldn’t, and no one can! We need the Power of God to flow through us, to make us one with Him, so we can truly be one with all creations. That means our former partners! It means letting go of me/you, us/them consciousness and exchanging it for Higher God Consciousness.

When we can accept our oneness without cringing, then we know we’ve left “divorce/separation consciousness.”

Now, we are one in any future intimate relationship. We’re not committing adultery, because the mixed thoughts have lifted. Now, we live and act in oneness with God and all people.

Am I encouraging or condoning divorce? Not by a long shot! Why would I endorse separation consciousness, which only breeds misery? Metaphysics teaches inner work. We change our minds, because they’re the only thing we can control! We cannot control others. We cannot change the past. But we can change how we let the past affect us. And we can change our choices and future responses.

Divorce can be devastating. It can ruin people mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychically and take away physical resources. It can tear families apart and create rifts in relationships. And where there are children, it can be extremely painful.

But ultimately, we are all one! When we stop fighting these circumstances and the effects of divorce, when we look beyond them, we see the Truth. Then, we have a choice.

We can stay in separation consciousness. We can make that divorce the turning point in our lives. We can let it be “when all hell broke loose and my life was ruined!”

Or we can rise above that. We can look back on it with a strong heart, thankful for what we’ve learned. Grateful that we made that error, because now we won’t do it again. And move on, positively, letting God-within guide our thoughts, actions, and communications with all those we love, those we need to forgive, and especially, the person we carry with us in all relationships: ourselves!

Intimate relationships are one of those things where everyone offers an opinion… And there are as many opinions on how right, wrong, immoral, justified, loving or negative they are, as there are people in relationships!

I can’t encourage you enough, to connect with that indwelling Spirit. It’s right there inside you! You just might have a lot of beliefs, thoughts and accumulated levels to peel off before you recognize it.

But God is within you, at the center of your mind. Ask God to make that Presence known to you. Spend time with that Presence. Remember: We’re going for oneness here, not separation consciousness! The more time you spend in the Presence, the more clearly the Presence will show up in your mind, heart and life.

May it be so for you, and may you realize the blessing of the One Mind!

And so it is!

A Joy shared is a Joy Multiplied!

A Joy shared is a Joy Multiplied!.

I’m grateful to share a joy of my own:

The CD Baby release of

Crystal L. Howe: And so It Is, Vol. 1

Grab yourself a copy in CD or mp3 format! Discounts apply when purchasing more than one, so share it with a friend! Expand this ministry and get some fun law of attraction based, New Thought Metaphysical music! Use it like I do, to remember who you truly are, and enjoy!

Thanks and blessings!

Come unto Me – Metaphysical Song

I started writing this song while working on Do not Worry – Metaphysical Service. I finished it for Who Does the Work Around Here?

I have a past full of worrying myself sick… Which thank God is just that: PAST! And it helps me offer compassion to those who still worry.

Come unto Me – Lyrics

Instrument: Yamaha NP31 76-key digital piano

Come unto me, all ye that labor,
And I will give you rest.
Come unto me, ye heavy laden!
Lay down your burdens, put me to the test.

1. Take my yoke now upon you,
For it’s an easy load.
You will carry it with me
And never on your own.

2. Take my burden upon you,
For it is very light.
Learn from me to be gentle,
And keep a heart that’s right.

3. All these things that you carry
Are only in your mind!
Take my love and my caring;
Let me guide your life.

And rest, rest, rest your soul!

Who Does the Work Around Here?

Metaphysical message, meditation and treatment for health in honor of Labor Day. We all have work to accomplish here, but who really does it? Listen in and find out!


I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Matthew 11:28-30 (NKJV)


Recognition – I recognize that God is the ultimate doer. Nothing is separate from God, and nothing is accomplished apart from God.

Identification – I unite my mind with the Power of God to accomplish all that is mine to do. I know this Power is within me and is naturally mine. I claim it now by focusing my attention and awareness on God-Power.

Realization – I realize God-Power in my life. I see it expressed in my personal and professional relationships, my family life, my job and career, my hobbies, and all aspects of my life. My entire life is God’s life individualized, and God is the conductor and orchestrator of everything.

Acceptance – I accept God’s direction in my work and life. When I think I deserve credit, I turn inward. I give up my personal ego and its will, and give credit where it is due–to God. When others give me credit for accomplishments, I graciously thank them and gratefully give credit, as Jesus did, to “the Father within me who doeth these good works.”