Night Creatures Don Their Tutus

Night Creatures Don Their Tutus.
Don’t think it’s just us humans!
The owls, raccoons and rabbits love to dance!

Night Creatures Don Their Tutus,
Particularly at Full Moon!
And when they rest, they reminisce:
“…When werewolf lost his pants…”

I can’t see Jackie Hurlbert’s paintings, but this poem was inspired by her painting of the same name: “Night Creatures Don Their Tutus.” Written for today’s
dVerse Poetics.


Dreadful Droplets

Fred could tell when his wife woke up that morning that something was terribly wrong.

“How did you sleep?” he asked.

She responded with a grumble.

“Are you in pain?” he tried.

Her reply was a grunt.

“Is something bothering you?”

She merely growled. If only he could read her mind – but then again, he surely would regret it if he could.

“Can I help?” he posed one final question.

“Yes!” she exploded. “You can put more than droplets in my coffee cup!”

Flash fiction for today’s
#Ragtag Daily Prompt #RDP #Droplet.

Fretboards of Joy

A shiny chest of wonderment,
Of wishes and of dreams;
A brilliant box of hopefulness
And possibilities!

When soft inspiring breezes
Flutter magic strings,
They carry off my spirit
On clouds of melodies!

So thank you, bless-ed builders
For the joy your fretboards bring!

My response to Kim’s very interesting “Fretboard of Poetry” Quadrille prompt at
and today’s
#Ragtag Daily Prompt #RDP #Breeze.

Other Musical Poems

First, because Kim lives near the coast:
Song of the Sea

Spirit of Music

The Music Inside

And, of course, the theme song of Mystical Strings ❤


As a tiny preemie,
I was very sick;
Hospital existence,
A devastating trick.

Adopted shortly after,
I wondered about them;
They answered in abundance
When I took sick again.

My parents wrote a letter
To my first mom and dad,
Determining the reason
My health became so bad.

A glacial cold responded..;
Briefly hurt and sad,
Now I’m forever grateful
For the folks I never had!

66 words of non-fiction for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt,

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers,
biological, adoptive,
men in a mentoring role,
and every man who has a heart for children!
Thank you!
Be blessed!