Basic Tenets of Metaphysics

These basic tenets are the foundation of my ministry and practice. My work will not suit everyone; so, understanding these basics will help you choose support that fits you, whether that is here or elsewhere.

We believe in one God as Supreme Being.

We believe that God created all life.

We believe that all life has a divine purpose.

We believe that God has a plan for each person’s life.

We believe that living according to God’s plan brings happiness and fulfillment.

We believe that acting outside of God’s plan results in suffering and unhappiness.

We believe that God is good, and He is present within every soul.

We believe that anyone can experience God’s Presence.

We believe that prayer and meditation help us experience God’s Presence.

We believe that through prayer and meditation, we become aware of God’s purpose in our lives.

We believe that God can change anything in our lives.

We welcome people of all cultures, faiths, religious or spiritual backgrounds, and those with no affiliations at all. We see God in all people, regardless of mental, emotional or physical attributes.

Metaphysical Science is considered a branch of philosophy. However, it is a way of life for its Ministers and Practitioners. We seek God first for ourselves, then to share the Light with others, so they may seek Him on their own.

See also What is God?

Have questions about metaphysics as lived and taught in this ministry? Feel free to contact me.

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