“Scarborough Fair” DSE #4 #Music

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Here is the traditional English ballad, “Scarborough Fair,” played with melody on lyre, and harmony on zither. This is the fourth but not the final of my attempts to play lyre and zither at the same time, in preparation for playing a double strung harp.

As I mentioned
last week,
tuning these instruments in exact unison is very difficult, mostly due to the difference in string materials. If you have a very sensitive ear for music, I apologize for the tuning discrepancies. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy hearing the possibilities offered by having two sets of strings!

Come, Thou Almighty King #Music

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Although “Come, Thou Almighty King” is often attributed to Charles Wesley, the text is actually anonymous. The melody is an Italian hymn, composed by Felice Giardini. The earliest known publication of text and melody together was in 1757. It remains a popular traditional Christian hymn today, more than 250 years later.

I hope you enjoy this zither arrangement!

A Trio of Poems #Music #Poem

Play or download these 3 short poems with lyre accompaniment.

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Full honesty
Is always best.
But it must be
A human test
Or bluffed disguise
When tempers rise
In view of truth.


Clay of nature.
Earth and water
Form the future.
We are the same,
Uniquely made,
Designed in Light.


Morning glories
Blooming in peace
Tell us stories
Of what can be.
Red velvet slate,
Despite mistakes.
The soul is whole.

I wrote these 3
for Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #35.

I didn’t use the paint chip words as colors, because as a blind person, I know them as things instead. Also, only my last poem really follows the “future” theme. But I did follow Linda’s example and write 3 poems using the angel card words from the challenge. Finally, for those of you who haven’t heard my lyre yet, please have a listen. Hope you enjoy! ❤

What Kind of Tokens? #Writephoto #Music

Play or download this song with lyre accompaniment.

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1. What kind of tokens do you leave?
What’s your special mark,
And what will be your legacy?
Every moment you share,
Though you may not be aware.
Consider: What kind of tokens do you leave throughout your life?

2. What kind of tokens do you share?
What do they remember?
Will it be your love and care?
Every moment you live,
There is something that you give.
Consider: What kind of tokens do you share throughout your life?

3. What kind of tokens do you hold?
Are they beneficial,
Or the thoughts that leave you cold?
Every moment you exist,
Life is made of consciousness.
Consider: What kind of tokens do you hold throughout your life?

Every moment you exist,
Life is made of consciousness.
Consider: What kind of tokens do you hold throughout your life?


On ukulele

For Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Tokens.

Rounding the Bend #SixSentenceStories

I don’t remember the first bend I encountered on my journey through life. But I’m sure that whatever it was, some people thought I should take it, and others discouraged the idea. They say that history repeats itself, and I’ve found this to be true. No matter what we face in life, everyone has an opinion and will express it, if given even the whisper of a chance. However, it’s your own opinion, your sense, your knowing, your desire that is most important. Remember: It’s your choice which corners you turn, because it’s your life!

My response to this week’s
Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up, Bend.

This is my first time participating, and I like the idea of a story so concisely written that it needs only 6 sentences. Here are this week’s stories from two of my blogging friends that inspired me to participate:
Abbie Johnson Taylor
Frank Hubeny.