Leave Them where You Left Them

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Leave them, leave them,
Leave them where you left them.

1. Lay your burdens
At the feet of Christ, for He will
Not return them.
Jesus paid the price. So you can

2. When you’re worried,
Give Him every fear. Let all the
Stress and hurry
Gently disappear. He’ll help you

3. When you’re hurting,
Let Him take the pain. He’s gonna
Keep you working
Through another day. So you can

4. When you’re yearning
For a better way. Go on and
Keep returning
To Him when you pray. He’ll help you

Repeat 1.

Leave them, leave them, leave them all.
Leave them.


Paul Scribbles

Tonight’s Quadrille challenge at dVerse offered by Victoria is to write a 44 word poem including the word Sound.

whispers of wind

rustling trees

birdsong at dusk

rhythm of my footsteps

padding on the grass

frog jumps in pond

splashes in my consciousness

a ripple of thought

at the frequency of now

stillness falls over me

cloak of magic

feather light

nada brahma


In the beginning was sound, the word,  and the word was “God.” Yet we complicate the original meaning of the words – forgetting our root, deaf to the sound. Forget that the whole point of our “uni-verse” is to bring us towards the oneness.

My father said, “This sound [vibration of God] is the source of all manifestation….The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”  Who is not listening?

Nada Brahma, Nada Brahma – all the world is sound. And…

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It’s such a rainy day today,
So cold and damp and drear.
I curl up where it’s warm and dry,
But oh the birds I hear!
Chirping, cooing, twittering,
Laughing, singing free!
The sound of happiness in song
Is worth the rain to me.

No surprise to anyone, this is my “sound” Quadrille for Victoria’s lovely prompt at


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I Wish for You

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I wrote this song for someone’s birthday. But it applies to so many people for so many occasions! Springtime is a season of graduations, proms, weddings, and other beginnings. Enjoy, and share as directed–by Spirit.

1. When the rain comes pouring down,
May you have a boat so you don’t drown.
When blessings touch your open hands,
I hope you fill them up with all you can.

2. When the sun is shining bright,
May you grow in happiness and light.
And I hope you hear that restful call,
When the evening shadows fall.

3. When you’re feeling bad,
I hope a simple something makes you glad.
And find a little peace of mind,
No matter what this world provides.
Refrain: (Twice)

All these things and more, I wish for you. (Twice)

All these things and more (3x)
I wish for you.

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I Wish for You Mp3

Tender Touch

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Happy Mother’s Day to moms and children alike! This song is not just for mothers, but moms will relate to it. May you feel God’s tender touch when you need it most!

1. You give me feelings,
And you make me care,
But God, I just don’t understand.
You make me hope
When I’m running in despair,
And I know that you must have a plan.

Refrain 1:
Oh can you tell me why, oh why
This life can hurt so much?
At every turn I cry and cry;
I’m reaching for your touch.

2. You give me love,
And you make me dream,
But everything is in my way.
You make me try,
When I only wanna scream.
And you let me live another day.
Refrain 1:

3. I’ll never know
The work you do
Until it’s all complete and done.
So I ask for patience,
Peace, and truth
To be what you’ve begun.

Refrain 2:
‘Cause only you know why, oh why
This life can hurt so much.
You hold me when I cry and cry,
And I feel your tender touch.

You give me feelings,
And you make me care.
And God, please help me understand.


Every Mother’s Tears

Friendly Soil

Bring in the rototiller,
The plow and tractor too,
And don’t forget the mower,
Shovel, rake and other tools!

It’s time to plant the garden,
And it’s got to be just right,
Or else the crops and people
Will be in quite a plight!

So stir the soil with gusto,
And compost it real well.
The garden could be heaven,
Or perhaps a living hell.

Now I must tell you something:
We have left the best behind.
How can we tend the garden,
And forget to tend the mind?

Björn asks us to write about soil over at
dVerse Poetics.


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