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Last-minute Gifts

On Saturday my 5-year-old son and I finished wrapping presents. We wrapped one for another little boy, and I thought we were done. Later on, my son came to me and said, “Mommy, can’t we make something to wrap up for him?”

This goes back to before Thanksgiving, when my son asked me to make him a scarf. Of course I was thrilled – who wouldn’t be when a small boy says, “Mommy, can you weave me a scarf like yours?” I told him I would. And I did, except it took longer than the ONE NIGHT he wanted! 😀 But I did finish his scarf, complete with woven textured snowballs and pockets.

So now he was asking me if we could weave a scarf for his friend. I said sure, again glad he appreciates handmade things.

But it was so much more than that. He was so excited, just knowing we could finish the scarf in time, wanting to help warp and weave, looking forward to wrapping the present. It was my little boy’s excitement and pure intention that created that scarf.

Yes, we warped and wove together. We washed it together, and we wrapped it together. In fact, the only thing I did “by myself” was trim the fringe and weft ends. My son has been interested in weaving since I started weaving when he was 2. And this year, he felt it was important enough to have scarves for himself, his friend, and for me.

Never mind that we had 3 days to finish the scarf. Never mind that we didn’t warp until the evening of 12/22. Never mind that I thought I was running out of yarn.

I look back on it now and my thought is: Wow! I could have really sabotaged this for myself and my son! I could have gotten caught up in the last-minute gift thing, how we didn’t have enough time, how it takes handwovens a while – a long while – to dry in the cold weather, and any number of other things.

But I had no thoughts like that at all. Fortunately, I was blessed to be feeling the same excitement my son felt, and the feeling continued while we wove together.

I could have chosen to feel busy. But what fun is that? I could have felt rushed. But whom would that have served? My son could have thought I was too busy… But thankfully he felt free enough to ask me to help weave the gift.

We attended Sunday celebration at unity as we usually do, and we stayed for snacks and fellowship afterward. We read extra stories, because again, he asked for that connection.

So when did we finish the scarf? Sunday evening, with time to spare before the online celebration I wanted to watch!

When it seems you have no time, it’s time to be extra mindful of how you feel. Do you feel cramped? Rushed? Busy? Preoccupied? Fearful? Worried? Anxious? Pressured? If so, remember that you always have a choice. Find a better-feeling thought, and that will attract another and another and another… Until you feel like time is no longer an issue.

As I write this, my son sits on the floor playing. Since we finished the scarf last night, we’ve watched a movie together, played several games, helped others wrap presents, cleaned up for our party later, and even gone to bed at a “decent hour!” 😀

Time is irrelevant to me, and for this I am truly grateful!

Yuletide, New Era, Rebirth Celebration

I celebrate Yule, though not with ritual as some Pagans, Wiccans and others do. My celebration is one of personal meditation and music.

Come this Yuletide, I’ll be adding thoughts. As 12/21/12 approaches, I feel excitement! Since “the end of the world” is not an option for me, I ask, “What is being born now?”

What do I want to see in my personal life? How do I want to feel? You notice I’m not saying what do I want to change? … No. Instead, I’m looking at the positive, from a standpoint of “it’s already done!” as we do in metaphysics.

I’ve said before that I sometimes combine Goddess and metaphysical spirituality. My foundational beliefs are metaphysical. The way I choose to relate to them, in song, ritual when I choose that, and symbols, is sometimes Goddess-centered. I have the form of a woman after all; so that makes sense to me right now.

On 12/21/12 I will sing songs by Ruth Barrett, celebrating Yule, the rebirth of the Sun, and the joyous turning of the wheel.

I’m also attending a virtual retreat by Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman, to anchor more sacred feminine energy into my life and business.

I will meditate using the ZPoint process, to release resistance to change. And I intend to write a song or two myself!

I write, read, weave, speak, meditate, sing and celebrate to externalize and at the same time amplify, the spiritual connection I feel. Some of these things may work for you, too! If not, I ask you to enjoy this celebration in whatever way feels best for you!

As Brenda says, we can approach 12/21/12 with fear or with love or with anything in between! I choose love and excitement!

And you?

Letter from the Spirit of Truth

Dearest You,

I am the voice of the season. I am the Spirit of every season. I am within everything, and everything is within me.

I am within you. Who am I? Who are you? We are the Christ consciousness. We are a state of truth, love, peace, faith and knowing. I am that highest vibration. And your true nature is the same.

If at times you don’t feel lifted up, ask! Ask me, within you always, to lift you to this place of truth. You will be there, even as you ask. For this is the Kingdom. The Kingdom within you always.

Do not search outside yourself for upliftment. There may be tools – groups, others, things, activities – that amplify your good feelings. These are created in the image of truth, as you are. But without these tools, you are the same! You are truth, even without ministers, teachers, groups, friends, family, presents, food and more. You are truth – now and forever!

Seek the truth already within you. Your being is peace, love, hope, joy, faith. All the gifts of the season are yours right now.

Ask Me, ask the Christ, to lift you to where you can know and feel these gifts. And all these things and more will be added unto you!

You are love, as I am. You are light, as I am. You are life itself, as I am. And as you believe, so you receive. As you believe and feel the truth, it becomes visible in your life on Earth.

Ask! Write a letter to the Christ in You, and it will be answered!

Bless’d be!

The Spirit of Truth

Shine your Light! Holiday Prize #2


In deciding what would be fun to share for the Shine your Light! Giveaway, I wanted to choose woven and musical things aligned with the positive energy of Peaceweaving. Sounds good, right? Yet I had no idea what those things would be!

Just this past weekend it hit me… Uh, do we not offer And so it Is! vol. 1? Well yes, we do!

So prize #2 is a free mp3 download of the album, notes, lyrics, instrumentation and cover art. And more than one of these might be given away!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… 😀 Follow the guidelines in the original post (see Shine your Light! link above) and describe your favorite winter festival tradition, memory, etc.

It’s as easy as that! My intention with this and all of Peaceweaving is to expand spiritual connection for myself and all others!

Enjoy, and may you feel blessed, now and always!

Celebrate Light – Winter Holidays Song

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

Come! Join our festivals of light and song
Shining through the darkest night and singing all day long!
Join our celebrations of great love
Singing all in unity,
With candles lit for you and me,
We stir up joy and faith and peace
For all that is below, touches above!

1. Celebrate the Yuletide,
The returning of the light
Once more days grow longer
The sun’s becoming bright again

2. Celebrate Hanukah,
The miracle of faith
We don’t think we have much
But blessings make it stay and grow

3. Celebrate Kwanzaa
The unity of all
One people and one nation
May we spread peace to great and small

4. Celebrate Christmas
The birth of Christ in you
The symbol of a baby
As love and life in all you choose
Refrain: (twice)

Light Within – Meditation

Companion 5-minute meditation to Celebrate Light – Winter Festivals Talk. This meditation guides us to reconnect to our own light within, and to be the string, that others may reconnect with their inner light as well.

Instrument: Hang drum