Religion is full of translation
And telling us that it is so.
It’s not just an interpretation,
But set down as Law that we Know.

Theology is but ideas
To share a perception of God.
And some who subscribe to a teaching
Push anything else under sod…

Religion is full of translation
Of present and future and past.
Beyond every interpretation,
The Spirit is all that will last!

The last prompt of
is to translate a poem from a foreign language into English. Though I know other languages, I chose to write my own poem about translation, because with few exceptions, I share my own work here.

Goodnight…and get some good sleep.



When we are feeling fearful, tense, and worried or stuck,
we just need to remember we’ve been here before
and we’ve always worked our way through it.
We are so much stronger and so much more capable than we may think.
And if you don’t believe me, just look at all you’ve already dealt with and remind yourself – you’re still here!
Then fluff up those pillows and get some good sleep.

Photo & Text source: “Begin with Yes”

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I Remember

I remember how mountains seem so high when I’m trying to climb them.
But in the peaceful valley below, they just provide shade.

I remember how tears flow like a river, or not at all.
But later they wash the pain away.

I remember how my heart beat fast and hands shook violently.
But when the crisis passed, I stood strong.

I remember the fear, the worry, and dread.
But realize again that it’s all in my mind.

I remember stress, the unwelcome visitor, the needy companion.
And I remember, sooner or later, the Peace that passes all understanding!

I remember the Cause that is within me.
And I remember to choose positive effects in my life!

I remember!

“I Remember,” the prompt at, for this second to last (some say penultimate 🙂 ) day of
Either way, one more day!

Power Struggle

I don’t like it when you push me around.
But I don’t have a problem telling my kids what to do.

I feel like a bad kid when you talk to me that way.
But I don’t mind making you mad to prove a point.

I point out your words that replay in my head.
But I let you keep saying them over and over.

Over and over I get on this ride.
I say I want off, but I keep getting in line.

I line up everything that needs to change
Like dominoes in a pretty row.

The dominoes fall to reveal the truth:
The power struggle is in my own mind!

“Mind over matter,” I tell myself.
But I think out of habit just the same.

I wear the same habit like a shield.
But it doesn’t protect me.

I am protected more deeply inside,
Beyond strife and struggle, beyond this powerful ride of fleeting life.

Because real life knows
The struggle is temporary.

The treatment is temporary, too.
And by the Power of Life within me, I treat it that way from now on!

day 28, unprompted.


– Simple
To tell the truth
– Convince so many
To take the path WE choose.

Words complicate the matter
Of Being, and confuse it with
Seeing, thinking appearance is real.

But we perceive a tiny part of life
And keep saying experience is concrete.
Our words are overworked and under-paid as such,
And understanding Life itself is still beyond us.

Words are a gift, but when to often called to task, they dull.
Their fifteen minutes, a dizzying eternity of “what?”
We talk too much to listen at the door of Higher Consciousness,
Where all words fall away to knowing, flowing, glowing Cosmic Lifeforce…

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is for a poem with long lines. One example has 17 syllables per line, taking inspiration from the 5-7-5 (=17) syllables of Haiku. I’ve written a variation, with lines from 1 to 17 syllables. An interesting piece for

Wait on the Lord

If ya wanna find some peace of mind,
Gotta set this house in order!
If ya wanna be the change you seek,
Gotta set this house in order!
If ya love yourself and you wanna be free,
Gotta set this house in order!
And wait, wait on the Lord!

If ya wanna do His will for you,
Gotta set this house in order!
If ya want your slice of paradise,
Gotta set this house in order!
If you’re feelin’ bad and ya wanna be glad,
Gotta set this house in order!
And wait, wait on the Lord!

If ya wanna feel the Spirit heal,
Gotta set this house in order!
If ya wanna know He loves you so,
Gotta set this house in order!
If ya wanna give out hope and bliss,
Gotta set this house in order!
And wait, wait on the Lord!

“Set this house in order” means putting our consciousness, awareness, focus, attention, and intention in the right place. I.e. on the Highest Good so that we can experience, first in meditation and then throughout all areas of life – with God’s help!, the kingdom of Heaven that Christ proclaimed is within us.

Today’s prompt was to write a call and response. While I expected a kind of chant, I didn’t expect what some might call a good ole Gospel or revival song! But here it is, in poem form at least. I won’t be surprised if it becomes a song. 🙂

Now only 4 days left in
It’s been a commitment and a good one!

Two Roads

Two roads diverged in a wood,*
Both forked and neither too good.
I took the path that I “should”
And scared, crept deep in the wood.

I heard opinions and crowds
Advising ever so loud.
I let their arguments wow
And took the way of the crowds.

Oh all the feelings they had!
In turn I also felt bad.
I feared the worn, hurt, and sad
Oh all the feelings they had!

They held a piece of my heart,
But now I’m making a start
To end the suffering part
And heal that piece of my heart!

For all the people’s advice,
They may not be very nice.
I can’t afford the high price
To buy the people’s advice!

Two roads diverged in a wood*
Both forked and neither too good.
I found the truth where I stood
And boldly trod through the wood!

*Robert Frost “The Road not Taken”

Day 25 prompt at was, write a poem using a line from another poem, and take it in a different direction. Robert Frosts first line of “The Road not Taken” inspired this poem for

Have and have not

I had a dream but I lost it.
I had a mind that exhausted.
I had red eyes and a faucet of tears.
But I still had a soul!

I have the peace that is healing.
I have a mind that goes reeling.
I have a heart that keeps feeling God’s love
And Truth within my soul!

I have a dream and I fan it.
I have a mind so expanded.
I have a heart in God’s hands all the while
With my blessed eternal soul!

This wasn’t written from a prompt, but is day 24 of

Balance and Supply

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. We look for too much seeing
And not enough believing;
Too much taking
And not enough giving;
Too much doing
And not enough being.
But that’s ok
‘Cause we can change!

2. We come for too much going
And not enough staying;
Too much working
And not enough playing;
Too much talking
And not enough praying.
But that’s ok
‘Cause we can change!

3. And we do too much forcing
And not enough letting;
Too much hurting
And not enough blessing;
Too much grudging
And not enough forgetting.
But that’s ok
‘Cause we can change!
Refrain: (Twice)

When we choose to change our mind
And we are ready, we find
The Truth of God’s design
Of balance and supply.


If like gives birth to like, then plain to see,
Our “thinking makes it so,” as Shakespeare said.*
It shapes experience for you and me,
But deeper than the mind is Spirit’s head.

For in the soul and heart is wisdom pure,
Beyond the knowledge growing in this world.
Yet as we give it power, more and more,
Our science is a smoke screen that unfurls.

The Spirit won’t demand that we depart
From progress and advance of humankind.
O may we lead by soul and know by heart
And not from separation seek, but find.

And grounded in the Spirit of our birth,
We might attract more “like” upon the Earth!

*William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

Day 23… The NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a Sonnet. This one is Shakespearian in form, but I make no claims of being a master of the Sonnet! I’ve written others, but haven’t revisited them in over 10 years. It’s nice to get reacquainted with this timeless poetic form as part of