I’m about 6 years old, and my family and I are on a Summer camping trip. This is nothing new; I was 3 when we took our first trip. But this one is different.

I’m standing near the grill, hungrily waiting for my dad to make some burgers. To this day everything tastes better to me on the grill! But my excitement turns to pain and panic when a bee stings me, right between my fingers. I’m blind, so I don’t see it coming. The sighted kids get stung all the time anyway, but this is my initiation if you will.

I stand still, then burst into tears, clutching one hand with the other. Lunch is a little delayed while my hand is taken care of. After that it’s back to the suddenly serious business of camping. And I learn to respect bees. So small, yet so powerful!

Best camping darkens
Explosion of pain and fear
Enormous bee stings

A Haibun for


Night Creatures Don Their Tutus

Night Creatures Don Their Tutus.
Don’t think it’s just us humans!
The owls, raccoons and rabbits love to dance!

Night Creatures Don Their Tutus,
Particularly at Full Moon!
And when they rest, they reminisce:
“…When werewolf lost his pants…”

I can’t see Jackie Hurlbert’s paintings, but this poem was inspired by her painting of the same name: “Night Creatures Don Their Tutus.” Written for today’s
dVerse Poetics.

Raining Change

It doesn’t really matter what I think about the past,
Or if my thoughts and words and actions hurt me looking back.

For only with a downpour, not a shower or a drizzle,
Can the tears within my heart bring on a change more than a little.

‘Cause the past is done and over, and the present is right now.
All the healing that I’m seeking, I can find by asking how.

When I’m living by the answer, it’s real changes that will last,
So the only thing that matters is to let the past be past!

My response to today’s
#RDP #Ragtag Daily Prompt, #Drizzle.

Henry’s Last Crow

It wasn’t my idea to buy and raise chicks. But it was Easter, and they were cheap. Yes, cheap chicks. Now. Moving on.

One was spunky from the beginning. A rooster, he was named Henry. All went well until Henry became tyrannical and territorial. To be fair, he only wanted people to leave his Chicks alone. And leave their eggs alone too.

One day Henry pecked my brother, and that wasn’t the first time he picked a plucky fight with a person. I give him credit, but it lead Henry to his doom.

Next thing you know, Henry was on his way to the butcher. Let’s just say that when far away an interrupted cry sounded, it was Henry’s last.

What did my family do then?

Bring him in the house and make soup.

“Is that Henry?” I asked.

The silence told it all.

Another entry for
dVerse Prosery #1.

Also non-fiction. Yes, it’s true. You can’t make this stuff up!

Reflection on Sea

The sea reflects our brilliant sun
Until another day is done.

It carries me so wide and far,
A sailor following the stars.

I take a journey in my mind;
*I ask, I seek, I knock – and find.

The voyage ends and waters part
With sun reflecting in my heart.

*“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
–Matthew 7:7-8 (NKJV)

My response to Sue Vincent’s
#writephoto Prompt: Yearning.

Sue, thank you for describing the image! 🙂


Song of the Sea

Soul Reflection

Hungry – Haiku

Cat meets bird, eats bird
Leaving blue feathers behind
Nature takes its course

I used to live in a house with a terrier, 3 other dogs, 2 cats, and a parrot… And recently heard a story of two birds, one of which met its maker at the cat’s hand, or paw. 😮 Regardless of what we call demestication, animals ultimately behave in the way that is most natural to them.