The Sounds and Smells of Spring

Some Springtime humor from my husband. I couldn’t resist sharing this. 🙂 –C. G.

The Sounds and Smells of Spring

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Seasons change;
thoughts rearrange.
Spring smiles come bursting through!

winter finally is laid to rest
until next year.
Oh happy day! Spring has sprung!

Old Man Winter
has taken a heartfelt hike.
Time to pull out the family bike!

Birdies are singing;
ice cream bells certainly are ringing!
These are the sounds of Spring!

Leaves are crunching;
everyone’s munching
tasty treats to make your mouth water…

The smell of funnel cakes
on trips to the neighborhood parks
folks will make.

These are the smells of Spring!
The air is filled
with a variety of aromas…

Everything from hot dogs coming from the neighborhood vender
to the bakery down the street
teasing you with the breathtaking smell of freshly baked goods!

Time to put up all of last winters gear,
and hopefully if the Winter didn’t help you gain a few pounds,
pull out the tank tops and shorts.

Some of us
might have to give Jenny a call,
but that’s ok

Because It sure feels good
to finally wake up
from the Winter’s slumber…

And smell the fresh air
and hear
the sounds of Spring!

Wishing all a blessed and most beautiful Spring season!
May God bless us all!

The Blind Poet, Freddy G.


Things that Make You Remember

A child’s kiss
The singing birds
When lost is found
A tender word

A happy song
A piece of cake
When flowers bloom
To softly wake

When love is true
An early Spring
The way you laugh
A Summer drink

These many things
And many more
Remind me what
I’m living for:

To love, to laugh
To give some cheer
And honor Him
Who put me here

These many things
And many more
Remind me what
I’m living for

A “list of things” inspired by today’s prompt at

The Wishing Coin

I tumbled down the wishing well
Like a child’s hope-filled coin.
My heart looked for something
I couldn’t find in earth time.

As I fell I waited,
Watched, and wondered,
Wanting to know what was in store.
Would my wish come true?

I hit rock bottom
In a world all its own.
I didn’t even recognize myself…

For I landed
Or continued my journey
Flowing in a cascade of dreams
I did not call for.

I must apologize
For my lack of rhyme and reason.
But if you wish for love, beware…
You just might get it!


A spike in the weather
Brought raindrops in floods.
We ventured together,
Outpacing the mud.

All dressed up
With somewhere to go,
Our wedding was imminent,
Come rain, sleet or snow.

So onward we ventured
With faces aglow:
Outshining the downpour,
A bless-ed rainbow!

My Quadrille in response to De’s “spike” prompt at

Yes, there really was a rainbow on our wedding day, March 15, 2019! And the song we chose months ahead of time was “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” It was a blessed and beautiful day! ❤

Living Water

Before we met, I sipped your words
Like lemonade in Summer bright;
Then savored them as chocolate hot,
Indulging every Winter night.
I drank you in; you filled my cup
With satisfying sweetest brew;
My dehydrated mind and soul
Fulfilled and nourished, sipping you.

My Quadrille for Mish’s “sip” prompt at

Nature Song (Sonnet)

For Freddy, my soon-to-be husband.

Your laughter is a river flowing strong;
It rolls and rumbles, nourishing its path.
And in your voice I hear a living song;
As seasons come and go, the music lasts.

A mountain tall and firm, that is your faith.
Whatever trials on earth, you can’t be moved.
When lost in storms I cannot find my way,
Your rock of steady standing gets me through.

The Lord has given gifts to one and all,
But I can’t see the forest for the trees.
When brambles trip me up and then I fall,
You lift my spirit with a song to sing.

Eternal song of nature and His love,
I heard it when He sent you from above.

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