One Spirit

Is the Trinity Real?
A Mystical View

I have written about the “members” of the Trinity myself – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. However, there comes a point in mystical awareness where even the Trinity falls away, and you are left with Oneness! A religious person might feel shaken that the doctrine of the Trinity has shattered. But those with mystical awareness hold to the Spirit, and are grateful for the ever deepening realization of Truth.

Infinite means without beginning and without end. Nothing is separate from or outside of the Infinite.

“There is One Infinite Spirit and every time man says, “I am” he proclaims it.”
–Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, p. 323

We pray unto the Father
And put hope in the Son;
We ask the Holy Spirit
To fill each heart that comes.

But there is something Higher,
A Truth of Love and Light:
The one eternal Power,
The Source and Breath of Life.

Indeed there is a Father
And Christ the Son of Love;
A gentle Holy Spirit,
Descending like a dove.

But names fall short of Allness
And things that can’t be seen,
And texts of sacred knowledge
Are puzzles incomplete.

The wholeness of the Presence,
The Father-Spirit-Son,
Is not three separate powers,
But infinitely One!

So when you call on something,
Look gently deep inside
And seek the Highest Kingdom,
The Presence that abides!


Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. I am deep
I am wide
I’m outside
And inside
I am vast
I am small
I am one
I am all.

2. I am sky
I am earth
I am death
I am birth
I am then
I am now
I am the “what?”
And the “how?”

3. I am you
You are me
I am full
You are free
I’m a gift
You are too
You are in me
And I am in you.
Refrain: (Twice)

Universe, Universe
Infinite and free
The Presence and Power
Lighting every piece.


Universe in You

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves a mark
On every ripened heart.
The shadows drawing down
Are equal to the spark.

But as the sunlight fades
And heat becomes the shade,
Remember there is more
Than what we see displayed.

As outward nature dies,
May inner spirits rise,
For gentle autumn leaves
Are shedding Light inside.

For support in this or any time of transition,
Metaphysical Treatment Services
may be helpful.


Wings of Autumn
Autumn Transitions
Phoenix Rising – Meditation Poem
Live Like a Leaf Meditation

Song of the Sea

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. A carefree place to go and play,
A peaceful spot to watch and pray.
The beach so full of ebb and flow
Reminds us of the Truth we know.

Refrain 1:
And when you touch the shells,
Remember all is well.
O hear the sea inside
And deep within your mind.
It’s flowing free and long and strong,
The oneness of the sea in song.

2. The shells that we collect and keep,
We think are beautiful to see.
So many shapes and colored hues,
But none more beautiful than you.
Refrain 1:

3. And when we go back home to live,
We take along the sandy sieve.
Releasing all the thoughts that bind
To cleansing tides of heart and mind.

Refrain 2:
No need to touch the shells
To know that all is well.
The sea of Life inside
Is calm within your mind.
It’s flowing free and long and strong,
The oneness that is you in song.


Peace, Be Still

Instrument of Peace

Haiku (Nature Poems)

Metaphysical Treatment Services

Reacting out of Fear

We act out of fear. We do. And the really frightening thing is that we don’t even realize it. It’s normal, knee-jerk, habitual, unconscious, patterned. It’s the snappy comebacks, the words we blurt without thinking, because we’ve blurted them so many times before.

I dare say fear is ritualistic. Religiously we let it rule, just as some of us go to church, kneel, light candles, say prayers, and of course, leave the church with a sigh of relief that now we feel better and can live our lives as we please, in habitual, unconscious fear.

In what situations do you regularly react out of fear? Speaking to children? Commiserating with friends? Arguing with your spouse, partner, co-workers? Tearing down someone’s ideas?

What words do you use?

How do you feel, in your heart, in your gut?

What thoughts are you thinking?

What triggers fear for you?

In recognizing our own personal fearful patterns, we can bring them to the surface. Not to judge or criticize or beat ourselves up for having them! But to heal, replace with positive new patterns, and move on.

As usual I recommend meditation – a few moments spent giving up the personal ego, limited mind that fears, and reclaiming the God Consciousness within you. Meditation itself can be a ritual, and not a positive one, unless you’re fully engaged, with your entire being. This means mind, body, heart, soul. All your wonderful and varied aspects working as one, for at onement with your Spirit (spiritual) Nature.

I could tell you how to meditate. But my version may not work for you. And if it doesn’t, you may fear meditation… It’s not a certain meditative experience you’re after here. It’s a serene sense of knowing, beyond thought, beyond words, beyond feelings and emotions – meeting your Maker, your Self, within You.

And here, there is no fear. When the meditation time is finished, you still contain the Presence. And with awareness, intention, and focus, seeking the Presence on purpose as often as needed, you can respond positively to life situations.

Cookie Song

Why not sit down with some cookies and a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa for this one? Eat, drink, and be meditative. Who says it can’t be fun? 🙂

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Baking yummy cookies, takes a lot of time.
Mixing up ingredients, and measuring just right,
Rolling out and thinning dough, and smoothing all the lumps,
Pressing down the cutters, making sure they don’t get stuck.

2. Cookies are a harvest, of patience, love and faith.
Effort is rewarded, with sweets to give and take.
Gobbled up so quickly, or savored nice and slow,
Every single cookie says, we’re made with love to show.

3. Sometimes there are cookies, we say aren’t good enough,
Maybe burnt or broken, maybe hard or rough.
Though every one is different, they are cookies just the same,
Some unique and special treat, a blessing to create.

Like those cookies, each of us is better for the storm.

Eat your cookies, with a thankful heart.
Eat your cookies, let them do their part
To show that love is always there, it’s just in different forms.
It’s mixed and rolled and baked and iced, for cookies soft and warm.
And like those cookies, each of us is better for the storm.


Cookie Cutter

More Great Expectations

The Truth About More
– Continued

TO get all the MORE you’ve been asking God for,
This question is key to supply:
“Now who’ has the floor and who’s keeping the score?”
The answer just might change your life…

The personal mind, you may come to find,
Has strings tightly bound to the earth.
The things it demands into its open hands
Are fine, but in time lose their worth.

One MORE we expect, and another reject
For not painting the picture we hold.
But the color in store could be better than yours;
You will know as the showing unfolds.

So to get all the MORE you’ve been asking God for,
Remember He knows what you need.
And the you on the floor that is keeping the score
Is proven illusion indeed.