This is a self-blessing song, inspired by blessing and Chakra-cleansing rituals. Authors include Z Budapest, Diane Stein, and Dianne Sylvan. But while those are Goddess/woman-centered, this song is for everyone. It is my own interpretation and uses only the same body points as these rituals.

You could do this as a meditation any time, as a song, poem, or however it fits into your spiritual practice. It could be a weekly, monthly, New or Full Moon, or celebration ritual. It is most important to be mindful whenever and wherever you do any meditation – simply performing a ritual or routine practice doesn’t make you more aware in itself.


Instrument: A-440 (A4) tuning fork

Bless me for I am Your child,
In Your image, all supplied.
Live through me, that I may grow,
Ever greater Love to show.

Third Eye:
Bless my eyes that I may see
One in All and You in me.
Light my mind and point of view,
Bringing me Your thoughts of Truth.

Bless my voice so that I say
Words of kindness through the day.
May my breath and every sound
Vibrate sweetly all around.

Bless my heart that I may love
In communion as the doves.
All-embracing without fear,
Your compassion gathered here.

Solar Plexus:
Bless my center, sacred core,
Intuition, trust and more.
May each feeling be a guide
To Your Spirit deep inside.

Bless my belly, soft and warm,
Healed of hurt and safe from harm.
May desire be for the best,
Your creation manifest.

Bless my root that draws from You,
In its season to produce.
May I live a fruitful time;
Fed by You, I feed in kind..

Bless my hands to touch and do
Things that let Your Spirit through.
Working, playing, held in prayer,
Spreading goodness, easing care.

Bless my feet to go aright
In Your will and path of life.
May my steps be strong and sure
In Your Presence evermore.

Bless me for I am Your child,
In Your image, all supplied.
Live through me, that I may grow,
Ever greater Love to show.

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Release Chant

A meditational prayer chant/treatment. Healing is not the result of the music or even the treatment itself, but of connecting with the God-Presence within you. It is the God-Presence alone that does the healing.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Verses have 7 repetitions.

1. Release…

2. Good unfold…

3. Perfect Love…

4. I am free…


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God Bless this Human Mess

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. “In my father’s house are many mansions.” But who cares
When all you see is heartache
running up and down the creeking stairs?
And nothin’ I can do or say
Takes anybody’s pain away,
But still I’ll do my best and pray:

2. Every soul in torment has a part that knows the Way.
Lead them, Father, lead them inward
To the bright eternal flame.
‘Cause nothin’ I can do or say
Takes anybody’s pain away,
But still I’ll do my best and pray:

3. In my father’s house are many people in disguise.
They are all His own,
Whether they think it’s Hell or Paradise!
And nothin’ I can do or say
Takes anybody’s pain away,
But still I’ll do my best and pray:
Refrain: (Twice)

God bless, o God bless
This human mess!
God bless, o God bless
This human mess!

God bless
Your people in distress.
God bless
The ones who feel repressed.
God bless
The ones who think they’re less than anybody else.
And God bless, o God bless
This human mess!

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Not so much a doing
As an allowing
Let it be
Let it flow around you
Within you
Through you

Take it in
Without thought
Without judgement
With ease

We hear
But rarely listen
It’s no wonder the quiet seems so harsh!
It’s because we don’t know how to respond
How to listen

We hear sound
And inside we feel it
We sense it around us
When we are truly at ease

Active listening?
That speaks judgement
Rat race thoughts

What we need is
Passive listening
Flowing effortlessly
To and from us
Within and around us
Over and through us
And the ability to be comfortable with that

The Universe listens
The Earth listens
The Sky listens
God listens
So why can’t we?

Be still


Peace, Be Still

Wishing Well

Why is a Metaphysical minister writing a Goddess-centered song? Other than “Because I can!”

It’s because Metaphysics/mysticism and Goddess spirituality are not at odds with each other, if you have an open mind. In mystical Jewish and Christian traditions, the Shekina, Holy Spirit, or Holy Breath is considered feminine. She is Mother, Daughter, Sister, Beloved. She is one with the Father and Son, the Creator and the Offspring, not separate from either, but a part of everything!

A thought: Without a feminine aspect to bear, carry, and nurture, nothing would ever come to fruition!

See related posts for more, and enjoy this upbeat song!

Wishing Well – Lyrics

Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele
Soprano Recorder

Goddess is the wishing well,
The giving tree, the ringing bell.
From Her all things come and shall return.
Goddess is your sacred wish
From first desire to form of it.
She is Life, and Life is ever Hers.

1. She is every act of love.
She’s below and above;
Mother in the Earth and sky and sea.
She is everything you crave,
All the Will and all the Way.
Words and actions happen in Her Peace.

2. And the Goddess is in you;
She’s your Spirit and your Truth.
She creates and is creation all.
You are here, and you are She;
Feel abundant and be free!
Listen to the answer in Her call.
Refrain: (Twice)


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Dance with Me

This could be a love song between people, except that people can’t “save” each other… Beyond that, the dance is a spiritual one, and the love is eternal.

Universal (God’s) Will is done, no matter what we think, say or do, whether we “like” it or not. But when we are conscious and aware of our partnership with the Divine, life flows more smoothly. There are still ups and downs, but they are more balanced and easier to navigate with God-Mind awareness.

To contact and maintain this awareness, we use meditation,
prayer treatment,
communing with nature, music, Yoga, and any number of personal spiritual practices. The key is to connect with the God-Mind flowing through you. Because it is within you, even when you’re not conscious of Its Presence. The “dance” is between you and God, one in Truth, and only appearing separate when the personal ego-centered human mind has focus.

May you dance consciously and joyfully with the Spirit within you!

Dance with Me – Lyrics

Also published in
Seasons of the Moon
Volume 13 Issue 4 Lammas 2016

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Dance with me, easily,
While I hold you in my arms.
Move with me, in harmony,
While I keep your soul from harm.

1. I am always here with you.
My love is boundless, ever true.
Just let go and see the proof.
Dance with me, I dance with you.

2. Keeping rhythm, taking time,
Waltzing with your hand in mine.
I am here so you can shine,
Touching lives all intertwined.

3. I am here when you don’t know,
Guiding gently as you go.
Never once are you alone.
Dancing still, I bring you home.
Refrain: (Twice)

Dance with me, dance with me.