Which Path is Mine?: Choosing the Right Direction

Whether you’re deciding between two things you could buy, finding a spiritual community, choosing a relationship partner, or anything else in life, you’re on a path. But is there a right path and a wrong path? Do “the cards” just fall where they will? Or do you alone determine your destiny?

I’m asking myself these questions, even as I try to bring you some intellectual understanding of possible answers. But these possible answers are truly the key. Anything is possible! No path is pre-determined as either yours or mine. I do think we come into this world asking for certain experiences, for particular people to be in our lives, etc. But I also believe that as we think, react or respond to things, and have different feelings and emotions, we determine our future path. What we think, do and feel today, determines what we’ll experience tomorrow. And not necessarily tomorrow, as in the next day of the week, but tomorrow, meaning in the future.

If you’re facing a hard decision now, it’s because of what you’ve thought in the past. For instance, if you can’t decide which car to buy, it’s because you’ve had undecided thoughts about it. “I could buy this one. It’s…” Fill in whatever that one is that you find special. “But that one has…” And then you start up with, “Is one better than the other? Less expensive? Made elsewhere?” And because you’re asking these questions, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, you receive… not answers, but more questions!

I’m not saying we should stop asking questions! I’m suggesting that the best course may be to take the questions into meditation. Imagine them into a container, a circle, or something else that keeps them in one place. Put in the questions you consciously have, and all undecided parts of yourself. And do a clearing meditation. As thoughts come up, let them pass by you, into the clearing vessel. Asking questions is great; getting caught up in them doesn’t feel good.

So, is there a right path? In my evolving beliefs, no. There is alignment, where you take the path of least resistance. And there is misalignment, where maybe you take a more difficult path. But in the end – whatever that is! – I believe we are all where we need to be, when we need to be there. In other words, whatever path you take, you’ll “come out all right in the end.” And you truly don’t need to wait for the end! You’re coming out all right now, just by being aware that you have choices, but also that you don’t need to get caught up in always choosing the very best, with your intellectual, so-called logical mind.

Make a decision now! Buy that car, enter into that relationship, try out that spiritual community! You don’t have to stay there forever. All things in the physical are “just for now” anyway. SO enjoy them!

Thanks for bearing with me as I come to some peace of mind myself on these points!

Many blessings, now and always, on your own ever-changing path!

Why Ukulele?: Giving Things Value

“Things only have the value that we give them.” –Moliere (1622-1673)

Take my ukulele, for instance. I have a strong affinity for the instrument, to put it mildly. I believe things about the uke that proud parents believe about their kids:

* My uke is cute.
* She… is a She.
* Every uke has its own spirit, personality, likes, etc.
* The ukulele is a smile… in sound.

Before I get too carried away with my personal sentiments about the greatest little instrument in the universe, let me tell you, there is another side to this coin, or so “they” say:

* Some ukes sound better than others.
* Some are easier to care for than others.
* Some ukes are imperfect, poorly made, and don’t last long.
* Some ukuleles are weird…

Are any of these things true? The positive things are, for me. But again, why? Because I believe them. I give the ukulele value because of my beliefs about it. My beliefs cause the feelings and responses I have about a ukulele or anything else.

This applies to everyone, and everything in life. Why do parents love their children? Because we have a belief that we must, that it’s natural, that they need us. But if we didn’t have those beliefs, well, our relationships with our kids might appear much different than they are now. Would that be a bad thing? There’s no telling, but it would be different.

Going further, how many times have you said, “I can’t do that because…” The good news is, you’re right! And the bad news is… you’re right! If you believe you can’t do something, you certainly won’t do it – you can’t, until you believe you can. By believing you can’t, you give that limitation value. Take the value away by changing your belief and giving value to the accomplishment instead, and chances are great that you can do all things – even “that” one.

What do you love? Money, another person, security, hobbies, work, food, pets, flowers, cars? The single reason you love something is because you give it value.

And now to the question I often ask: Does that serve you? If giving money value, that is, loving it, feels good and furthers your life, then it serves you. But if it makes you feel obligated, stuck, limited, or fearful of what may or may not happen either now or in the future, it no longer serves you. Maybe this value did in the past, but it doesn’t anymore.

So as always, you have a choice. DO you wallow in guilt and discomfort, still assigning value? Or do you lovingly release it, taking away its value for you and joyfully moving forward?

It’s all up to you. “Things only have the value that we give them.” And we, means you!

Why ukulele? Because I said so, that’s why! :d

Phoenix Rising – Meditation Poem

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

From the ash She arises
And to it She returns
Appearing, disappearing, re-appearing.

Yet there is no birth
No death
No rebirth.

The Phoenix lives always
Just in different forms
And so do we.

Neither created
Nor destroyed
Only transformed!

From the ash we arise
And to it we return
Appearing, disappearing, re-appearing
In form, perhaps,
But in Spirit, we exist always.

Shared for
dVerse OpenLinkNight # 177

Handwoven Spa Washcloth – Clearing the Subconscious

Loopy Spa Cloth

This loopy spa washcloth seemed like a luxury to me. That’s why I wove it – it was something I wanted, and all the better because I could make it myself. A lot went into weaving this, but much more came out of it.

Tabby or plain weave is what most people think of as “weaving.” Threads travel over, under, over, under each other, interlocking to make cloth. The spa cloth is plain weave, too, but each pile loop is picked up individually.

Like the subconscious mind, the plain weave serves as a background. It’s there, but it’s not our focal point. However, if it weren’t for the plain weave foundation, there would be no loops to focus on. If one thread goes astray, losing its place in the weave, potentially the whole cloth can unravel.

Unraveling happens, or seems to happen, in our lives when a thread is out of place. Remember, these are the background threads, the subconscious. Things we don’t focus on, but that drive everything else. These are thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and assumptions. When one is out of place, meaning maybe we believe something that’s not true, the whole fabric of our lives unravels.

Maybe it unravels gradually, or just appears to have a flaw. For example, we have all the money we want, but lack the kind of relationships we desire. How can we put that thread back into place, so that it supports our focus?

This is where the spa aspect comes in. People go to a spa to relax, unwind, to be cleansed, renewed and invigorated. Using this metaphor, we can also cleanse, renew and invigorate our subconscious mind. We can gently, lovingly and easily replace the belief – the thread – that doesn’t serve us. In turn, we replace it with something that serves a fulfilling purpose.

Cleanse the background, so the focus becomes clear. Make sure the plain weave structure of your life, the supporting subconscious, is clear and bright. Prayer, meditation, fun, friendship, journaling, and spending time in nature can be valuable ways to cleanse the subconscious. Doing things we love, reading and listening to uplifting material, attending group activities like Metaphysical meetings, drum circles, energy/Reiki shares and more, are positive reinforcement as well.

My purpose here is to offer practical tools for demonstrating, that is, showing and living, the life you want. As I create this for myself, I automatically create it for you and for the world. Won’t you pick up your metaphorical or literal spa washcloth and join me in the freeing process of cleansing the subconscious to create a great, conscious and visible reality?

Play Without Ceasing – Unity World Day of Prayer

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Pray without ceasing.” But what is prayer? Taking what may seem like a bold leap, I’m asking you to consider that prayer is play.

So what is play? Children know this better than most, but if you ask them what it is, they can’t describe it in words. That’s because play is a state of mind, a state of being. Play is fun, carefree, joyful, happy, imaginative… In short, anything is possible in play.

Anything is possible in prayer, too. And traditional religions (Christianity in particular) aren’t the only ones teaching this.

“The world is your oyster.” –Shakespeare

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Anything the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” –Napoleon Hill

“It sounds counter-intuitive but the more you give, the more you will receive.” –Dr. Joe Vitale

“All things are possible when you claim your Goddess-self. Imagine you are a Goddess, Now, be the Goddess you imagine.” –Abby Willowroot (1997)

The key is in Abby Willowroot’s quote: “Be the Goddess you imagine!” Call it Goddess, Universe, Source, Spirit… Call it whatever you can relate to. But first imagine it. Then, be it.

When children play, they convince themselves that they are super heros, princesses, firefighters, unicorns, and all mmanner of seen and unseen things. They imagine so vividly that they become their play.

We need to imagine being who, what, where and how we want to be, ideally. We must imagine it so vividly and persistently that we can’t help but become it.

This is not work. It’s play at its finest!

So the play-prayer connection? Prayer is not work. It’s a recognition of, and identification with the universal truth that all things are possible, for you, right now, and they’re happening now, for you. This is why we use affirmative prayer in Metaphysics – because begging doesn’t feel good, and being positive feels great. 🙂

You may need lots of prayer treatments, at least once a day for many days. The truth is, you can “be there” in one treatment, no problem. However, consistently treating/praying helps convince your logical, human mind that what you are praying is so now.

Keep your thoughts, words and actions elevated. Act as if you’re already where, who, and what you want to be. Because every thought, word and deed is a prayer. This is why I say play without ceasing. The more fun you have, the better you feel more of the time, the better your life looks and feels to you.

Play without ceasing… Starting now!

Handwoven Braided Bag – And a Little on Kids

Like most of my handwovens, this bag was woven on my Cricket loom. It’s a small rigid heddle loom that’s portable but very versatile. The loom and the bag can be deceptive. Both are small, but useful, fun, beautiful, and appreciated.

Lately it’s been brought to my attention that little things are under appreciated. Unfortunately, the “little things” are children. I have a child of my own and do try to appreciate him consciously. However, in some settings, “grown-ups” don’t want children around. I’ve heard, “Just put the kids in the nursery. They wouldn’t understand a spiritual message, so just keep them quiet.” Statements like these break my heart.

Children are the future of any environment. They will carry on family, community, spiritual centers, and the Earth in general. Their enthusiastic, unlimited ideas are what will zap lack consciousness out of the water for good. And I mean, literally, for good states of mind. And at present, our willingness to appreciate, serve and guide children will create their future, as well as our own.

Here is what could happen:
1. We put kids in the nursery for babysitting while the parents “stay for the message.” Elsewhere we complain about their presence, energy, noise, running around, etc. So kids (and parents) don’t want to gather there anymore. As a result, the place (spiritual center or any other) dies off as the people do, because there is no youth to sustain it.

2. We love and nurture children. Even from birth we respect their spiritual connection and guide children to maintain that connection in their own ways. We offer engaging messages and activities that grow with the children. From our loving service, we create a fulfilled and fulfilling spiritual center, where parents, children and all others who gather there, are loved, blessed and appreciated.

The questions are:
Which senario do we want to create?
Do we truly want children in our midst, or are we just giving them lipservice?
Are our words and actions toward parents and their children in line with the senario we want to create?
If not, what in our thinking needs to change to serve the highest good of all?

Children are of greater value than most people know! I don’t even know how valuable they are… But I’m willing to treat them as priceless beings.

How “grown up” is it to act as if “children should (still?) be seen and not heard?”

Appreciate the little things! The little loom, the small bag, the growing children. Because they just might have an important role to play in your very own future. And even if they don’t, appreciation is never misplaced, ever!

Manifesting… Computer?

I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t posted. I try to post at least twice a week, but sometimes the Universe offers something better, like an opening to realize something, and then share it. Allow me to explain… This is gonna be great!

I’ve been “meaning to” get anew computerfor a long time. About 2 years at least. But at the same time, I’ve been saying, “I’m gonna run this one into the ground first!” Lately though, I’ve been seeing the new computer in a positive light, like this:

* Laptop: I can carry it around…
* Record on location
* Take notes at meetings, whereas now I record them with a stand-alone recorder and transcribe the pieces I want afterward
* Post on the go… Now what fun would that be!
( Take picsand videosmor easily, to increase visibility ultimately to share more things,with more people

Those are just some things. Abraham (channeled by the wonderful Esther Hicks) says weneed to affirm why we want something. That really struck me. Because this isn’t the why as in, “Why do you want that?” “Well, it will bring in more money. I did this, so I should have that.” You know, like when we were kids, said we wanted something, and got the infamous response… “Did you do your homework first? Clean your room? Take out the trash?” “No…” “Well then, no (thing) for you.”

When you look at “why” that way, it’s no wonder you don’t want to explain/justify/clarify why you want something! But Abe’s “Why” is much different. Abe means, “How will it feel to have that thing?” Needless to say, a lightbulb, or a thousand of them, went off in my head. I actually laughed out loud when I heard that on the workshop CD, because it felt so true for me.

So I decided to feel now, how I will feel with a new computer. I felt good! It felt good to have that thing. Abe goes on to “explain” all the reasons why we could want anything. Ultimately it boils down to, “I want it because it feels good!”

Society doesn’t teach us this, but the truth is, there is nothing wrong with wanting something for the fun and/or good feeling of it! Like attracts like… So if we feel good now, wanting something because that feels good, what do we attract? That’s right… More good feelings, and the tangible and intangible good things that go along with them!

Remember how I said I’d run my PC into the ground before getting a new one? Well, guess what I got… The thing will no longer even start up properly, let alone get far enough to post or do anything else. And I don’t care. I didn’t lose much data, and what I lost isn’t gone… It’s stored elsewhere, it will just take time to re-download it all. . I feel good about starting over with something better. And my new computer is on its way, coming from agood place, rather than a grudging, “Well, I guess I really have to get one now…” It’s more like, “Yay! Now I can pick out my favorite laptop!”

Be well! And remember that how you feel improves your present, and attracts your future!