Are you Sick?: Healing Consciousness

1. Have you received a diagnosis of illness?

2. Do you feel sick?

3. Do you think about being sick right now?

4. Do you resent your disease?

5. Do you think about how much you want this problem to go away?

Are you sick?

You may answer yes to the first 5 questions. But in truth, the answer to the last one is no.

You are not sick. Your essence is wholeness, life, health and vitality. You are the creator of your life, and you are a creation of Spirit, God, the universe… Neither the creator (you) nor the creation (you) can be sick.

Sick is not what you are. It may describe how you feel and more importantly, how you think. But it is not what you are.

There is little need to delve into the past and ask yourself why you became sick. What specific thoughts and feelings contributed to the outer manifestation of sickness in your experience? What you need to realize now is that no matter what happened in the past, it was your own thoughts and feelings that contributed to the experience of illness.

And if your thinking and beliefs made you sick, they can restore wellness just as easily.

This may seem hard, but it’s a matter of awareness. Before this, you weren’t aware of what you were thinking and maybe not even aware of your true feelings. But now you must be, because only by being truly aware, and without judgement, can you make yourself well.

Wellness is a process. All of life is a consciously evolving process. If you want to have a healthy mind and body, you need healthy thoughts and feelings.

Use affirmative prayer, meditation, music, books and other materials, and the conscious support of like-minded people to evolve toward wellness. You may choose to find a holistic practitioner and/or one who offers Reiki, ZPoint, Quantum-Touch, or other services, along with any other treatment of your choice. Competent professionals in any field will be willing to work with you and accept the ttreatments you choose, medical and non-medical alike.

You don’t have to be sick… Unless you think you must. Do you choose to believe what an outside source (doctor, relative, friend, etc) tells you? Or do you believe the spiritual truth of your being: that you are complete wholeness, immediately, now and eternally?

The choice is yours!

Are you sick?

The Good Place – Meditation Affirmation Poem

There is a place
where the light is so bright
but where no one’s eyes hurt
where no one cringes
where no one turns away

There is a place
where the peace is so deep
that not a ripple disturbs it
except the ripple of joy
the ripple of laughter
the ripple of love
the ripple of life abundant

There is a place
where only good lives
it comes to stay
it flows
it is given
and received
all at once

There is a place
where posession is no object
where everyone has everything
and everyone owns nothing
because ownership is not needed
everything is Spirit
so why would we, and how could we own it?
Yet how could we not?

There is a place
where good is always good enough
and now
I choose to live in that place

Come in with me,
you are so welcome,
in the good place!

Shades of Consciousness Handwoven Scarf

The pinks in this scarf gradate from one shade to another. And though you probably can’t see this in the picture, the textures change too. These different shades and yarn textures interlock with the warp to create Shades of Consciousness.

“Life is consciousness” is a Metaphysical concept. Basically it’s saying that both your individual life and universal life itself are conscious, aware, and intelligent.

There are many aspects of intelligence and just as many kinds or aspects of consciousness. Like shades and textures, none is better than the others. You are, where you are, and that’s ok. It is when you acknowledge just where you are – truly becoming aware of it without judgement – that you can move forward to consciously, knowingly create the life you want.

These shades of yarn weave themselves through the standard warp. But the warp here is variegated. It is one solid texture, but the color changes now and then.

So, when you look at one shade of pink on the scarf, then move to the next time it appears, it doesn’t look exactly the same. It’s the same yarn, same shade, and same texture. But it interacts differently with the variegated warp.

Your life is like this too. You may seem to have the same experience over and over. However, it’s not exactly the same, because your consciousness is not the same all the time.

Even without realizing it, your state of mind changes from moment to moment. So if you become discouraged by repeating patterns, simply acknowledge that you’ve had this experience before. Then, knowingly, deliberately change your thoughts about it. Choose a better thought than the one you’re thinking now. As you do this, you become a different person, your mind and consciousness expand, and you react differently to the experience.

Just because you reacted in one way before, doesn’t mean you absolutely must react in the same way every time.

Life is consciousness. You are consciousness. And because you know this, you can make sure you interact with the threads of your life the way you want, to create the picture you desire.

Light – Metaphysical Christmas Song

Merry Christmas… in July!

Metaphysical science, Unity, religious science, and New Thought have many common beliefs. One that stands out at Christmas time is the idea of Christ. Although most of us believe Jesus existed, we see him as a teacher, a wayshower, and no better than any of the “rest” of us humans experiencing life on earth.

Christ is a state of consciousness. It is already within us; our purpose is to become knowingly aware of it and to demonstrate, or show it in our lives and the world around us.

It is at Christmas that we focus on the Christ mind within us. Though every day we can renew the Christ child within, we’re especially mindful during Advent and Christmas.

Remember that the season of miracles and giving is not just when it’s magically bright, cold (or hot), with carols ringing through the air. These are just outward manifestations of an inward consciousness or state of mind: the belief, as in Santa Clause, that anything is possible.

Because truly, anything is possible, not just at Christmas, but all year long. And the more we let the Christ light shine within us, the more light we see in the world.

Light – Lyrics

Instrument: Celtic harp

1. The Christ in me lights up the world
As peace and love are now unfurled.
I give and through it I receive
The greatest gift of Christ in me.

2. I see the Christ in others shine,
Lit from within by God divine.
And as each candle lends its light,
In harmony we all unite.

3. So like a baby love is born
Where there was not a light before.
And in the light, the darkness fades.
Now comes the dawning of the day.

4. And so it is in every life-
Each one can choose to be the light,
To hold a candle high above,
And share with all your gift of love.

Featured on

Crystal L. Howe: And so It Is, Vol. 1

We are One – Connection Song

Since I’m now the official unofficial music director at my spiritual center :), I was asked to find music to fit a talk about connection.

I scoured my rather extensive music collection, and it wasn’t that I couldn’t find a song… I just couldn’t find one that fit my sense of the message, and one I knew everyone would be able to sing.

So I wrote one.

On this particular Sunday, other members and I also went to a local Pride festival. I went last year and enjoyed it immensely! All these people walking around, some gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered… And some people were wondering who was who. Well, I didn’t care. Physical blindness has its advantages, and this is one of them!

This song is as much for LGBT people as it is for everyone “else”. So many times we focus on our differences, when we’d get along a lot better if we just remembered…

We are One – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – Tenor Flea ukulele

We are one
Embracing whole
Infinite spirit
And universal soul

1. We all laugh
And cry
We live
And die
In faith
We smile
Knowing all the while

2. Changing war
Into peace
Being joy
Cleansing grief
In love
We move
Knowing this is true

3. The rainbow
Is life
Each color
So bright
We let live
And smile
Knowing all the while
Refrain: (twice)

Handwoven Perception Scarves

Take a good look at these scarves.

What is your first impression?

What thought or feeling came up when you saw them?

Do you think they took a long time to weave?

Are they well crafted?

Do you admire anything about them?

Would you buy them?

Would you wear them?

Would you give them to someone as a gift?

Does knowing I wove them bring up any thoughts about me? What “must” I be like if I’ve woven these?

Now, what if I told you these scarves were woven on a potholder loom?

Many remember those little frame looms – a square with 18 or 20 pegs on each side – that you stretched cotton loops across. Then you wove more cotton loops over-under-over-under the first ones to make a square. And if you got tired, a parent or other long-suffering adult would finish the edges for you.

How many kitchens did these squares adorn as potholders, maybe stitched together into placemats or trivets for protecting the table from hot dishes?

Are these scarves made from potholder loom woven squares inferior to my
Transformation Scarves?

Maybe, if you think the others were woven on a “real” loom. Or if you have preconceptions of what small frame looms can – and can’t – weave.

But it’s all in your perception. And therein is the whole “secret” of life: How we think of, feel about, and experience things is all a matter of our perception.

And the best part is, we can change our perceptions at any time! Feel bad? Then change your perception to one that feels better. Feel good? Great, then it can only get better.

Your perception is your responsibility. You can’t blame anyone for anything – well, you can, but that’s still just how you believe it is. Doesn’t finding something better, feel better than being stuck in blame?

I speak from experience when I say it absolutely does! But don’t take my word for it… After all, my perceptions are my own, and not yours!

What is God?

This “simple” question has filled volumes and will probably continue to fascinate humankind for our entire existence.

I am not a theologian and don’t intend to be. However, I know universal truth, aligned with the Law of Attraction, Metaphysics, and New Thought. Similar belief systems include Unity and Religious Science. It is this absolute truth I present here as what God is.

God is source.

God is life.

God is lifeforce.

God is energy.

God is everything.

God is Spirit.

God is love.

God is cause.

God is abundance.

God is peace.

God is joy.

God is truth.

God is light.

God is beauty.

God is power.

God is goodness.

God is unity/oneness.

God is flow.

God is consciousness.

God is understanding.

God is awareness.

God is all.

These are not attributes of God. Attributes, or characteristics, are adjectives. They describe what God is like: loving, compassionate, etc. In contrast, these are nouns – concrete things, though abstract to our understanding – that you could substitute for the word God: God is beauty.

It is no less accurate to say God is beautiful. But God is not only beautiful, but is beauty itself. The very idea of beauty is the same as the idea of God.

I’m not going to give definitions of all the things God is, here. Just remember, when you feel peace, you are experiencing God. When you feel aware of something, you’re feeling God.

Also keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list of what God is! If you find a list like that, let me know! 😀 Rather, this is a sampling, and in fact just my own limited human understanding, of what God truly is.

When contemplating this and articulating your own beliefs about God, think on this. If you believe that like attracts like, then you must also believe that whatever you think God is, will attract more of that to you.

For example, “God is love” attracts more love to you. But “God is angry” attracts anger. Many traditional religions believe in an angry, punishing, vengeful God. And they are perfectly welcome to believe that. Just consider the ramifications of your own beliefs about what God is. If you like those ramifications, keep believing what you believe now. If, however, you don’t like them, know that you’re free to change your beliefs at any time and adopt more positive ideas about what God is and about anything else in your life.

Because as you believe it is so, so it is in your life.

Namaste – 2 Meditation Affirmation Poems

Two poems and a harp meditation to affirm the truth and see love in everything. Recite “Namaste” silently or aloud, to anything or anyone troubling you, and you will see love instead of negativity.

Prayer to the Subconscious

You know my thoughts, and you obey.
My word sets you upon your way.
Because you always carry out
Intentions from my thoughts and mouth,
I choose to plant the perfect truth
Within the fertile law of you.
–And so it is!


I offer you a Namaste!
I know your greatness in all ways.

The love in me sees love in you.
My highest self affirms your truth.

I recognize your perfect soul.
I know that you are always whole.

No matter what the world may say,
You prosper by this Namaste!
–And so it is!

Handwoven Transformation Scarves

Here are two handwoven scarves. Both were hurried stash projects. Read: I really want to get rid of this yarn and I really don’t care what the cloth turns out to be… Not the best attitude, I admit. But fortunately, I truly enjoyed weaving each of these.

It’s because I had fun weaving these projects that they worked out so well. And that’s why I call them transformation scarves. When our attitudes transform, so do the things in our lives.

What started out as no-purpose cloth turned out to be on-purpose cloth. The soft blue and white scarf warms a woman who didn’t have a scarf. And the red/green one is a Xmas gift for a friend. (Yes, Xmas. It is July after all. Gotta get hoppin’.)

The point is, when we undertake things with good feelings, or can change a negative attitude to a positive one, any project works out for the best. It may not be what we expected, but it will have a purpose and we’ll feel good about it.

What better transformation is there?

LEARN: Life Expanding and Revealing Notions

When we think we “have to” learn something, we think too much about it.

Needing to learn something implies lack. If nothing else, we believe we lack knowledge. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeking it – we’d know we already have it. And we don’t like lack. We resist lack by default. But by virtue of the Law of Attraction, that lack persists.

Why does lack persist? Because like attracts like, and therefore, what we resist, persists. It must. If we feel resistance to lack, and like attracts like, then we attract more… More resistance to lack. And more lack of knowledge.

Now we’re consciously aware of what’s going on here. And we can create new beliefs about learning.

First, what is learning? My own definition is simply this: Learning means gathering conscious awareness.

And these are the true characteristics of learning:

* Abundance: Embracing the knowledge that is already everywhere.

Knowledge may appear to come from books, other people, etc. But the universal truth is that all knowledge, like everything else, is within each of us already. We’re just consciously tapping into it now. These things and people that seem to be “the source” of some knowledge, are just tools to bring us the conscious awareness of our knowledge.

* Joy: Feeling the excitement of new awareness.

For many of us, learning is a struggle. (Why do you think I’m writing this? :D) However, struggle is how we perceive it, and this can be changed, like all perceptions. When we believe learning – the gathering awareness of knowledge – is joyful, we experience that joy.

* Expansive: Broadening the personal mind.

Q: Does learning mean cramming, studying, pouring over something, trying desperately to remember things, feeling bored with constant repetition… Only to forget it all at some point and need to go back and learn it all over again?

A: Only if we want learning to be this way!

If you’re ready to knock out these beliefs for good, and I do mean forever and for good beliefs, decide for yourself that from now on, learning is different for you.

Now, learning is an opportunity to fill your personal mind with more of the universal, spiritual, or God-mind. It’s not just knowledge or experience you’re gathering when you learn. It’s an energetic connection to more expansion.

Once again, like attracts like. When you intend to expand your mind, while feeling joyful and abundant, you attract more expansion, joy and abundance!

And this, blessed be, is why we learn! What a