Handwoven Perception Scarves

Take a good look at these scarves.

What is your first impression?

What thought or feeling came up when you saw them?

Do you think they took a long time to weave?

Are they well crafted?

Do you admire anything about them?

Would you buy them?

Would you wear them?

Would you give them to someone as a gift?

Does knowing I wove them bring up any thoughts about me? What “must” I be like if I’ve woven these?

Now, what if I told you these scarves were woven on a potholder loom?

Many remember those little frame looms – a square with 18 or 20 pegs on each side – that you stretched cotton loops across. Then you wove more cotton loops over-under-over-under the first ones to make a square. And if you got tired, a parent or other long-suffering adult would finish the edges for you.

How many kitchens did these squares adorn as potholders, maybe stitched together into placemats or trivets for protecting the table from hot dishes?

Are these scarves made from potholder loom woven squares inferior to my
Transformation Scarves?

Maybe, if you think the others were woven on a “real” loom. Or if you have preconceptions of what small frame looms can – and can’t – weave.

But it’s all in your perception. And therein is the whole “secret” of life: How we think of, feel about, and experience things is all a matter of our perception.

And the best part is, we can change our perceptions at any time! Feel bad? Then change your perception to one that feels better. Feel good? Great, then it can only get better.

Your perception is your responsibility. You can’t blame anyone for anything – well, you can, but that’s still just how you believe it is. Doesn’t finding something better, feel better than being stuck in blame?

I speak from experience when I say it absolutely does! But don’t take my word for it… After all, my perceptions are my own, and not yours!

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