From Healing Sounds to Healing Songs

Sound healing and harp therapy are not new ideas. As far back as Biblical time, the harp has been used as an instrument of healing, stress relief, and transformation. In more recent decades, the practice, study, and certification of harp therapists has brought this healing work into clinical and scientific communities. But this story is not about research – those interested can learn more about harp therapy from many wonderful books and organizations. Rather, this is my personal experience in a harp therapy session.

In July, 2010, I attended a Healing Harp workshop. The purpose was to learn improvisation for use in clinical musical settings. I am not a harp or music therapist, but I was interested in free musical expression and meeting other local harpists. The workshop was a success, and I enjoyed learning new bass patterns, rhythmic styles, and different genres of harp music.

After the workshop Sarajane Williams gave a demonstration of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy. I can only describe it as full relaxation through sound. Sarajane asked a series of personal background questions, whether I was taking any medications or experiencing bleeding or breathing problems, and where I felt pain or tension. I had a lot of neck and shoulder tension after playing harp all day and also had a mild headache.

After this short profile, I leaned back in a 0 gravity chair. I’ve been wary of dentist chairs before, but after a few moments I got used to laying back with my feet elevated. Pillows cushioned my head and neck, and for longer sessions a blanket was available.

A pedal harp, like you would see at an orchestral concert, was in the room. It was amplified and connected to the chair. When Sarajane played the harp, I could hear the un amplified sound in the room, coming from the harp itself. However, I also felt it as vibrations in the chair. After some testing of which notes provided relaxation and pain relief, Sarajane improvised on the harp. The music was designed, in the moment, to use the notes I found most soothing.

It sounds simple, and it was. However, Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy offered pain relief and a sense of well-being I hadn’t experienced until then. I’ve always been interested in alternative and
complimentary medicine and somewhat in sound healing. But the personal experience of, “The power of sound is mine,” if you will, was always just beyond my reach. After that session, I realized how truly healing sound and music can be.

Since my experience with Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy, I’ve brought healing intentions into my own music. The mystical, connecting, universal nature of sound have become real to me. I believe they have always been there, but my focus was elsewhere – on pain relief, on the “next thing to do,” on other results or accomplishments. When I’ve noticed this and focused on sound as meditation, other outcomes fall away. In sound meditation, I experience oneness.

Science is now validating what mystics, seers and sages have known through the ages: that sound transforms and heals. Personally, I became a Music Minister to share this healing power. We can theorize and philosophize about sound for years to come!

However, nothing can replace your own healing experience, whether it is pain relief, relaxation, sleep, meditation, or mental clarity and a feeling of being refreshed and re-focused. We accept that music touches people mentally and emotionally – you have favorite songs for different moods. Taken further, music is a powerful force that should be shared, and used for good. As a songwriter, my prayer is to do just that.

Gather Ye Rosebuds

You gather my ghosts and get my goat.
You yank my chain and rock my boat.
You push my buttons, steal my heart,
You burst my bubble, make your mark.
The best I never bargained for,
I’d sell the farm to just be yours.

A little sarcastic and very true Quadrille for
If you have ever been in love, you’re nodding your head right about now. 🙂

Let My Baby Sleep

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Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and female role models, mentors, and mother figures!

Each of us is someone’s baby – and we are all children of our Creator. Remember that as you enjoy this lullaby.

1. Baby so small
And new to it all,
This world is a big place to be.
Baby, you’re safe,
And softly I pray,
Let my baby sleep.

2. Baby of light,
I hold you at night,
For Jesus has sent you to me.
Baby, have faith,
Remember to pray,
Let my baby sleep.

3. Baby, through years
Of laughter and tears,
The Savior is guiding your feet.
Baby, still safe
In the Spirit that prays,
Let my baby sleep.

Let Him, let you,
Never forget to
Let my baby sleep.

OOO rest in His hands,
Trust in His plans,
Cradled and wrapped in His love.
Growing in grace,
Showing His face,
Child of the Heavens above.
Jesus who knows
The heart of your soul
Gives you His comfort and peace.
So let Him, let you,
Never forget to
Let my baby sleep.



Mother’s Day Thoughts and Blessings

Mother’s Day Thoughts and Blessing’s

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Love and Peace to all of God’s children. With only four day’s until that special day we call Mother’s Day, I feel compelled to express my thought’s somehow. As far back as any of us can remember, there have always been Mother’s, most notably Mary Mother of Jesus. Now I would Imagine there are few Mother’s of this world who could come close to the mother of Jesus. But in any event, they still deserve our utmost respect and reverence.

For one, they are the one’s who brought us In to this world. Many children of the world are raised by adoptive parent’s, who most times do a much better job than the real one’s. But no child Is expected to be able to determine who their parent’s are, only hope and pray that they love us and hopefully are able to perform the task that they decided to bring upon themselves by either having us or taking us In.

Mother’s Day is by far one of the most respected day’s of the year, and rightfully so. Some of us are blessed enough to have Mother’s who make incredible sacrifices. But sad to say there are some who totally forget the meaning of the title mother. There are many reasons for this sad state of occurrences. But none of them can be blamed on the child, because he or she did not ask to be brought In to this world. There are also children and adults Who sad to say, through no fault of their own, have Mother’s, fathers, and also grandparents who don’t even recognize their own children or grandchildren due to many diseases. These are problems of the world that we have no control over, and only God has the answers.

What determines a good and decent child of God Is a person who can somehow rise above parents such as our mothers who might not treat us with the love, care, and respect that we certainly deserve. Being a true child of the Lord, not just In name only, we show our mother’s and whoever else the love and respect they deserve. At the end of the day, it makes us better human beings.

To all of those mothers who somehow cannot be with their children, because of circumstances that are out of their control, remember one thing. The Lord put mothers on this earth for a reason, and no child ever forgets to love their mothers, even If not with them In the human sense. But there Is and always will be a spiritual bond between them that will never be broken. Only the good Lord knows our future.

God bless all of the Mother’s of the world! And a very blessed happy Mother’s Day!


The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

You’re the World to Me

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1. I’d like to say that I can’t live without you,
But I did for such a long long time.
And ever since you came, you’ve been the center of my days
And kept me warm on so many nights.

2. I’d like to say we’ll always be together,
But in life there are no guarantees.
Oh you have changed my heart, right from the very start,
And you’re the hope that makes me believe.

3. I’d like to say that I will never hurt you,
But I’m human, not angel, it’s true.
But I can promise you this, I will give you my best,
And be better than I was to you.

Baby, you’re the world to me. (2x)

Oh I am just a woman,
And that’s all that I might ever be.
But maybe I can be the world to you,
‘Cause baby, you’re the world to me.


Maybe if I write it,
Then perhaps I’ll do it.

Maybe if I write it,
Then I will stick to it.

Maybe if I write it,
This thing will relieve me.

Maybe if I write it,
Then I will believe me!

Another high school poem that rings so true I could have written it today. Years later, my masters thesis was “Journaling for Higher Consciousness,” and I still keep a personal and spiritual journal.