House of Fire

Take me away to a place I know
but could never go
till you told me so.

Carry me into a deep desire
where passion’s fire
is flaming higher.

Burn me awake with your melting kiss
and the greatest bliss
that on earth exists…

My Quadrille in response to Björn’s “bliss” prompt at

Too Right to Be Left

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Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
–Luke 12:6-7 (NIV)

[You’re] too right to be left, you know.
God doesn’t let you here to let you go.
The One who made you one made it so
You’re too right to be left.
Baby, you’re too right to be left.

1. God knows the sparrows and He sees each one is fed.
He knows the number of the hairs upon your head.
He thinks enough of you to wake you in your bed
‘Cause you’re too right to be left.

2. God gives His Word to share, and share His Word I do.
If I can ask one thing, I ask to live the Truth.
The breath He breathes in me is miracle and proof
That I’m too right to be left.

3. God takes my love and gives me love in you to stay.
I praise His perfect grace and goodness every day.
I put my trust in Him and trust He leads the way,
‘Cause we’re too right to be left.
Refrain: (Twice)

Baby, you’re too right, too right to be left.

Eternal Possibility

I searched so long for you,
that when you appeared it was almost too much.

Now what?
What lines will we cross?
Which boundaries will crumble?
Or more accurately, whose?
And how many borders will we conquer?

Heaven knows
the Spirit has no concept of lines
or boundaries.
And borders?
The Infinite is, INFINITE,
so there is no such thing.

I am grateful
that I didn’t think,
too long, or maybe at all.

And didn’t say,
“I want another color,
someone younger,
more this,
and less that.”
I accepted you as you were,
with open heart and hands.

But you crossed lines I drew around myself
and broke down boundaries anyway.
You vaulted over borders
I thought were my fate!

I no longer search for you,
but you are still almost too much
for my mind to conceive.

And so may its lines,
and borders
continue to be pushed back
so far into the past,
that though we remember,
we forget their meaning
in love and gratitude.

Until the new mind is a landscape
of eternal possibility
that only the Spirit understands!

My response to another wonderful prompt hosted by Grace at

Water Slide

I rode a water slide of tears this Summer. It started in loss. I still don’t know what happened, or what I did wrong. But someone I thought was a friend decided enough was enough. So, being who I am, I said, “God bless you,” and went on my way without another word.

I slid down that slippery slope, thinking it would never end. My spirit went with it, until the night the heavens opened. A real friend, the best friend I’ve ever had, gave his heart to me with a song.

There were more tears. In fact, the whole Summer has been nothing but rain. Yet these new tears are joyful ones, and the water slide of loss, ended in a pool of love.

monsoon rains pelt me
hot and fast until they stop
teardrop sparkles shine

A “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” haibun for Toni’s prompt at

The Real Deal

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1. You are my ray of sunshine
In all the storms of life.
You are the silver lining
In each cloud passing by.
You are the bless’ed rainbow,
The promise that will heal.
You are the love that conquers because
You are the real deal.

2. You are my inspiration
When thoughts are running dry.
You are the peace and comfort
That hold me when I cry.
You are the sweetest blessing
This world cannot supply.
You are the love that’s giving because
You are the real deal.

3. You are the best of lyrics
And music that I sing.
You are the breath within me,
My All and Everything.
You are the Summer, Autumn,
The Winter and the Spring.
You are the love eternal because
You are the real deal.
Refrain: (Twice)

You are the real deal (2x).

You are the real deal,
The spark of love inside, no matter what I think or feel.
You’re the light that brightens every deep and dark ordeal, ’cause
You are the real deal.

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Love Alone Is Real

Rainbow Blues

One in You

Simple Blessing


What’s straight as an arrow and spins like a web?
What makes you so hungry while keeping you fed,
Awakens you softly to toss in your bed;
Though much has been written, so little is said…

What helps you to fly while it’s holding you close?
What asks you for nothing and gives you the most,
And sings you a song no one ever composed;
We try to explain it, but nobody knows…

What gives you the world as the world falls away?
What longs for the night as it brightens each day,
Erasing the words as it writes a new page;
We speak and we sing, but the mind cannot say…

What’s fluffy as clouds and as steady as rock?
What door can be open with no key or knock?
What frees as it binds with the strongest of knots?
Your love is the answer the question forgot.

Wading and Waiting

Wading through the choices…
Job interviews,
Requirements beyond my wildest nightmares…

Wishing, praying
For one good turn,
One encouraging word,
One ray of hope in a sea of darkness…

And then there was you!
No zombie waiting to strike,
No ambush of interview questions…

Just what I asked for?
I couldn’t believe it myself.
And the best part? No dating website involved!

Another free verse sonnet, this one inspired by
Kim’s wonderful poem!


I touched the veil with fingertips; beyond my reach
a dreamscape of wishes and desires.
It parted just enough
to tease me with endless possibility.

But like a door slammed on my hand,
the veil closed with a final bang,
as if nailed tighter than a coffin
of dreams laid to rest before their time.

But I awoke one day, the sun on my face!
No veil, no coffin.
But life! Life! Life!

And the glimpse became a landscape
of blissful reality
unveiled in the Light of your Love!

Free verse sonnet in response to Björn’s prompt at
Join us, won’t you? We’re a welcoming crew!

Those once-in-a-lifetime kind of people….



The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life
and make you see sun where you once saw clouds.
The people that believe in you so much,
you start to believe in you too.
The people that love you simply for being you.
Those once-in-a-lifetime kind of people….

Text & image source: Welcome Home

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