Musical Transport #Poem

Music can find you wherever you are

And carry you places, some near and some far

To histories, cultures, to planets and stars!

For Music can find you wherever you are!

Music can touch you however you feel

And lead you to know you are valued and real.

Without judgment or labels, the comfort can heal!

For Music can touch you however you feel!

Music can see you whatever is wrong,

Encouraging you through a message in song

And taking your hand because you do belong!

O Music can see you whatever is wrong!

Music is Spirit, of All and of One,

Creating and sharing our gifts from Above:

The depths of compassion, of peace, hope and love!

For Music is Spirit, of All and of One!

So let it transport you from Was to Will Be,

And let the I Am be your nature so free.

Your soul is a song, and your Music is key!

So let it transport you from Was to Will Be!

“The Key of Life” #Poem

Acrostic on C Major Scale

Creative living is the key to life

Delighting in the special path you take

Emotions, effort, energy, or strife

Fulfillment of your goals despite mistakes

Go on, in grace and gratitude to strive

Amazing, awesome gifts are all your own

Bring balance with the best you have inside

Creating body, mind, and soul a home!

“I Dream of County Carolan” #Music #Mp3

Download Mp3

One last nod to St. Patrick’s Day and the theme of Irish music–at least, for now.

Here is a medley played on zither, alto recorder (called treble in the UK and elsewhere), and lyre. It contains “Star of the County Down,” which is a traditional Irish tune, and “Carolan’s Dream,” written by
Turlough O’Carolan.

I call this “I Dream of County Carolan,” as a way of bringing the titles together. There is really no such county in Ireland. 🙂

“Star of the County Down” is played on zither. “Carolan’s Dream” begins with recorder and is then played on lyre. This is great for relaxation, stress relief, and meditation.

I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to download and share the mp3 above!

“Friendship” #Music

I wrote this song in 2002 as part of my Senior Graduation Project, a CD of 12 songs in 4 languages. My original version had lyrics in German and English, with guitar, pennywhistle, and hand percussion accompaniment.

Here’s an instrumental version on zither. Look out, it goes by quickly!

Also, check out my dream of writing a round (a musical round, that is),

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms #Music

Here is a beautiful, traditional Irish air, played on zither (also called a lap harp or plucked psaltery).

The melody was first published in 1775. In 1808, the poet Thomas Moore wrote the lyrics that give this tune its well-known title.

As the story goes, his young wife was afraid of losing her looks (Can you say vanity?), and he wrote the lyrics to reassure her that, even if all her “endearing young charms” faded, he would still love her.

The melody is also used for the alma mater of Harvard University, “Fair Harvard.” You can hear this below, and I hope you enjoy my zither arrangement as well!

“Spirit Bright” #Music #HarpForPeace #Mp3

Download Mp3

I wrote “Spirit Bright” for a songwriting challenge in 2014 and posted a ukulele version with lyrics and chords

I feel this song is just as important as it was when I wrote it. Perhaps it’s even more timely now.

This lyre arrangement is in C, instead of A. And with a nod to this month’s Irish theme, it has some Celtic musical elements.

May this be an encouragement as you remember to “Follow your spirit bright!”

Love Ballad #Music

I wrote this song in about 2002, on a small harp. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, so it was more of a wish or a prayer, than something I had. I share it now, nearly 18 years later, with the encouragement that dreams do come true!

Sunny, my Lynda Lyre, has the same range as my first harp did, so this is the original accompaniment for the song.

Love Ballad – Lyrics

1. Let me lay my head upon your shoulder;
Let me tell you all the things I feel.
I won’t hesitate to say, “I love you,”
For the bond between us two is real.

2. Let me place a kiss upon your sweet lips;
Let me hold you in my loving arms.
You know that, no matter what, I’ll love you.
Never do I want to cause you harm.

3. Let me be the one, your one and only;
Let me be the one to whom you turn.
You can tell me anything you want to;
You can come to me when you are worn.

Repeat 1.