A Life of Faith #Poem

Chicken and dumplings add much to my style,
Not all the time, but once in a while.

I enjoy a beach walk and a castle of sand
Before it’s destroyed by my brother’s big hand.

I’m always awake at midnight, you see,
Because I’m creative and also can’t sleep.

I like a good brain teaser puzzle of sorts,
And I’m real good at research and writing reports.

But still there are times when Sahara I know,
Feeling thirsty, despairing, or stuck and alone.

I’ve been on the cliff’s edge at the edge of the sea,
Praying tides wash away all the trouble from me.

I am living my life in its time and its place,
And it grows from the small mustard seed of my faith!

My response to Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #48

Replaced #Costanza #Poem

I need a place to hide my shame
Or better still, to vanquish all,
For shameful feelings bring the fall.

I seek the magic in my name
That shows, not who I choose to be,
But who I Am when I Am free!

I search for one eternal flame,
The fire of life that is my spark,
Which shines on through the deepest dark.

I trust myself, but not the same.
The person I have been is gone,
Replaced by someone moving on!

I play at life and win the game!
No matter what has come before,
I live in knowing evermore!

I need no place to hide my shame.
No longer mine, it’s blown away
By lighter dawns and brighter days!

This is a Costanza, written for
MLMM Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip – Costanza

“Angel” #Music

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Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Wherever you live, this can be a time to reflect on and express gratitude and thankfulness. Gratitude is the inner feeling that you have received kindness. Thankfulness is the expression of that feeling. Both are positive and, though seemingly small, add so much to our lives. After all, if we don’t acknowledge the good things we already have, how can we receive more? The feeling of gratitude opens us to more positive feelings, including kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others.

“Angel” is a piece I wrote in 2003, on keyboard and harmonica. I hope you enjoy hearing it on lyre, Oriole soprano recorder, Oriole Dolce Duo (a double flute), and viola. Putting this together was a labor of love!

I wish each one of you a blessed, happy, hopeful, peaceful, and safe Thanksgiving, and many moments of gratitude and thankfulness now and every day!

Oasis #Decima #Poem #SixSentenceStories

We seek oasis, safe and warm,
A beacon shining in the dark.
We need a fire to light our spark!
We long for shelter from the storm.
When troubles come, they come in swarms
And prey on thinking that’s confined.
We’ve lost our way, because we’re blind
To greater good and higher plan.
Yet guided by an unseen hand,
We reach oasis in our mind!

A Decima for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 33: (BLIND) in the C rhyme line.
Also written for
#SixSentenceStories: Oasis.

Prairie Longings #Poem

Have you ever been drawn to the prairie,
Where untouched wheat fields blow in the wind?
And the Great Plains! They stretch beyond vision!
Brambles thick so we can’t enter in.

Where the night is mysterious graphite
And the gray that’s beginning the day
Slowly drifts to the brightest of sunshine,
So your herb gardens flourish away!

It’s a hard life and quite grizzly sometimes.
Yet you can’t help but wonder and wait.
Have you ever been drawn to the prairie?
Boundless freedom and no iron gates!

My response to Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #47

Before I Sleep #Decima #Poem

My race of life is not yet run,
With miles to go before I sleep.*
While during loss I sometimes weep,
Much joy and laughter have I won!
I’m thankful for each day begun;
For night, to enter wisdom’s wood.
My life unfolds just as it should,
Yes, even when I cannot tell.
The Universe does all things well!
Before I sleep, I wake to good!

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost.

My Decima for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 32: (SLEEP) in the B rhyme line.

Waxing Rewards – Tale Weaver #302 #SixSentenceStories #Music

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I could wax poetic about the joys of playing a musical instrument! And indeed, there are many rewards. However, they don’t come at the beginning, when what you hear in your head sounds so much more beautiful than what you’re playing actually brings forth. The rewards wax like the moon, appearing with time, great patience, focused practice, and a healthy sense of humor! Meanwhile, you can still have fun and enjoy learning, as with this piece called “Carousel” that I wrote for viola and ukulele. If you want to learn a musical instrument, realize that it must be learned, that beginners aren’t supposed to sound like professionals–and play on!

Written for
MLMM Tale Weaver #302 – Beginnings
#SixSentenceStories – Wax