The Ring of Power #Poem

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
–Albert Einstein

Once upon a time was born a princess,
Royal, yes, and gentle, good and kind.
She wanted more than everything she had;
A ring of power, then, she sought to find.

One day beneath a jacaranda tree,
An ultraviolet sprite to her appeared.
The blackberries she picked turned to a ring!
(Outside of fairy tales, this would be weird!)

She put it on, and POOF! she had it all;
The mysteries of life she came to know.
The princess realized all the power she had,
If not used wisely, it would bring her woe.

When she awoke, the purple ring was gone,
The berries in her basket turned to mush.
The princess thought of what she may become,
Then went home in a great excited rush.

As royal as she was in life to be,
Her deeds would ultimately come to naught,
Unless she chose obedience to the King:
The One, Creator, loving Father, God.

This tale I tell in story, but it’s true.
It’s yours and mine and everyone’s, for sure.
We’re children of the King of Heaven and Earth,
And in His Will, we live a life of More!

My “once upon a time” for Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #31

Worn Out #Writephoto #Music #Meditation

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Play or download this
Metaphysical Prayer Treatment
(also called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer) with lyre accompaniment.

I turn away from the world that surrounds me for a few moments. I leave the worn outer world and mind behind me.

Planted habits and thought patterns fall away as I traverse the stepping stones leading deep within myself.

Here, I open the doors of my ordinary mind to the Higher, Greater Truth that I Am.

Light permeates my mind, and I realize I Am One with Love, Wisdom, Creativity, Power, and Healing. Whatever I need is already here within me. I can access my Divine Attributes at any moment, simply by looking higher and deeper to the Spirit within the center of my own mind. This is my True Self.

For this realization I give thanks! I return to my daily activities renewed, refreshed, relaxed, and ready to accomplish the Divine Plan for me this day.

I let it be so. And so it is!

My response to Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Worn.

Postcard From Summer Camp | Crystal Grimes

Whispers and Echoes

Having tons of fun at camp!
Swimming, races, arts and crafts,
Lots of bugs, lots of sun.
My freckles are out in full force!
(Thanks, Mom!)
And I’ve learned so much:
My astral body
Will be cleaning my room
From now on!

Love, Sage

Crystal Grimes is a singer/songwriter, poet, and seeker of the truth and what lies within all people. An ordained minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry, she holds a Doctor of Metaphysical Science Degree (Msc.D.) from the University of Metaphysics. Find her free inspirational songs, poetry, and other work at:

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Your opinions about me
are not about me at all.
They are really about you.

Whether consciously or not,
every time you think of me,
you think in truth of yourself.

Am I pleasing you right now?
Am I saying what you want?
Am I validating you?

Do I feel the way you do?
Do my emotions match yours?
Do I make you feel secure?

Do you approve of my work?
Does what I do disgust you?
Do you like my responses?

When you ask me how I am,
does my answer fit your mood?
Do I join your misery?

Do I affirm your choices,
your situation, your life?
Do you feel uncomfortable?

If you don’t, perhaps you should.
How can you ask for freedom
when you don’t extend the same?

You ask me not to judge you,
but you judge me constantly,
simply for my existence.

It’s OK. I understand.
I know just why this happens.
Don’t worry. I forgive you.

Your opinions about me
are not about me at all.
They are about your ego.

If you treat me this badly,
when you don’t know me at all,
I am left with one question.

How much worse
do you treat

Blessed Bread #Poem

The Bible says,
“Man cannot live
by bread alone.”

I guess that’s why
God made bagels,
pretzels, crackers,
donuts, muffins,
brownies, cookies,
pastries, and cakes!

The bread of life
bakes many forms!
So I thank God
for his Manna
straight from Heaven!