Legend of the Claddagh

Young Richard with a group set sail
To catch the village fish,
And on his way imprisoned by
A Spanish pirate ship.

Distraught, the men worked hard as slaves;
Young Richard, he did pine.
But stole a bit of Master’s gold
For her he left behind.

From precious gold he shaped a ring
With prayers to God above
That he return one bless-ed day
To marry his true love.

The years went by and years went by,
As Richard kept his heart
Until the day he was released,
So happy to depart.

Returning home he found his love,
Remaining ever true.
The Claddagh Ring he gave to her,
A token of the proof.

Today we wear the Claddagh still,
With hands and heart and crown.
It shines upon the hand of one
Whom her true love has found,
Reminding all who see it:
Love does make the world go round!

My poetic version of the Irish
Legend of the Claddagh.


Paul Scribbles

Tonight it is my turn to host Poetics over at dVerse and my prompt is to write a Blessing Poem


There is a flow

a kind of unfolding

a wave like thing

that will

if you step aside from it

and from yourself

proceed outwardly

and inwardly

at once

it brings in it’s wake



and awe

and the knowledge that

it has precisely



to do with you

you may witness it

be touched by it

be held momentarily

in the beloved’s gaze

in this gift of grace


when this occurs

this rapturous blessing

that falls gently upon you

as light rain in a parched land

become as open to it

as that flower which waits in hope

as that embrace for an old friend

as a heart burst by a lovers touch

as a tear for a loss too deep for words

bring it fully…

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You bless me with your touch
that wakes me every day,
the whisper of your voice
I hear in gentle ways,
the blanket of your Spirit
embracing me so tight,
that I may be your blessing
from morning until night.

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Love and Peace: How Long Does It Take?

The following was written by my best friend, U.S. Navy veteran Frederick Douglass Grimes, III. He lost his sight in 2003, and his first experience ever using a computer wasn’t until Summer of 2016. He learned to touch-type, and has written some 30 stories in less than a year. It is my honor to share this one. Freddy has a sweet spirit and a special way of sharing God’s grace with all who read his work. Everyone, raise your coffee cups to The Blind Poet, Freddy G. 🙂

Love and Peace: How Long Does It Take?

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

I am always fascinated by most of the news that I am able to obtain on my computer from N P R. For those of you who don’t know, that is National Public Radio. I love this station because not only do you receive all of the world news, you also hear news that one would not expect to hear from a news channel. One segment is one called All things considered. Today I heard that explorers of science have discovered skull and bone fragments of what appears to be human bones dating back 315000 years. They were found in Morocco. But what was more fascinating to me was the time frame for what appears to be the first humans. This disputed an earlier claim, but who really knows?

My point is a simple one indeed. If what they claim is true, then why have we as a whole human race, after all of those years, still not learned to Love, Respect, Protect, and cherish each other’s love and kindness in this massive world of ours?

Here we are in the year 2017 with all of the amazing technology, Medicines, and other unbelievable accomplishments. But as a whole, as one nation under God, haven’t learned one simple gesture, and that is the power to love. All you have to do is simply turn on the TV or the Radio. And what is the very first thing that you hear? Wars and turmoil all over the world.

For the past five or six days or so, it has been raining nonstop down here in Miami. Now if you believe the weather channel, they will tell us that between the months of June and September is always known as the hurricane season. But I beg to differ. I believe it is the Good Lord crying tears of sadness, hurt, and pain.

Love and Peace is not as hard as one might think. May god bless us all and keep us safe from harm.


The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

Midnight Song – Reprise

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This was originally a
The last verse and ending line are new. Written as a Nocturn, or night song, it’s natural this would be set to music.

1. It’s midnight as the hours turn.
The clock is ticking; candles burn.
As I embrace the dark that churns,
It’s midnight as the hours turn.

2. It’s midnight as the world spins.
The time is passing; hear the din.
I reach for moonlight deep within;
It’s midnight as the world spins.

3. It’s midnight as the mind repairs.
The time is healing, easing cares.
I rest content to be in prayer;
It’s midnight as the mind repairs.

4. It’s midnight as the soul awakes.
Forget the clock of time and space.
As Spirit lights the dreamland scape,
It’s midnight as the soul awakes.

5. It’s midnight as the hours turn.
My life is ticking; fire burns.
As I embrace the dark and learn,
It’s midnight as the hours turn.

The darkest hours always turn.



Evening Blessing


A Puppet’s Gift

for Freddy, Dominic,
and all ye of the holey, holy socks

A sock with holes can always start anew.
The wider world is waiting for your play.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

A puppet is the great escape for you.
So let it out to greet the shining day.
A sock with holes can always start anew.

You make the puppet from a piece of you,
The one that keeps the words you never say.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

You give the puppet purpose and a use
And help the lost in you to find its way.
A sock with holes can always start anew.

So let your socks and puppets pay their dues
And free you from the prison of your ways.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

Your peaceful puppets prosper as you do.
The world awaits your wisdom in a play.
A sock with holes can always start anew.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

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