Time for Lettin’ Go

All earthly relationships end. Whether through death, divorce or breakup, a move or other situation, all relationships reach a point where they no longer exist as they did before. In effect, it’s the end of the world as we knew it. This change and letting go is often difficult. Here is a song to acknowledge that, and recognize that our only lasting relationship is with the Spirit of God within.

Time for Lettin’ Go – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. We ran a race as partners, you and I.
We cheered each other onward through the marathon of life.
We felt the wins and losses, and with every one we tried
To do our best, and leave the rest, and take the race in stride.

And it’s been fun, ya know.
A really great run, ya know.
We’ve laughed a lot and hit the spot
And learned to love and grow.
And it’s been real, ya know.
A mighty good deal, ya know.
And even though the teardrops flow,
It’s time for lettin’ go.

2. We came up short together, you and I.
We started out so strong, but hit the wall a couple times.
We bandaged up the scrapes of failed attempts and foolish pride.
We did our best, and passed the test; we’re moving with the tide.

3. We’re standing at the finish, you and I.
We cut the final ribbon, and the gate is open wide.
With every step we each will take, the Spirit is our guide.
We do our best, and ever blessed, we find the strength inside.

Even though I love you so,
It’s time for lettin’ go.
All because I love you so,
It’s time for lettin’ go.

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So It Goes
Timing is Everything

Duality Hymn (The Yin-yang Song)

The yin-yang, or yin and yang,
is a symbol of seeming opposites being present in each other, the way that God-Presence, Lifeforce, Cosmic Consciousness, or Spirit is present in all aspects of life.

Duality Hymn – Lyrics

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. We feel alone in the darkness,
Trapped in a mind bleak and still.
We cannot see through the forest;
We cannot feel through the chill.
Yet there is Light here inside us;
There is calm in the storm.
A gentle hand cools a fever;
The very same keeps us warm.

2. There is a Power in the darkness,
Creator, God, Life of All.
And there is no separation;
No lifting up, and no fall.
For in the midst of the torment,
God is infinite Sight.
And there is Oneness in knowing;
Outside of feeling and time.

3. We feel alone in the darkness,
But when we know and be still,
We feel the warmth of the Spirit;
The Law of Love is fulfilled.
For the Eternal is Wholeness
Within all of Its parts,
And keeping infinite Order
In every life that It sparks.


Universe in You


Soul speaks to mind
Mind reflects in body
Body displays results

Soul feels separate
Mind is disconnected
Body is uneasy

Soul seeks God-within
Mind discovers Peace
Body balances

Soul is One with God
Mind reflects Love
Body is maintained from Within


Whole – Spiritual Song
Heart-image – New Thought Song

Are You Sick?: Healing Consciousness Revisited

For those who have not read
Are You Sick?: Healing Consciousness,
it’s all about how our thoughts create our experience. The following insights come from experiencing mystical oneness, while the previous post was from a Unity or New Thought background only. For ease of reading, this is structured like a Q&A.

Q: Am I sick?

A: Ultimately, you are not sick. You are whole and well.

You are a creation, an expression of God. Made in the Universal image of Love, your Highest Self (God Self) cannot be sick. Recognizing sickness is a product of the personal ego, the human mind that tries to create your life. This is the mind that “thinks” and therefore acts, like it is separate from God.

In reality, there is no separation from God. God is all things, and is within all things. This includes you, a beloved, unique creation. You are God in expression, manifestation, or “the Word made flesh.” You are a miniature version of the Universe, but a whole Universe nonetheless, a microcosm of the macrocosm.

This is why consciousness, or awareness, is the only thing that can truly be healed. When your consciousness is healed, made whole and reminded of its oneness with God, the experience of sickness loses focus. It doesn’t matter anymore; all you know is the Love that you are. Any healing that takes place is because the God-Mind awareness is working through you.

Q: Do I create my life?

A: Again, no. God-Presence creates and sustains every life.

The personal ego is an amazing thing. It believes, as in many New Thought traditions, that “Thinking makes it so.” In fact, this was the premise of my previous post. It is a story, and one that many people identify and resonate with. However, it is not the whole story. In truth, I’m not giving you the whole story here, either! God reveals Truth to us, only as far as the soul is ready.

God-Presence, at the center of your being, is what creates your life. Your experience of this life, however, is often dominated by your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, conscious and subconscious memories, and many levels deeper than the everyday waking human mind.

In addition, the law of cause and effect, or karma, is at work, keeping Universal harmony and balance in your life, and all lives. This means you may not realize the consequences of your vibration, made up of your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and so on. But God, First Cause and Knower of all things, creates and maintains balance in your life.

When this means receiving payback for something, that’s what we get. We usually see this as negative, and sickness falls into this category. However, it’s important to remember that sickness is only an effect, that it can be responded to positively and spiritually, and that it can be sublimated. I.e. you can move on from it.

Q: So how do I get rid of this sickness?

A: By seeking first…

Because physical illness is so obvious to us, we tend to focus on it. It’s all we think about, learn about, talk about, and it affects every aspect of our lives. We need to exercise Spirit’s compassion when coping with our own or anyone else’s sickness. Ultimately, it is not real, lasting, or permanent, in an eternal, infinite, mystical sense. However, it seems real right now, and all we want to do is get it over with.

The only way to move beyond anything, is to leave the state of consciousness where it exists. And the only way to change your mind, is to change your Mind! That is, the closer your personal connection to God-within, your own spiritual Source as you relate to it, the closer you are to an experience of Love, oneness, and health.

You may need to take physical actions to restore health. But only the God-Presence within you, can tell you what those actions are and when to take them.

How do you become healthy? Know the God, or Kingdom of Heaven, within yourself, first. And as the Christ Mind in Jesus said, “All these things shall be added unto you.” But only after you seek within!

Q: Where do my thoughts fit in?

A: Thoughts are things; thoughts are tools.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are often what impact your experience. They can make or break your perceptions of your life. But if God is Creator, what role do your thoughts play?

Your thoughts are tools. You can leave them undirected, letting the limited human mind run wild with them. But if you’re reading this, you probably realize that doesn’t serve you very well.

Remember that personal connection to God-within? The closer you are, the more open you are to God-Mind guiding, directing, and “thinking” through you.

Here’s the difference: The personal ego thinks it does things for you. God-Mind works through you, for the highest good of all.

The more you meditate, the more your thoughts, feelings, and experiences reflect God-Mind. More accurately, the more you seek God, the more you realize that God flows through you.

This is not God finding you, or you finding God. This kind of seeking, is discovering what is already within you. Remember that you are not separate from God, no matter what your experiences tell you. God-Mind is, was, and always will be present at your center, even long before and after this physical lifetime.

Q: Is this an intellectual exercise?

A: No! Mysticism in its purest form, is not about someone trying to explain mysticism to you. Mysticism is your ultimate oneness with All that Is.

You cannot understand this with your mind alone. The mind that earned your grades, does your job, tells you how to drive, remembers songs – this is not the tool to understand mysticism. And it is not the ultimate tool in restoring health. Only God-Mind can restore and maintain health.

To know God, to be healthy, successful, fulfilled, is only accomplished through the God-Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Lifeforce working through the vehicles of your soul, heart, mind, and body.

Your personal ego will not like this. Because it cannot do, or fix this, or make it happen.

Know God within you first. By this you realize Truth, Life, and health in its time.

In its time? Yes, only in its time. Any sickness may be a tool, a karmic effect, for your soul to learn from or resolve. But again, you yourself, by human power, cannot learn your lessons or resolve anything. Resolving any and all karma takes the Power of God alone.

And for this you need what? To seek within and find what has always been there.

Q: Do I have to do this alone?,/h2>

A: No!

Not only are we all connected, but we can offer each other support and encouragement. Healers, coaches, ministers, and practitioners do not heal or cure. All we do is all that anyone does: Hold a supportive – in this case spiritually-based – space in service to Cosmic Consciousness or God. Its purpose is to direct you inward to the God-Presence in you, that is in each of us.

I offer this support through free
Inspirational Music
Metaphysical Treatment Services.

May God bless, renew and sustain you in this moment and always!

Dreamkeeper – A Collaboration

A Sunday bonus, written in collaboration with Morgan of
Book N Volume.

Morgan is a prolific author and poet of The Fey, nature, magic, fantasy, beauty, the human spirit, and more. She graciously extended an open invitation to write with her, and I was drawn to the opportunity. I’d been working on this song; I had the melody and first verse lyrics at that point.

This could very well be, as first glance seems, a lullaby for babies. But it is also more. My original intention was to write a cradling song for those who experience insomnia. When I shared this with her, Morgan shone her lyrical brilliance in what became our middle verses here.

Those mystically oriented will notice something – it’s not just about going to sleep and sleeping well. It’s a lullaby, a reminder of Promise from the Divine Parent of the Universe. It is the shifting tide of consciousness from “monkey mind” to awakening, expanding awareness. With that I will say no more; may you enjoy the gentle embrace we intended!

Thank you, Morgan, for your thought, time, and above all your Spirit, kindness, and sensitivity!

Dreamkeeper – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Go to sleep, Beloved
One in the Spirit of moon and stars.
Slumber full of blessings
Dreams wake in your heart
Dreams wake in your heart.

Precious Child, My Own
Radiant Light O’er Thy Head is Shone.
Blessings Pour from Heav’n Above
Dreams of Peace and Love
Dreams of Peace and Love.

Rest your thoughts in Moonlit Waves
Fret not, nor question why.
Drift upon the Peaceful Night
Nod your head and Sigh
Nod your head and Sigh.

You are my Beloved
How could you ever be less than safe?
Nestled in my keeping
Dream your Self awake
Dream your Self awake.

Go to sleep, Beloved.

Given This Day

We can’t really give anything to God. After all, God is infinite, so to say we can give Him/It anything, limits our perception of God.

However, what we can give up, mystically, is the idea of the personal ego, human mind, and the so-called free will we think it has. Free will is an illusion. Only Cosmic, Universal Consciousness (or God) is real. All other things, including the personal ego and our false ideas, pass away.

This song is about expanding our own consciousness, awareness, and focus by giving up the personal ego. In order to truly know God-reality and be aware of it, we must do this daily, and sometimes moment by moment, many times a day! By surrendering our soul, heart, and mind to God Consciousness, we experience oneness – not intellectually, mentally, emotionally, or physically – but throughout our entire being.

Oneness is our true, spiritual nature. And giving up that which is “less than,” is accomplished primarily through meditation. This song is another reminder and a tool for that purpose.

Given This Day – Lyrics

CGDA-tuned Acoustic Guitar

I give my soul to Peace
I give my soul to Love
I give my soul to bless
God’s Work below and above!
I give my soul to Good
I give my soul to Bliss
I give my soul to God
The All there Is!

‘Cause everything will pass away,
And only God will never change!

I give my heart to Peace
I give my heart to Love
I give my heart to bless
God’s Work below and above!
I give my heart to Good
I give my heart to Bliss
I give my heart to God
The All there Is!

‘Cause love and hurt and stress and pain
Are calling us to look within!

I give my mind to Peace
I give my mind to Love
I give my mind to bless
God’s Work below and above!
I give my mind to Good
I give my mind to Bliss
I give my mind to God
The All there Is!

‘Cause thinking does not make it so;
The Truth we seek is God to know!

I give my soul to Peace
I give my heart to Love
I give my mind to bless
God’s Work below and above!
I give my soul to Good
I give my heart to Bliss
I give my mind to God
The All there Is!

I am a Child of God
The All there Is!

Gathered Here

Some people meet in churches
And synagogues and mosques;
They gather all together
To praise and worship God.

Still others meet on hillsides
In storefronts or in tents;
They share their adoration
For God who gives them breath.

Religion and community
Have been so linked, so long
That people who do not subscribe
Are often seen as wrong…

Still, people sit down quietly
Or make a joyful sound
To bring their own awareness to
The God-within they found.

No matter where you gather;
As one or many more,
Remember that the Spirit
Of Everything, is Yours!


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Aquarian Gospel Reading

And now I go my way, but I will pray my Father-God and he will send another Comforter to you, who will abide with you. Behold, this Comforter of God, the Holy Breath, is one with God, but she is one the world cannot receive because it sees her not; it knows her not. But you know her, and will know her, because she will abide within your soul.

These things I speak while with you in the flesh, but when the Holy Breath shall come in power, lo, she will teach you more and more, and bring to your remembrance all the words that I have said to you. There are a multitude of things yet to be said; things that this age cannot receive, because it cannot comprehend. But, lo, I say, Before the great day of the Lord shall come, the Holy Breath will make all mysteries known– The mysteries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortality; the oneness of a man with every other man and with his God. Then will the world be led to truth, and man will be the truth. When she has come, the Comforter, she will convince the world of sin, and of the truth of what I speak, and of the judgement of the just; and then the prince of carnal life will be cast out. And when the Comforter shall come I need not intercede for you; for you will stand approved, and God will know you then as he knows me.
–The Aquarian Gospel 161:35-37, 162:5-11

Mother-Love – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Comforter, Counselor,
Holding me within your care.
Holy Breath, ever blessed,
Shelter in the storms that tear.

Refrain 1:
Spirit, one of a kind!
Spirit Divine!

2. Gentle hand, guiding Light,
Teaching me to live and love.
Strong and sweet, still you keep,
Whisp’ring Wisdom from Above.
Refrain 1:

3. Mystery, shining veil,
Often times unseen, unheard.
Yet in the heart, you work your art,
Bringer of eternal Word.
Refrain 1:

4. Mothers here, blessed are you,
Partners of the Father God.
Your Spirit sparks and leaves its mark
On the souls with whom you trod.

Refrain 2: (Twice)
Spirit, One in all kinds!
Spirit Divine!

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Mother-Love Metaphysical Mp3.


Bless’d Trinity – Mother’s Day Tribute
The Holy Spirit in Metaphysics: Who is it and what does it Do?

One in You

A little bluegrass to celebrate the coming of Spring to our northern hemisphere, and remind us of the Infinite, ever present Spirit of the Universe.

And bluegrass on a uke? Some would say no, but clearly it has its place.

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. No matter where I am;
No matter what I do,
I feel something in nature
And touch a part of You.

2. No matter what I think;
No matter what I see,
I know You are the rhythm
Of life inside of me.

You are the Springtime blossoms
And the Summer heat.
You are the Autumn harvest
And the Winter freeze.
You are the ebb and flow
Of sun and sea and moon.
You are the All in All,
And we are one in You.

3. No matter what I planted;
No matter what I reap,
I know You are the Presence
Of all Eternity.

4. No matter where I’ve been;
No matter where I go,
I know You shine within me –
I take the path You show.
Refrain: (Twice)

You are the All in All,
And we are one in You.