Where am I going?
Where have I been?
What is outside me?
And what is within?

All of this flowing,
Growing and change
Moves me toward something,
But also feels strange.

I stop and examine
Life to this spot,
Seeing the moments
That come to a lot.

Places behind me,
Memories past,
People from back then;
I let go at last!

Giving up nothing,
Embracing the now,
The Spirit within me
Is showing me how.

How will I make it?
Where will I go?
What is my purpose?
I thank God, He knows!

Where am I going?
Where have I been?
Questions outside me,
And God is within!

Behold, the Star!

Shining bright,
A point of Light
That shimmers through the darkness deep
Guides the way
To perfect Day –
To dawn from slumber, wake from sleep!

And by far
The bless’d Star
That pierces through the gloom so dim
Fills the Soul
To know it’s whole,
Because the Christ is born within!

Through every state
Of mind that comes to human thought;
May the Light
Remain in sight,
Reminding us what God has brought!

The Gift of Love,
Not just above,
But here for every precious Child;
Given birth
Through us on Earth
To spread the heav’nly Light that smiles.

A star so bright,
A holy night,
A song for e’er and ever sung!
For in our hearts
We’re all a part
Of God who lives within His own!

Shining bright,
A point of Light
That shimmers through the darkness deep
Guides the way
To perfect Day –
To dawn from slumber, wake from sleep!

Come Come Come!

The beauty of this song is in the music, 4-part vocal harmonies, and the feeling of hope and anticipation it invokes. Written around the same time as Sunshine on the Snow.

It’s important to remember that no human being, circumstance or thing can save us. “Salvation” takes place in our own hearts and minds and is something we can each choose for ourselves.

“Salvation” is not a one-time experience, but a choice we make – or not – every moment of our lives.

Metaphysically speaking, the Messiah in this song is not Jesus, the man, but a rising, Christing consciousness that is born within us. It’s an awareness, a higher state of mind that comes from God. This coming from God, is why Jesus and each of us, are called children of God.

We celebrate the Christ Mind that saves us from the egotistical human mind. It’s not just a Christmas thing and that’s it. Christmas is simply the time set aside in the outer world, to remember the Truth.

Come Come Come! – Lyrics

Instrument: “Strings” and “Piano” on unknown model digital piano, Yamaha soprano recorder

1. Come!
The Messiah will come!
He is coming soon,
And He’ll save the world!

2. Saved!
Yes the world will be saved,
And there shall be peace
For all mankind!

Repeat 1.

Sunshine on the Snow

I wrote this song during Advent, 2003. Though it depicts primarily the outer Christian teachings – the literal understanding of the birth of Jesus – it also holds a deeper, more mystical meaning. The last verse especially is why I chose to share it here.

And just to point out how things seem to circle back around, but at a deeper level than before… This was written on a baritone ukulele, an instrument I played only briefly because it was awkward. Here I play a concert ukulele, and it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Enjoy, and merry Christmas!

Sunshine on the Snow – Lyrics

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele
Recording Updated 2017

1. Jesus gave us Light;
He saved us from our woe.
He brought pow’r and might;
He’s brighter than the sunshine on the snow.

2. The place was a stall;
Through Him God’s love did flow.
It was quiet and small;
He’s humbler than the sunshine on the snow.

3. We’re still wrapped in love;
He came so it would grow.
All we need is trust;
He’s warmer than the sunshine on the snow.
He’s humbler than the sunshine on the snow.
He’s brighter than the sunshine on the snow.

The Spirit of Christmas



Ever Wonder how Santa Clause is able to reach all the children of the world in one night? Perhaps the magic lies in the simple miracle that, it ever seems at Christmas time, as Charles Dickens observed, “Men open their shut up hearts freely to one another.” and in this opening the Spirit of Christmas, of Love, Joy, Mirth, Prosperity, Health and Contentedness reaches out to touch each heart, each life all round the world. Like a child receiving a gift, will you accept the present of this miracle with eagerness and delight?

“The Spirit stood beside sick beds, and they were cheerful; on foreign lands, and they were close at home; by struggling men, and they were patient in their greater hope; by poverty, and it was rich. In almshouse, hospital, and jail, in misery’s every refuge, where vain man in his little brief authority had not made fast…

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All I Want for Christmas

A mind that knows it’s one with All
And peace that reigns within;
A consciousness that, should it fall,
Knows how to rise again;

The willingness to use what Love
Has given me to grow;
Connection with the One above
That manifests below;

A heart that sees what head cannot
And gently leads the way;
To realize that all I’ve got
Can vanish in the haze;

The things I wanted other years,
They pale within the Light
Of Christmas and its joyful tears
That bring the ending night

To every soul that’s making known
It’s one desire true,
There comes a Christ-child miracle
Each moment we’re renewed!

So for this bless’d Christmas day,
I ask to be secure;
That mind and heart and soul obey
The God who is my Source!

“Happy Holidays!”

Have all your “Happy holidays”
The whole rest of the year!
For Christmas spread the Truth of God
TO people far and near!

Columbus Day and Halloween,
St. Valentine’s and more,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
And the U.S. has its Fourth!

But at this special time of year,
We celebrate the Christ
That’s born within each one of us,
The “naughty” and the “nice!”

It’s not about the Santa Claus
To those of us who know,
And not about the Jesus Child
Who came so long ago…

The special birth at Christmastime
Is given in each mind.
The Holy Spirit moves in Love
To lift up human kind.

It doesn’t happen in a church,
A temple or a scholl.
The Christ is lit and shines within
The very heart of you!

Now, you may call him Jesus
And celebrate his birth.
But only with a Christed mind
Can there be peace on Earth!

So may it be to every one
Who’s ready to receive:
A very merry Christmas
And a heart that can believe.

Have all your “Happy holidays”
The whole rest of the year!
For Christmas spread the Truth of God
TO people far and near!

I am Love

This song is many things and has grown into more since I wrote it in December, 2010. It was part of my Advent celebration that year, based on
The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore.

It’s also a reminder to be mindful of who and what we say we are.

“I am ___”

What we put in that blank is more powerful than we realize, and is a clue to our true self-image. If the words are positive, build them up. However, if “I am” is followed by negativity, we have the opportunity to choose something better and more truthful.

Still repeating a negative pattern? See
I’m so Tired: How to Feel Better Fast.

I added things to this song – compassion, forgiveness, trust, because they are qualities the human spirit needs in order to make a difference in the material world.

In any case, it is not, and wasn’t when I wrote it, an intellectual exercise. Rather, I share this song in a spirit of love, harmony with God-Mind, and blessing to everyone.

I am Love – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

1. I am love.
I am peace.
I am renewal.
I am release.

2. I am strength.
I am power.
I am wisdom.
I am desire.

3. I am hope.
I am faith.
I am joy.
I am thanks.

4. I am thought.
I am will.
I am order.
And I am zeal.

I am compassion,
And trust.
And I am life.

I am love.. (6x total).

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Cookie Cutter

Making cookies all the same,
That’s the cookie cutter game.
All alike and none that shine;
Who can really say, “That’s mine?”

Children grow and go to school,
Learning all the people’s rules:
“Do these things and don’t stand out,
This is how you must turn out.”

Intellect is praised and still,
Deep inside they’re not fulfilled.
Loving hearts and building hands
Are not in cookie cutter plans…

God has more for those who know
There are many ways to go,
Greater things to do and be,
Souls to fill and minds to free!

Cookie cutters make a shape,
But they never deviate.
Other shapes and paths aren’t wrong,
They just sing a different song!

God, the Spirit in us all,
Has a cookie cutter ball,
Rolls it on the earth for play,
For in His image we are made!

Cut your cookies, do it well,
Angels, snowmen, wreaths, stars, bells.
But remember all the while,
You’re no cookie cutter Child!

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