Come Come Come!

The beauty of this song is in the music, 4-part vocal harmonies, and the feeling of hope and anticipation it invokes. Written around the same time as Sunshine on the Snow.

It’s important to remember that no human being, circumstance or thing can save us. “Salvation” takes place in our own hearts and minds and is something we can each choose for ourselves.

“Salvation” is not a one-time experience, but a choice we make – or not – every moment of our lives.

Metaphysically speaking, the Messiah in this song is not Jesus, the man, but a rising, Christing consciousness that is born within us. It’s an awareness, a higher state of mind that comes from God. This coming from God, is why Jesus and each of us, are called children of God.

We celebrate the Christ Mind that saves us from the egotistical human mind. It’s not just a Christmas thing and that’s it. Christmas is simply the time set aside in the outer world, to remember the Truth.

Come Come Come! – Lyrics

Instrument: “Strings” and “Piano” on unknown model digital piano, Yamaha soprano recorder

1. Come!
The Messiah will come!
He is coming soon,
And He’ll save the world!

2. Saved!
Yes the world will be saved,
And there shall be peace
For all mankind!

Repeat 1.

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