Gotta Praise the Lord

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This is the first song I’ve written since I moved almost 3 months ago. It’s been a long time and quite a journey, and I have been so blessed through it all. I am very happy with my work here, and I’ve met so many kind and generous people. I can understand why they call this part of PA “God’s Country.”

Now… Do you know what creamed chipped beef is? If not,
click here to find out.
And it’s better over biscuits, not toast. 🙂

Biblical References, King James Version (KJV)

Hebrews delivered:
Exodus 3

Fiery furnace:
Daniel 3

Daniel protected in lion’s den:
Daniel 6

King David:
2 Samuel 5

Blind man healed:
John 9:1-27

Gotta Praise the Lord – Lyrics

1. God delivered the Hebrews;
He protected Daniel too,
Brought three men from the fiery furnace,
And lifted us from the blues.

Now the only blue ’round here is navy,
And we love creamed chipped beef and gravy.
Ever blessed and don’t mean maybe,
So we gotta praise the Lord.
We gotta praise the Lord.

2. God made David a great king,
And he caused the blind to see.
He sent his son in love and peace,
And He cares for you and me.

3. We have all we could ask for,
Because we know the Lord,
Our comforter and deliverer;
This world can’t offer more.

‘Cause the only blue ’round here is navy,
And we love creamed chipped beef and gravy.
We’re ever blessed and don’t mean maybe,
And we gotta praise the Lord.
We gotta praise the Lord!


Rainbow Blues

Go the Distance

Great, Full (Give Thanks)

Safe Harbor

He sailed the Seven Seas,
But I didn’t know him then.
He must have loved before,
But the siren sang again.

I pray the tide has taken
The heartache he has known,
So in the harbor of my arms,
My sailor is at home.

My response to Lillian’s “harbor” Quadrille prompt at


Song of the Sea

Union Blessing

The Truth about Wedding Planning

It’s not about the people
Who come to eat your food.
It’s not about the spectacle
And planning every move.

It’s not about the music,
The timing and the notes.
It’s not about the speeches
Or the words the preacher wrote.

It’s not about the dresses
Or the flowers in your hand.
It’s all about the love
Between this woman and this man.

And thinking for one moment
That your love is any less
Could make the perfect wedding,
But the marriage cannot last.

So plan your wedding carefully,
But know right where you stand,
For when the wedding’s done,
It’s just this woman and this man.

Heartbeat Dance

Quick quick quick! I’m quicker than you!
For sweet slow and steady are waltzing you through,
While gentle and easy keep making you do
Your diligent double-check dancing on cue.
With rhythmic precision unmatched as you move,
You quicken my quickening heartbeat for you!

A “quick” Quadrille in response to De’s prompt at
For Freddy, and the first thing I’ve written since moving a few weeks ago.