Photos so neatly arranged in albums
tell the story we want to remember
of life, of love, of laughter…

The problem is:
the photos are staged.
“Now look here!”
“Say cheese!”
“Stop pinching your brother!”
“Don’t make bunny ears behind your sister’s head!”
Staged, I tell you,
more than a play ever was,
or will be.

Because after all,
photos do not tell the truth,
no matter how consciously arranged.
They only tell
the story we want to remember.

Written for
not in response to the photos posted, but to the theme of arranging things.

Shadow of a Queen

Sometimes I want to go visit the Queen-
A shadow of brighter days.
I realize my life is much more than it seems,
And try to reclaim the ways
That I Am the Queen of my destiny
And Fate is a Choice I make!

Another Quadrille for De’s
dVerse prompt!


The service was so beautiful;
Communion cups were passed.
And from the light we saw that day,
The bond was sure to last.
But in the haze of drunkenness
With spirits flowing fast,
Their love gave way to skeletons
And shadows of the past…

A sad but too often true Quadrille for De’s “shadow” prompt at

Sing the Song

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Sing the song of love and light!
It gives your Spirit power and might
And takes away the fight or flight.
Sing the song of love and light!

2. Sing the song of hope and care!
It spreads compassion everywhere
And makes the burdens less to bear.
Sing the song of hope and care!

3. Sing the song of sweet release!
It calms the mind and gives you peace
And tells the rushing winds to cease.
Sing the song of sweet release!

The One-in-All-is-singing song,
The music of the heav’nly throng
We come to earth to pass along
The One-in-All-is-singing song!

Taking Flight

If only those with feathers fly,
Then why do airplanes cross the sky?
And why are kites allowed to soar?
There must be something… so much… more!

If only those with wings take flight,
Then why do stars shoot through the night?
And why are minds allowed to probe?
There must be more… we can behold!

If only those with feathers lift,
Then why the heart with tender wish?
And why the prayer without a word?
There’s always More… The soul is heard!

Written for Victoria’s prompt,
Come Fly with Me-dVerse Poetics.

The More Strings Change

I changed my guitar strings today. It wasn’t “time.” I mean, they weren’t dull-sounding, frayed, rusted, or going out of tune. In fact, they sounded great! But they felt like barbed wire cutting into my fingers! Just because someone recommends something, doesn’t mean it will work just as well for me. So I swapped them for my favorite, softer, silk-wrapped strings. They still sound great, even with a little less volume. But the experience is much better. You see, the more strings change, the more they play the same.

spiral in and out
seasons, relationships, life
constant as they change

Written for the last-for-now Haibun Monday prompt at

Opening (Butterfly Song)

When I started these lyrics in 2011, they contained the verses of
Remember (The LOA Song).
There they stayed, and I often use that song in concerts and workshops based on the Law of Attraction.

The verses heard here were written in 2012, and the third verse and music just this week. Even a song goes on a journey! So how much more do we! May your journey be one of constant opening!

Opening – Lyrics

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. Your experience now
Was created before.
Your thinking and feeling
Have only brought more.
A new understanding
Can even the score
And let in the life
You deserve and adore!

2. By changing the inside,
Improve what you get.
Enjoy what you have,
And let go of the rest.
The Universe carries you
Every step,
Supplying your needs.
So have faith! You are blessed!

3. Your thinking and feeling
Are not all there is.
A Power much higher
Inspires your bliss.
In every detail
You believe is amiss,
Hear Love softly calling you
Deeper than this!

So sweet,
Like the butterfly you find release.

Reach within yourself and feel the opening, contented,
The broken wing, now mended.
Soar in harmony and peace!
As deep within yourself you feel the lightening, astounding,
The brightening, surrounding,
And like the butterfly you find release.


Be the Butterfly!
The Butterfly Effect and You!

Two Clerihews

Yogi Bear, for a pic-i-nic basket,
Always took and didn’t ask it.
He saved ol’ Jellystone, I heard;
So guess “forgiven!” is the word!

Pippi, Anne Shirley, Annie so free;
The red heads take the cake, you see.
But they are quite a feisty lot.
I ought to know – red hair I got!

Written for
(for better or worse…) Clerihew prompt. Please read the others! Many amazing poems over there that do the form justice!


You have known the choke hold of fear,
Tomb of depression,
Volcano of rage,
Maze of mind and feelings.

You have tasted, recoiled;
Touched, rejected;
Seen, disbelieved;
Heard, misunderstood;
Smelled, flinched.

Awaken, remember:
I am the Opener
Of pathways unknown to you!
Know Me!

A Quadrille in response to Victoria’s “open” prompt at

Love Fully

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. O you can love my body,
But you are missing much.
‘Cause I am more than everything
You see and hear and touch.

Love fully,
The aspects and the whole.
Love freely,
Body, mind and soul.

2. And you can love my intellect
For all I understand.
But even that is limited;
It isn’t who I am.

3. O you can love my soul,
And how I wish you would!
But all alone it’s nothing
Except in God the Good!

And don’t you worry if it seems too hard to do now,
‘Cause only God can make Agape love shine through now.
Seek the kingdom deep in you,
And you’ll come to see it too.
May your love reflect the truth!

So you love fully,
All your aspects and the whole.
Love freely,
Love your body, mind and soul.

‘Cause only then
Can you reach out your hand
And love others fully,
The aspects and the whole.
Love them freely,
Body, mind and soul.

Love freely,
Body, mind and soul.