The service was so beautiful;
Communion cups were passed.
And from the light we saw that day,
The bond was sure to last.
But in the haze of drunkenness
With spirits flowing fast,
Their love gave way to skeletons
And shadows of the past…

A sad but too often true Quadrille for De’s “shadow” prompt at

Still Life

I am the sculpture;
I’ll come right out and tell you that.
Which one?
I can’t say, because you don’t really care.

I was stone before I became this statue.
I am still stone.
And I will be stone even thereafter,
If (Merciful heavens!) I am chiseled to bits.

I told you I am the sculpture,
But I lied.
Yes, I, too, can create a ruse!
How do you like that?
The same way you like it when people point at you
Or put you in their neatly labeled box
And say, “THIS is who you are!”

You are not THAT,
And I am not the statue alone.
Heck! I am not even stone!
I Am Life!

You don’t think so;
You don’t believe what I say.
But did you believe me then,
When I said I am the sculpture?

No matter.
You can have your opinions,
And beliefs!
These are problems I do not have-

But I am still Life!
I was before the stone was.
I was before the sculpture was.
I am now,
In the stone and the rendered statue.
And I will be
Long after the sculpture is no more,
Long after the stone has eroded.
I am there.

But lest you leave this conversation all freaked out on me,
Let me come right out and tell you that
You are Life, too!
Stoned or not,
Oops did I say stoned?
Ha ha even the stones have a sense of humor!

Anyway, no matter the state
In which you find yourself, Grasshopper,
You are Life!
So live on,
For you are sculpture and stone,
Artist and observer,
Creator and creation!

Now step lively,
Rock the boat,
And live Life with the Spirit that You Are!

Oh, before you go?
Tell that painting over there
That it is still life, too.


dVerse | Poetics – Chisel Me a Conversation.
I had fun writing this!


Abundance does our soul enfold,
But we’re forgetful in this world.

Such hardened hearts and trials tough
Show Everything is not enough.

The countless Enemies to blame
Perpetuate a losing game.

If love spilled out like human greed,
The currency would not be “need!”

A Quadrille for
where 44 is the magic (i.e. required) number of words, and one word must be a form of “spill”!

This Life Path

The cherry tree stood tall and proud
And scattered blossoms far and wide
Until a whirling, swirling storm
Upset the tree upon its side.

The cherry tree was hard and old.
Its life was long and strength was true.
But this was just a chapter’s end;
The tree would have another use.

A spruce fell in that hurricane;
Its softer heart was taken fast.
But turning yet another page,
The spruce continued on its path.

The spruce and cherry met one day,
Both dried and sanded, cut and shaped.
The spruce was top, the cherry back:
An instrument they came to make!

So little do we know and see
Where we are meant to go…
But deep inside there shines a Spark,
The All there Is, that knows!

No one can choose a path for you
Or hand down what is right.
For like the trees you ebb and flow
With God as guiding Light.

Within you always, Pure and True,
If you will only knock
And open up your weary mind:
Its Center is the Rock.

The Fruitful Life, A Fable

Once upon a time, there was a ladder. It was so steep and so high that no one dared to climb it. It was steeper than a pitched roof. It was steeper than the top of a lighthouse or a pyramid. And it was so high that no one could see the top. Not even the tall giraffe who looked up and up and up with its long neck.

It wouldn’t have mattered, except that at the top of the ladder was something the animals needed. They needed fruit! And no one could help them get it.

The fruit was not falling down, but the animals were very hungry! Sometimes the birds and squirrels would shake the trees in their play, but the birds weren’t feeling playful. And the squirrels weren’t feeling kind. So, the fruit stayed on the trees.

The giraffe asked the birds, “Will you please help us?”

The birds just cawed, twittered and said no.

The lion roared at the squirrels, “Help us now!”

But the squirrels just tittered and laughed, “We will not help you!” They said, “We want to see if you can get your own fruit!”

Even the monkeys, who were usually very kind and generous, chattered and chattered in the trees as they swung from branch to branch. But they would not drop any fruit down to the other animals.

Then suddenly, there came a tiny sound. At first, no one heard it. And no one saw who was making it. The lion finally heard and saw the tiny mouse. He said, “Go away little mouse. You cannot help us here.”

The giraffe heard the mouse very faintly, for he was very tall. But he said, “Go away little mouse. You cannot help us here.”

But the mouse did not listen. mice never do, you know.

Instead, he ignored the other animals and focused on the fruit. Soon he began to climb the thin rungs of the ladder, and when he did, he discovered a wonderful thing! The ladder was made of rope!

Now, if there’s one thing mice love to do, it’s to chew things! So, the little mouse began to chew through the rope rungs.

“Stop! Stop!” cried the animals. “Do not destroy the ladder! How will we climb it again?”

But the mouse did not listen. Mice never do, you know.

He chewed and chewed and as he did, the wrung’s of the ladder fell down, down, down! As the rungs fell away one by one, the mouse clung to the sides of the ladder. Held steady by tree limbs at the top and boulders at the bottom, the side ropes did not budge.

The little mouse climbed and climbed, and chewed and chewed, leaving broken rope rungs behind him.

Finally, he reached the top of the ladder. All the rungs were gone, but the side ropes still held firm.

“Release the ropes!” the mouse called to the animals below.

“No!” they cried, “How will we ever climb up in the trees again?”

“I know!” the mouse shouted. “Trust me! Please, release the ropes!”

So, reluctantly, the animals shoved the boulders aside, and the ropes sprang free. Now the mouse was really excited!

The little mouse pulled and pulled on the ropes until they were all the way up high in the tree beside him. Then, he threw them over the branches. As he did, fruit began to rain down on the animals below!

“Hooray!” cheered the animals. “Thank you, Mouse!”

The little mouse smiled. “I only did what came naturally!”

Now, when the animals needed fruit, they could just pull the ropes, and fruit would be provided for them.

Because where there is a will, there is a way. Don’t believe me? Ask that little mouse, who heard his inner voice when it gave him the idea. He followed the guidance when his spirit told him the steps to take. And he saw it through until the goal was accomplished. He did what he was sent to do. It was all natural and part of a higher plan.

Wherever we are, God is there with us. And wherever we are, there’s a reason why. It is God’s reason, and His nature, our inner nature, will guide us through all things… If we just listen!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own insight.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
–Proverbs 3:5-6 (NRSV)

You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
–Matthew 7:16-18 (NRSV)

The Balloon – A Parable

Once, a little girl found a balloon. She wanted to keep it, but it was full of air and wanted to float here and there, leaving her behind. After chasing it for a while, she realized that if she wanted to hold onto it, she would have to attach it to herself somehow. So, she tied one end of a string around the end of the balloon, and the other end to her wrist.

From then on, she did everything with that balloon. She ate with it. She went to school with it. She played with it. She slept with it. And once she even came very close to popping it.

But it was her balloon. She’d claimed it, and so it stayed with her through all her activities.

But soon the balloon began to deflate. It had been in the house, in the car, in the cold, in the heat, in restaurants, at sporting events, piano lessons, gymnastics… She’d carried it around all this time. It had become such a part of the little girl, that she hardly knew it was there anymore.

She noticed when it started to deflate, not because the balloon was smaller, but because it got in the way. It used to carry itself through doorways, just by floating like such balloons do. But now she had to pull it through doors and make sure it didn’t get stuck. Sometimes it did get stuck, and she had to stop, go back, and untangle it from the door, and sometimes from other people.

The balloon was getting to be really annoying. But how could she let it go? It was her friend, her companion, her playmate, her partner in all things. What would she do when it was gone?

One day the balloon got caught in a revolving door. That had never happened before, and it would never happen again. The string became hopelessly tangled in the doorway, and finally someone had to cut the string from her wrist.

The little girl wasn’t hurt. But the balloon she had loved for so long, that had become such a part of her life and who she thought she was, could not be saved. There was no air left in the balloon by this time anyway, but the loss was still a painful one.

Immediately, the little girl wanted another balloon. But then she realized she felt free without a string and the weight of a balloon following her around wherever she went!

Freedom was hers, at last! And yet it always had been; she just had a different idea of what freedom meant.

Freedom was not in the balloon that floated without purpose or aim. Freedom was within her, and she could choose to share it, make new friends, and still keep the Spirit that made her embrace the balloon in the first place. She was free with the balloon, until she expanded and discovered new freedom. Then, it was time for the balloon to go. It was no less loved. But it had served its time with her and done her good.

That little girl, like so many, will always remember the balloon she lost. But she will think of its gifts and smile, because it showed her what she already had: a free Spirit that, if she let it, could carry her life to heights beyond her imagination.