Shattered Heart

My shattered heart rains pieces on all who dare to touch it.
Broken by dreams, doubts, dread, and the debris of drama.
Taken by love, life, loads, burdens, and by laughter.
All who dare to touch my heart shatter it,
Breaking it open like the clouds that bring Spring rains,
Only to leave the brilliant sun in their wake…
My shattered heart rains pieces on all who dare to touch it…
Pieces of love, blessed by tears, strengthened by sorrow, eroded by extraordinary miracles
Of life!

My prose poem for Franks prompt at



Lost Heart

True Story

I bustled away
from table today,
confronting a matter of mind…
Whatever forgot
I sought on the spot,
relaxing and tea undermined.

On later return
the table emerged,
my hunger and thirst unprepared…
Forsaken repast
and teatime had passed.
So ghostly, I toasted despair!

Quite a Quadrille for Kim’s “ghost” prompt at
Join us! It’s amazing what you can do with 44 words!


We always reach for the next big thing.
A place to belong and some meaning to bring.
A cause to campaign for, a light on the scene.
Contentment is something to get, not to be.
We reach for the brass ring, while dawn breaks–unseen!

My response to Björn’s Quadrille prompt using the word “dawn.” Come join us, read, and comment at

My First Weaver

The woman was a weaver;
I didn’t know her name.
But then at only 5 years old,
The fascination came.

She sat up straight and sturdy,
The bench just right to reach.
And taking shuttle back and forth,
Her hand began to teach.

I know she pressed the treadles
And showed me cloth that grew.
And with a lesson now forgot,
She made a weaver too!

The woman was a weaver;
I didn’t know her name.
But many years a weaver now,
I thank her all the same!

My response to Kim’s Artisan prompt at


The Weaver’s Prayer

Threads of Creativity

Shuttle: A Tool for Change

Wild Wind

Wind howls through my mind,
tearing a treacherous path,
driving, destroying, demolishing…
The calm, cultivated landscape
erodes before me.
What can this mean?
What’s next?
A breeze speaks whisperingly
of a land too close to see.
And through the howling wind,
I go.

Quadrille, 44 words excluding title, containing some form of “whisper.” This one also goes for De’s challenge of “whisperingly.” Try your own and enjoy others at

To Be Fit

To center myself through the day,
I let all the world fall away…
My whole consciousness
curls into itself,
disarming the furious fray.

Amazing well-being I find,
curls out of the Infinite Mind.
With sweetest success,
abundantly blessed,
from chaos to vision so kind!

stanzas here, this time in response to the first Quadrille of 2017. Björn’s prompt is “curl.” Try one of your own, and read responses over at

The Time is NOW

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:”*
And talk is all we do;
No wonder we don’t change a thing!
The fear of time and time of fear
Strings us along a string.
The time is now, and now’s the time
To act upon the scene!

*Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872

Written for Lillian’s prompt, “Timing is everything!” at


My face is not made up,
but is bright, expressive, and usually smiling.
My hair isn’t fancy,
but soft, thick, and dare I say attractive?
My voice is the best,
steady and warm,
but the question is…
How does it hide
the scars inside?

A Quadrille in response to De’s “scar” prompt at
I believe the deepest scars are invisible, and that’s why they are scars–because we don’t like to acknowledge them.


I’ve been to a temple, a grand cathedral, and not noticed its splendor. Yes, so unaware was I that in the face of beauty, I saw nothing unusual. I’ve been there so often that I pass it by, heedless of what really happens within its walls. But today, or so it seems, the temple veil is lifted! And I see the beauty, the splendor, the blessing of this temple and cathedral that is mine.

bliss of nature shines
Spirit taking form in me
as body temple

Written for Toni’s Haibun Monday Free for All at

In the Garden

He asked me,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
In turning my head,
I turned away.

He asked me,
“Will you help me
in the garden?”
And my inaction
was action enough.

He asked me,
“Are you peaceful
in the garden?”
And the light of truth
lit up my mind.

He asked me,
“Are you happy
in the garden?”
And without question,
I knew I wouldn’t be without.

I asked him,
“May I join you
in the garden?”
The scene changed
When I saw the change in me.

I asked him,
“May I help you
in the garden?”
As the seasons pass,
may I pass on the harvest!

I ask you,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
For the whole of Life
is whole in you!

A second response to Kim’s garden prompt, linked up with
dVerse OpenLinkNight #184, where Grace is hosting.
OLN is a fabulous free-for-all (i.e. there’s no set prompt). So stop by and read and/or share one poem of your own! You never know what gems you’ll discover here!