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Content copyright Crystal L. (Howe) Grimes. All rights reserved. This notice applies to all original works by Rev. Dr. Crystal L. (Howe) Grimes displayed in any form, whether written or audible, on the website These works include but are not limited to: written song lyrics, poems, Metaphysical prayer treatments, meditations, articles, and transcriptions, notes or outlines of classes and lectures; and audio files or streams of songs, poems, Metaphysical prayer treatments, meditations, classes and lectures.

This copyright notice does not apply to non-original works. These may include but are not limited to quotations from scripture or other sources. Where these sources appear, credit is given if known. If you find any non-original work that is not properly attributed, please send the information via the Contact page so that proper attribution can be made.

Reproduction of Content

If you wish to record or reproduce content by Rev. Dr. Crystal L. (Howe) Grimes in any form, please request permission in writing, via email or the contact form on this website. Please include all of the following information in your request:

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8. Whether you wish to make any changes, or will display the work as presented on

9. Please describe any changes (if applicable)

Each request will be handled individually by Rev. Dr. Crystal L. (Howe) Grimes. Please request and wait to receive permission before reproducing any work. Please also attribute the work in the manner requested. Please retain any permission granted for your records.


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Privacy Policy

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When requesting Metaphysical Treatment Services, your name, email address, and any information you wish to share will be collected for the sole purpose of providing spiritual prayer support. It is kept strictly confidential and will never be published.

Information collected for any purpose will never be shared without your written permission, and will not be shared, leased or sold, unless required by law.

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