What Have I Done? #Decima #Poem

I ask myself: What have I done
For Good alone and not my whim?
When have I gone out on a limb
To show “another” we are One?
Not for a list of races run,
Not for a trophy on the wall;
But in the Service, large or small,
Of Life that lives and loves and breathes
Vibrations to realities!
What have I done for One, the All?


Returned #Decima #Poem

O thank you, neighbor! You are gold!
You brought back what belongs to me!
I didn’t feel and cannot see
Its whereabouts remained untold.
Your kindness warms me from the cold,
Frustration, anger, worry, pain.
A rainbow’s promise after rain.
A simple shining slice of sun
Shown outward by the good you’ve done.
My turn will come to do the same!

The positive outcome to my prior Decima for Ronovan’s challenge this week:


“Heartsong” #Music

Download “Heartsong” Double Strung Harp Mp3

Happy Mother’s Day to those who are mothers and those who have one! ❤

I wrote “Heartsong” in 2016. You can find the ukulele version with lyrics

Today I play it as a comforting, relaxing piece on double strung harp. I hope you enjoy it, and have a blessed Mother’s Day!

Stolen #Decima #Poem

Some unknown person, mean and bold,
Took something that belongs to me.
I paid the price; it wasn’t free.
I’m feeling cheated, angry, cold.
It wasn’t silver, gems or gold,
But helpful things that mean a lot.
No funds or purchase… What a spot!
When boxes come without your name,
Move on or find the one with claim.
Take what is yours! And leave what’s not!

A Decima I wish hadn’t happened, for Ronovan’s Weekly Prompt at: