Got it! The Glow of Truth

“The light is shining through you!”

Someone just emailed me this, and as I read it, I felt the warm glow of Truth. It doesn’t need outside validation because it’s always there. It may feel buried, but beneath all the stuff we pile over it, the glow remains, never diminishing, always shining, staying strong through all the drama we sometimes create for ourselves.

I know the glow is always present, for it is God’s presence, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. To receive a written affirmation like this is a manifestation of God’s glory, of God’s glow that always exists.

The affirmation did not cause the glow. The glow of Truth (notice that spells GOT?) caused the affirmation!

Again, the affirmation/praise didn’t cause the Truth — the Truth brought about the effect of the affirmation.

This cannot be overstated, and in truth, is often understated. We need to already know, believe and feel the glimmer of something, before it manifests. Things don’t come out of nowhere. “Accidents” don’t just happen in the physical. Things manifest, because somewhere in our minds, even if subconsciously, without any conscious thought awareness on our part, we thought a thought, had a feeling, or held a belief. Maybe it wasn’t about that particular thing, i.e. experiencing an accident or illness doesn’t mean we had the specific belief that we would experience that. It means, we had the subconscious, overall vibration that attracted that experience.

So, every time we receive an outward sign of Truth, it means we have the overall vibration of Truth. Which is really cool! Because when we work with that, we can build upon it. Like this:

I feel the vibration of Truth, fully.

I receive the affirmation of Truth.

I get excited, thinking this is awesome, because it feels good, sounds good… It’s Truth all over the place and I know it.

So it causes more feelings of positiveness and Truth.

Which enhances my vibration of Truth…

Which attracts more Truth…

And more Truth…

And more Truth.

This is how Life is ordained (that is, divinely ordered or constructed) to be lived: in Truth. Truth in Mind, Body (the physical), and Spirit.

And so it is!

P.s. Before you use the words, “Got it!” decide whether what you “got” is affirmative. If it is, know that you “got” the glow of truth. If not, the Truth is still there! You just don’t need the negativity, so you don’t got it!

Prayer of Faith – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 3

Find this poem and a companion reading and talk here.

Please refer to the poem to contemplate the following, and make your own connection of faith within you.

1. Right before the talk linked above, I play a recording of Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore reading this prayer. It must have been made in the 1920’s or early ’30’s. On a record of course… So, this prayer must have been important to Myrtle, because as far as I know, we don’t have many recordings from her. I wonder how much it meant to her, and why…

2. The poem is called Prayer *of* Faith, not Prayer for Faith. So, before saying this prayer cold-turkey, I recommend meditating to the point where you’re in a peaceful state of mind and entertaining the possibility of having faith.

Otherwise, saying this prayer could really stir up angry feelings. Which wouldn’t be bad! Then you could release those – that is, if you could step back, observe the feelings, and choose to let them go. Often that is not the case, and we get caught up in anger. Begin using this prayer when you’re already in a good place, so that when you’re not, you can remember how it felt to pray this when you had a better-feeling thought. Then the prayer, having prior good feelings for you, can bring you back to that state of mind/heart.

3. This is a well-known Unity prayer. However, I’m personally not sure whether the author was a member of Unity, or if Unity “adopted” the prayer. Either way, we discussed in class how these lines appeal to a much wider audience than Unity. Christians in general, and many people of other religious and spiritual paths, accept these lines as Truth and take comfort in them:

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of the day.

4. Now we come to more metaphysical, Unity lines. Here, we affirm our oneness with the all-providing, ever-present God we’ve already brought to mind. We affirm our wisdom, truth, patience, kindness, and love, which we have and are, because God has and is:

I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient, kind, and loving, too;
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ the Truth, that is in me.

Again, Christ appeals to a Christian audience. In traditional Christianity, Christ is a man, and in metaphysics, a state of being/consciousness. Our similarities are interesting, and it’s good to become aware of them.

5. Next are lines that prove my suggestion to meditate first! If you affirm these lines when you’re feeling bad, chances are you’ll get more bad feelings. Your feeling is strongest, not your words. So always, when using prayers or affirmations of any kind, come to a good-feeling place first, through meditation or whatever works for you. Then, affirm, as you feel the affirmation to be true. In this way you maximize the power of feelings and words:

God is my health, I can’t be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and Love and Truth are here

I address this in the talk I linked to above. You may appear sick right now. But know that sickness is not who and what you are. It is not your being, your worth, your life. It is what it is: just an appearance. As I said, affirm this in a peaceful state of mind! Meditation has cumulative results. The more you tip the balance of your life in a positive direction, the more appearances in your life will improve.

For at least 8 years, from the remembered, conscious choice to begin a spiritual practice, until 2 years ago, I would not meditate. I could not. Because I thought it was too hard, complicated, I couldn’t do it, needed tools, and so on…

So for me, now, to recommend meditation to you, is not just a recommendation as something you “should” do! It’s because of my personal results. I now meditate daily, and I feel off/unbalanced if I don’t. I value the inner connections I make during meditation. When we get our ego, or monkey mind, quiet, we make great discoveries, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Don’t take my word for it! I always say, no one can create an experience for anyone else. I cannot create a meditative experience or good feeling for you. But I can encourage, affirm, and hold quiet space for you. And that is what I do. The true power in your life comes when you, yourself, meditate or make inner connections of your own.

Prayer is for us. It is not for God/Spirit. It’s a connecting tool, so that we can become consciously aware of our oneness with God. Meditation is the listening tool. Prayer is the talking tool. They are 2 sides of the same coin. The coin itself, is life, or consciousness. Prayer and meditation both, are important aspects of that consciousness. Use them, change them, make them yours! Because the power is in your consciousness, aka your state of being, awareness, or focus.

Comments? Questions? Feedback? please feel free to contact me!

The Weaver’s Prayer

I meditate and pray every day. For me, meditation is listening, and prayer is talking. This affirmative, sometimes funny, and always true prayer is what came through my prayer time today. I have to say, I’m glad I actually wrote this one down, because it can be very amusing!

Oh God, I thank you for yarn! You are the yarn, You are the loom, You are everything! Heck, can I say that to You?, You are the weaver! You are Me! And I am You! And so, knowing this, I consciously adjoin myself with You, at the hip, like a Siamese cat, I mean twin, and declare: I am one with my Creator!

In this oneness, I know I can do all things that are mine to do. I know I can enjoy all things. I know I can hope all things. And I know I can believe all things. That’s what Love does. And since You are Love, that’s what You do. As I am one with You, that’s what I do, too. Love never fails. So, I never fail, because You never fail, and You are in me!

So back to the yarn, thanks for being the yarn. Thanks for being the loom. Thanks for being me, and for giving me these tools that I so enjoy using to create more manifestations of–You guessed it!–You!

God, I wonder what these manifestations create? Does a handwoven have a divine purpose? I know that it does. But I can hear people say no, it’s “just” handwoven. Or “just a scarf” or whatever it appears to be. But isn’t that the key word? Appears? Just because a handwoven object may appear as no more than what we call it, that doesn’t make that all it is.

Handwovens are You. Even though the knitters won out, because the Bible translators say, “You knit me together in my mother’s womb,” You, oh weaving God, could have just as easily, and maybe more easily, woven me together in my mother’s womb! And I bet You did, too!

So about the appearance, I do believe, with Your guidance, that each handwoven thing I have a hand in weaving, has a divine purpose all its own. It is not just my purpose for making the thing, but Your purpose for creating the thing through me. I give thanks for their purposes, for mine, and for Yours! I affirm that I will live out my purpose with Your help, making manifest Your glory. And I will do whatever is my part so that the handwovens I joyously create with You, will be their highest selves and live out their divine purpose.

For this commitment and realization, this day and every day, I give You thanks! And so it is!

Stash Reduction: Good? Bad? Metaphysical?

“I’m selling this because I need to reduce my stash.”

“My husband/partner/significant other is complaining this takes up too much room, so out it goes.”

“I’m moving and need to downsize, so this has to go.”

“I’m selling because I need the money.”

“I don’t use this as much as I thought I would (or should).”

Ok, I admit it. I regularly check yarn and craft related sites. Why? For blessed bargains, of course! 😀 And for other reasons…

I read postings for things I don’t want, use or desire in any way, just to get a glimpse of the spirit in which people are selling things. Over and over, I see variations of the quotes above.

Is this good? Bad? I choose to say no, it is neither good, nor bad. But it is metaphysical. Here’s how I see it.

Stash reduction, by its very name (notice I didn’t say nature!), implies that you have too much stuff. Who engages in this mysterious thing called stash reduction? People who think they need to get rid of something, who feel bad for having what they have, and/or who want something else (money?) and think they can get it, by giving up what they have now.

So first off, stash reduction needs a new name. But what? How about flex and flow? This way the cycle can be more positive.

I have ___. It no longer serves me. So it’s time for ___ to move on. It’s time for me to move on too, and receive something else.

In metaphysics we know that nothing can live in a vacuum. There must always be ebb and flow, giving and receiving, expansion and contraction, in and out… In short, there is always evolution. Or, change is constant.

It is our belief about, and reaction to that change that we’re addressing here. Why are the people above reducing their stashes? For fear/lack-based reasons. Fear of not having enough space, making someone else mad (as if we can really do that!) by having material things, a belief in lack of money and/or space, and even lack of self-worth.

What? How do I get that? Well, if you think you don’t use something as much as you thought you should, that’s a judgment. And basically, it’s a judgment that the thing (whatever you’re selling) deserves better than you’re giving it.

Also, let’s return to the “others” who share our space. They complain to us that we have too much stuff, they don’t see us using that ___, and we feel bad. We feel bad, because somewhere within us, we believe they’re right. We feel guilty for having what we have, feel stifled by our belief that other people and their stuff deserve to occupy the space we’re using, and so we react. We react by getting rid of our manifestations, thereby (we think) giving them more space.

And yet: they always find something new to complain about, don’t they! This is their work, their problem. Not ours.

So to recap: Stash reduction is hereby known as flex and flow! We get something, we use it, and when we feel darn good and ready, we evolve to something else. “Logical reasons” for selling stuff hold no water here. The important thing, as always, is our mindset. Truly, why are we selling/getting rid of things? If it’s out of love and we can do it with only good feelings, more power to us! If it’s out of anything less than great feelings, don’t act.

We were each created with the powers of wisdom, peace, discernment and evolution. So we can seek guidance from within, even in what seem to be small things, like which yarn and tools to keep, and which to pass on.

The better you feel, the better it gets! So give from a good-feeling place, and you will be enriched, even as the stuff around you changes!

Prayer for Protection – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 2

This is the second of two very widely published poems by Unity’s Poet Laureate James Dillet Freeman. It also explains why he is called “Poet Laureate to the Moon.” Along with “I Am There,” a copy of this prayer was left on the moon by Apollo astronauts. 🙂

The Prayer for Protection is well-known and loved by people of all faiths, religions and belief systems. Remember that Jim Freeman’s work was not only published by Unity. This affirms the universal truth of his writing.

Prayer for Protection – Contemplations

No questions here, just personal observations… My intention is that you will read the prayer and find its personal meaning to you.

We discussed in the live class that each line is an affirmation. These affirmations start general – we all basically accept that “The light of God surrounds me,” etc.

However, about the time we come to “The Mind of God guides me,” it gets more personal. Had Freeman started the prayer with this line, it probably would not have been as effective. People wouldn’t have been able to relate to a blanket statement, “The Mind of God guides me.” But with the foundation of the more general affirmations, already knowing they are true, the conscious mind accepts this one more easily. It’s as if Freeman is preparing the mind to “go all the way” to feeling the truth of Spirit/God’s presence. These affirmations are a tool for the conscious mind to get used to the Truth.

We talked a lot about “The laws of God direct me.” These laws are universal, rather than human laws, religious laws of any kind, or even things we culturally accept to be morally “right.” God’s laws are love, good, truth, beauty – because these are what God is. Call it the law of attraction, law of mind, law of love… It’s all the same law, and it’s all God’s laws.

Are you truly directed by man-made laws? No! If you choose to be, you can be directed by the laws of God. You can also choose to ignore them, but they are still at work. The thing is, if you choose to work with them, using your creative power in harmony with God’s laws, you will manifest/experience good in your life. If you choose to ignore the laws, or don’t know how to use them for the highest good, you will likely experience negativity.

As a result, it’s a powerful affirmation to say and feel, that “The laws of God direct me.”

“The power of God abides within me.” We know this in metaphysics. But how often do we feel it? Again, I find it no coincidence that this affirmation appears where it does. If we started with this, it could have less impact. But as we’ve already accepted so many truths, we can’t help but accept this one as well. God’s power is within you.

The next 3 lines expand on the power of God by also affirming that we have God’s joy, strength and beauty. “Under circumstances” – though I have no idea why we’re under there! – we sometimes feel anything but joy, strength and beauty. So to affirm we have them, in prayer and meditation, brings them to mind when we need them in life. The more we practice this, the better we feel and the better our lives reflect it.

And the big one: “Wherever I am, God is!” ‘Nuff said!

I recommend meditating on this prayer. At Unity we say it every Sunday. But as rituals can, sometimes it becomes a habit, and we no longer feel what we’re saying. I encourage each of us to feel this prayer, to make it real for ourselves, and to make it part of our accepted core beliefs.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

Stop trying!

Don’t give up on yourself! But don’t try too hard either!

The harder you try, the harder you will have to keep trying.

Law of attraction, bless it!, dictates that whatever we feel, we get back. So if you think you have to try, improve, work, struggle, worry, seek, etc…

Guess what?

It’s true… You do!

However, if you realize you’re always, every moment of every day, improving, automagically…

What a relief! You are, and you don’t even have to work at it!

“Do or do not… there is no try.”

Daily Blessing – Affirmative Prayer Song

I wrote this song on 1/1/2011. Since then it’s been my joy to consciously accept and manifest (make visible to myself and others) the blessings in each year, each season, and each day.

Remember: Even when you seem to be having “a bad day,” you can still choose how to feel, what to think, and what to see/perceive and say in this very moment. So this isn’t just a daily affirmation or prayer, but a moment-by-moment awareness.

Daily Blessing – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

I accept the blessings of this brand new day,
Open to its possibilities!
I see the world in a brand new way,
Unlimited and free!

Repeat (A).

Every moment, every day,
I intend the very best.
What to think and do and say,
All stem from love and rest.




I see the world in a brand new way,
Unlimited and free!
I am unlimited and free!