What’s in my shaker basket? #Demo

Download “Review of Rattles and Shakers” Mp3

Length: About 22 minutes

This is a review of my collection of rattles and shakers, 10 in all. And 3 Harmony Balls, which aren’t really shakers, but they live in the same basket!

I purchased these from
Earnest Efforts Etsy Shop
Sunreed Instruments
Hind Musical Instruments

These are my personal instruments; this review is not sponsored in any way. I enjoy incorporating these rattles, shakers, and Harmony Balls into sound healing, musical accompaniment, meditations, and spoken-word poetry.

For free mp3 downloads featuring these instruments in various combinations, please visit my
Rattles/Shakers Category.

I hope you enjoy this tour of what’s in my shaker basket!

The Cosmic Shift #SixSentenceStories

I really have nothing to say about the state of society these days.

Well, I do, but it wouldn’t be fit to print!

Besides, I don’t want to dwell on it, since doing so through lip-service is one of our many human flaws.

On the other hand, burying our heads in the sand is just as destructive.

What, then, are self-aware, relatively well-adjusted, tenuously hopeful humans to do?

Sit down, take a deep breath, become quiet, listen within, and follow our inner direction to be a positive part of the cosmic shift!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Shift

Unforgotten Source #Haiku #Poem

Download “Unforgotten Source” Mp3

Rocks and sand and soil
Northern element of Earth
Safe and sound in peace

Safe and sound in peace
Western Water’s changing tides
Cleansing, quenching thirst

Cleansing, quenching thirst
Burning flame of southern Fire
Shedding old for new

Shedding old for new
Eastern Air refreshes, cools
Lifting us in flight

Lifting us in flight
Spirit at our center speaks
Unforgotten Source

A Haiku chain written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unforgotten.

Recorded with the following instruments:
Earth: Koshi Terra chime and bamboo/redwood Harmony Rattle
Water: Koshi Aqua chime and cowrie shell shaker
Fire: Koshi Ignis chime and bamboo/smokebush Harmony Rattle
Air: Koshi Aria chime and maple rattle
Spirit: Zaphir Sufi chime and Egg of Creation shaker

Twilight Wishes #Decima #Poem

Download “Twilight Wishes” Mp3

Come wish upon a twilight star!
Impossible? You’ll never know,
Until you let your wishes go!
Become aware of who you are,
And send your wishes wide and far
Without constraint of thinking thought
And what you have or haven’t got.
Release them to the Oneness-Mind,
The Source of infinite supply;
The Pow’r by which you’re made and loved!

Written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Twilight
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 65: (GO) in the B rhyme line.

Recorded with set of 5 Zaphir Chimes: Twilight/Autumn, Sunray/Summer, Crystallide/Spring, Blue Moon/Winter, and Sufi/Intermediary Season.

Within Dependent #Music

happy Independence Day, everyone, whether you live in the United States or not!

I wrote this song in 2015. I’m re-posting it today as a reflection on our own independence.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. We can never freely be
Unless we freely let the others live.
We’re not given to receive
Until we let it all go and forgive.
And there is freedom from the limitations
Of this world we’re in.
It only comes in quiet Love
And seeing through the Mind of God within.

2. We can never make the rules
Or rule another person on their way.
We are just a pack of fools
Who put our foolishness out on display.
And there is freedom from the narrow bondage
Of this world we’re in.
It only comes in quiet Love
And seeing through the Eyes of God within.

3. We can never be ourselves
Unless we find the Self of Peace inside.
Our independence is a well,
Dependent on the only God of Life.
And there is freedom from the stormy waters
Of this world we’re in.
It only comes in quiet Love
And seeing through the Heart of God within.

Dependent on the One who made us all!
Within, dependent on the Answer to our call!


Free – Meditation Affirmation Poem
Happy In-Dependence
Self-sufficiency + Independence = Impossible
Blessed Independence

The Green Man #Decima #Poem

Download “The Green Man” Mp3

The good Green Man is in the trees:
Magnolia, walnut, myrtle, pear.
His vibrant happiness is there
For all of us who choose to see.
No matter what the season brings,
Connect with nature. Be inspired!
Relax in peace when feeling tired.
Removed from busy, rushing zip,
Find something good, and take a sip,
As Green Man kindles new desire!

Written for the following prompts:
#Writephoto – Tree Man
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 63: (ZIP) in the D rhyme line.
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt June 24, Happiness
#SixSentenceStories: Season

Recorded with Koshi Aria/Air chime and shakers: Magnolia Spirit Shaker, walnut Rhythm Rock, Myrtlewood triangular shaker, and Pear Branch Little Spirit shaker.