Poisoned Arrows

My poisoned arrows shoot your heart.
They meet their match and make their mark.
Then you shoot back with deadly aim,
And what you feel, I feel the same.

The pain so strong, the cut so deep.
It makes me shudder, gasp and weep.
But worse for me, I tell the truth,
Is that I do the same to you.

For poisoned arrows – words and deeds,
Are shot in haste, not taking heed.
We set our sights on biting barbs,
And in the end, we bear the scars.

So choose your arrows, aim them well,
And pick your target, heav’n or hell;
For you receive just as you give,
And you will leave here as you lived.


Love’s Delight

I don’t flirt, and I don’t tease.
I mean what I say; I say what I mean.
You hear my word and know my truth;
God gives me love’s delight in you.

You touch my spirit with your heart.
You put me together; pull grudges apart.
I risked my world, and now it’s new;
God gives me love’s delight in you.

We share a heart of hopes and dreams.
We move as one through everything.
No longer any me and you,
For God has made us one from two
And given love’s delight so true.


Two to One

Heart of Creation

However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him—
–1 Corinthians 2:9 (NIV)

No ear can hear the power of the Word;
No eye can see the beauty of His face
Until the mind has opened up and heard
And heart conceived the wonder of His grace.

In every grass and flower and growing tree,
There lives a drop of heaven pure and whole.
In every child of God like you and me,
We find His nature in our very soul.

But eyes refuse to see and ears to hear
The truth that Jesus teaches still today.
And so we walk the lonely path of fear
Until we turn and let Him lead the way.

And may we see in everything the spark
Of Christ our Lord and Savior’s loving heart.


Only in Your Presence that I Could

Miracle of You

Power of His Love

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Happy Resurrection Sunday! As Romanian Christians greet each other:

“Christ is risen!”

“He is risen indeed!”

Have a happy, blessed, and peaceful Easter – and remember: Christ is for you!

1. The Father makes the flowers bloom
In colors warm and bright.
For love of all His children,
He shines the bless’ed light.

2. The Father gives another
For each of us to hold
And know His tender blessing
Of love within our souls.

3. The Father sent His only Son
To wash away our sins.
To demonstrate His love,
Jesus died and rose again.
Refrain: (2x)

Jesus paid our price
By the power of His love.

Love’s resurrecting power
Lights the dawn from darkest hour.
Each blessing that He showers
Comes from the Lord above.
And Jesus gave His life,
The greatest sacrifice,
As payment for our price
By the power of His love.


I Am the Life

The Least of These

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Palm Sunday Readings

1. He rode upon a donkey colt,
His purpose to fulfill.
It wasn’t trained by anyone,
But Jesus chose it still.

2. On hillsides where He met His flock,
The gentle shepherd spoke.
To common people Jesus brought
The Word of love and hope.

3. We offer Him our thanks and praise
For mercy that endures.
He walks beside us every day,
Our Savior and our Lord.
Refrain: (2x)

The precious Savior of us all
Called upon the least of these.

‘Cause Jesus called the least of these
When little children came.
He took them on His knees,
And Jesus blessed them in God’s name.
So when you’re feeling small,
Just think about His deeds
And how the Savior of us all
Called upon the least of these.


Hosanna! Hallelujah! Amen!

Smiles: What the World Needs More Of

Smilemaker Lyrics

Smiles: What the World Needs More Of

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Blessings to all of Gods children. The definition of a smile is, “An expression of the face that shows pleasure or amusement,” a show of joy so to speak. Other terms are a smirk or grin. But a smile Is never defined as a frown or any other show of sadness or displeasure.

I have always heard that It takes more face muscles to frown than to smile. Growing up I remember this song that goes, “When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you,” and I believe that to be true. In a world of turmoil and confusion, smiles are needed now more than ever before.

One of my favorite groups Is one that calls themselves Earth Wind and Fire, the elements of the universe. In one of their songs, there’s a verse that says, “Every time you smile you bless a child.” I have always thought those words to be so profound. One reason Is simply this. Think about this for a minute. Any time you greet a child, the first thing you do Is smile. To any child that means you are a friend and someone they can trust, who will show them love and friendship.

As adults some people learn that a smile Is not always as It seems. For a blind person any time we greet someone, After a while we can Instantly feel the presence of a genuine smile compared to a fake one. I honestly believe the good Lord has truly blessed us with a sixth sense of some kind to make up for what we have lost. To me It’s just another one of the Lords many blessings to us all. For myself personally, I make It a habit of smiling each and every day that the Lord above has made It possible for me to make It thru the night. And see the world with spiritual sight, which Is much more of a true blessing than human sight.

Smile every day, for we always have something to smile about. May God bless us all.

The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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