Degree Specialty Change

Just a line to share that I’ve changed the specialty for my additional doctorate through the University of Sedona. I chose Theocentric Psychology. According to its founder, Dr. Paul Leon Masters:

It is a path for one who either has attained or is seeking illumination of consciousness or mystical union with God, knowing that through such experience, life and its issues and complexities are resolved through God’s Guidance: “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, (God’s Presence within you) and all else shall be added unto you.”
Read the FAQ here.

I chose this because for me, it’s a way to address everything (every thing) from a spiritual foundation. My creative work is a means of self-expression for me, a form of emotional release, as well as a reminder and expression of the spirituality that is the Source and Inspiration for my life. Whatever I do and wherever it takes me, the concepts taught in Theocentric Psychology will apply, and can be shared. It doesn’t change the kind of work I do, only the degree program I chose.

Thanks for reading!

Rev. Dr. Crystal L. Grimes, Msc.D.

Space Education

I’m taking a ride in a hot air balloon!
I left in September to come back in June.
I learn a whole lot, and I don’t go to school!
It’s fun and it’s awesome, so totally cool!

I fly through the sunshine, the wind, and the frost.
I sing with the birds, and I know all the flocks.
I float everywhere, but I’m paying the cost,
Because: I am free! And that is why I am lost.*

*–Franz Kafka

Amaya hosts “Kafka for Kids” at

Positive Extinction

Pain and sorrow,
Bleak tomorrows,
Loneliness, depression deep…
You believe it,
Think you see it:
You’re not worthy of your dreams…

In this world of churning changes,
Couldn’t these become extinct?

Likely no,
So may we grow
In all the good we can perceive!

My Quadrille in response to Linda’s “extinction” prompt at

Nick of Time

Nick O’Brien started crying:
What’s the point of life?
Never trying, always sighing,
Glaring at his wife.

Nicky’s spirit got to hear it –
Whisper deep inside…
Came to cheer and left his fearing,
Swallowing his pride,
Sharing burdens, joys and hurting,
Letting love abide.

My “nick” Quadrille for De at