Amazing Grace #Music

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Please enjoy “Amazing Grace,” played on a lyre with nylon strings. This is why it sounds so much like a harp and is perfect for this beautiful melody, which is the traditional tune entitled “New Britain.” The words were written in 1772 by John Newton, an English poet and clergyman of the Anglican Church, from his personal conversion experience. This melody is often used in harp therapy, on its own and also with improvisations. I hope you find this lyre arrangement peaceful, relaxing, and comforting!

Silver Reflection #Writephoto #Song #Poem

Enjoy the silvery sound of the zither (plucked psaltery or lap harp).

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1. Water reflecting the twilight,
Silvery blessings unfold.
Nature is Life,
Day into night,
Look for the Light they hold.

2. You are a silver reflection,
Shining your state of mind.
The Spirit in you
Knows every Truth.
Seek It and you will find.

3. You’re the Creator’s reflection,
Prism of peace and love.
Already here,
Nothing to fear,
For as below, so above.

4. Water reflecting the twilight,
Silvery blessings unfold.
Nature is Life,
Day into night,
You are the Light they hold.

Nature is Life,
Day into night,
You are the Light they hold.
You are the Light they hold.


Silver reflection
As below mirrors above
Truth of your being.

Written for
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Prompt, Silver.

Remember (The LOA Song)

On Ukulele, from the album
And so it Is! Vol. 1

Great Is Thy Faithfulness #Music

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Today we celebrate Father’s Day in the United States. The hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” reminds us that no matter what kind of relationship we experience with our father on earth, our Father in Heaven is ultimately our provider, our protector, and our strength throughout this lifetime and all others.

This is usually a hymn for the harvest and Thanksgiving season, but the more we give our Father-God thanks, the more we find to be thankful for!

This hymn was first published in 1923, with lyrics by Thomas Chisholm and music by William M. Runyan. It entered the public domain in the United States just last year, which means we may freely produce things like this zither arrangement. I hope you enjoy it!

Wishing all of you a blessed, happy, and peaceful Father’s Day! And dads, remember to look to the Great Provider for your own needs as well as your children’s!

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Soar/Songbird Sing #Writephoto

They soar above clouds
Like birds, my heart, mind and soul
Are freed from chaos!

Songbird Sing

Instrument: Acoustic Guitar

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For Sue Vincent’s
#Writephoto Prompt, Soar.

Grandma’s House #Poem

Did Jesus go to Grandma’s house
For sweets and cakes and bread?
Did Grandma ruffle up his hair
And kiss his little head?

Did Grandma call him in from play
With clanging dinner bell?
Did she tuck Jesus into bed
And pray that he’d sleep well?

Did Jesus wake with morning light
To smells of Grandma’s cooking?
Did he explore her storage rooms
For mysteries a-looking?

Did Grandma know her first grandchild
Would come to be the Christ?
Or was he just her Jesus-boy
She cherished day and night?

Did Jesus go to Grandma’s house
With joy and playful plans?
And did he love as children do,
His precious Grandma, Anne?

I’d really like to think he did,
And I suppose he might.
Because he lived like all of us
In God’s own loving Light.

The loving of a Grandmother
Who’s gentle, wise and kind,
Is Spirit taking form to bless
A child’s heart and mind.