“The Key of Life” #Poem

Acrostic on C Major Scale

Creative living is the key to life

Delighting in the special path you take

Emotions, effort, energy, or strife

Fulfillment of your goals despite mistakes

Go on, in grace and gratitude to strive

Amazing, awesome gifts are all your own

Bring balance with the best you have inside

Creating body, mind, and soul a home!

“Coffee Conundrum” #Poem

I’ve had so many bad cups of coffee;
That would surely put most people off it.
I’m accepting the fact,
For I now drink it black.
And the up-side? That makes it less costly!

This Limerick makes up for the poem I didn’t write yesterday. Why didn’t I? Because I was trying to get a supermarket delivery time before the 14th! Yes, a time less than 2 weeks from now! This wasn’t possible, and the 14th it is. I thought one benefit of having delivery service was timeliness. Apparently not!

This is on top of the other restrictions. Two cases of water per customer. A third of the items I usually order (not extras, mind you, but my usual items in usual quantities) are out of stock. Item substitutions are suspended until further notice. I.e. if the brand you chose isn’t in stock, instead of receiving a price-equivalent item, you get nothing. But you don’t know that until the delivery day, and can’t modify the order to choose something else. There’s also holiday time in between when there are no deliveries at all.

Now add explaining all this several times to my husband, and hearing him complain for the next two weeks. So, this is my life now?

Anyway, if you have coffee, food, and other essentials, and/or you can get what you need in a reasonable and timely manner, please be grateful! And help someone else if you have the nerve. Because it still takes some of us several hours to accomplish (if you can call it that) a seemingly simple, everyday task.

And do I really have to say this? Please, please don’t buy in excess! I guarantee you at some future time, the news will be broadcasting how much food people threw away because, guess what? they hoarded more than they needed, when they could have been sharing it with someone less equipped than they are!

“Friendship” #Music

I wrote this song in 2002 as part of my Senior Graduation Project, a CD of 12 songs in 4 languages. My original version had lyrics in German and English, with guitar, pennywhistle, and hand percussion accompaniment.

Here’s an instrumental version on zither. Look out, it goes by quickly!

Also, check out my dream of writing a round (a musical round, that is),

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms #Music

Here is a beautiful, traditional Irish air, played on zither (also called a lap harp or plucked psaltery).

The melody was first published in 1775. In 1808, the poet Thomas Moore wrote the lyrics that give this tune its well-known title.

As the story goes, his young wife was afraid of losing her looks (Can you say vanity?), and he wrote the lyrics to reassure her that, even if all her “endearing young charms” faded, he would still love her.

The melody is also used for the alma mater of Harvard University, “Fair Harvard.” You can hear this below, and I hope you enjoy my zither arrangement as well!

“Spirit Bright” #Music #HarpForPeace #Mp3

Download Mp3

I wrote “Spirit Bright” for a songwriting challenge in 2014 and posted a ukulele version with lyrics and chords

I feel this song is just as important as it was when I wrote it. Perhaps it’s even more timely now.

This lyre arrangement is in C, instead of A. And with a nod to this month’s Irish theme, it has some Celtic musical elements.

May this be an encouragement as you remember to “Follow your spirit bright!”

Love Ballad #Music

I wrote this song in about 2002, on a small harp. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, so it was more of a wish or a prayer, than something I had. I share it now, nearly 18 years later, with the encouragement that dreams do come true!

Sunny, my Lynda Lyre, has the same range as my first harp did, so this is the original accompaniment for the song.

Love Ballad – Lyrics

1. Let me lay my head upon your shoulder;
Let me tell you all the things I feel.
I won’t hesitate to say, “I love you,”
For the bond between us two is real.

2. Let me place a kiss upon your sweet lips;
Let me hold you in my loving arms.
You know that, no matter what, I’ll love you.
Never do I want to cause you harm.

3. Let me be the one, your one and only;
Let me be the one to whom you turn.
You can tell me anything you want to;
You can come to me when you are worn.

Repeat 1.

Our Wedding Songs #Music

Eternal Love

Wedding Prayer

My husband (I call him Freddy but you may call him Frederick 🙂 ) and I got married a year ago today. There’s so much I could say about what lead up to it, what happened when we moved, preparing for the wedding with no sight and no outside help, and what it’s been like since then! But it’s just after breakfast, so I’ll leave you with this.

We walked down the aisle together, to a flute and piano playing “Over the Rainbow.” Here is a different version, equally beautiful, played on a double strung harp.

During our wedding ceremony, I played two original songs. I’ve posted them here before, but “Wedding Prayer” was missing a verse. In the audio player above, you’ll here the live recordings from our wedding ceremony.

Please enjoy! And whatever your relationship status, my wish for you is that you are happy and fulfilled!