Forever Love

Enjoy this
of love, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I give you my heart and my hands
And crown it with all that I am.
God brought us together
To be one forever,
No longer just woman and man.


Union Blessing

Love Springs

My Greatest Gift



Fire! Fire! Fear and ire.
Flaming, flaming fuels desire.
Feeling, feeling fresh, inspired.
Fire! Fire! Force conspires.

Fight! Fight! Oh forget it.
Fleeing, fleeing… Might regret it.
Freeing, Freeing if you let it.
Fight! Fight! Come and get it.

Fire! Fire! Passion set it.

Quadrille in response to De’s “fire” prompt at


Ice and Fire (Sonnet)

House of Fire

Love the Broken Ones

Trick Candle

Vessel of Love (The Roses Song)

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(Capo 2)

1. I have a vase that cradled roses,
Beautiful and pure.
And now the vase reminds me
Of the things I’m living for.

2. My sweetheart gave this vase to me
With roses and his love.
And little did he know,
It touched my spirit from above.

3. And in your life I pray there’s someone
Blessing you with grace,
And sending you his flowers
So that you can be the vase, singing

Oh let me be a vessel
Of unconditional love.

Let me be a vessel
To carry love and light.
Let me hold the beauty
And fragrance of a life.
Let me stand with gladness,,
In hope and faith and trust.
Let me be a vessel
Of unconditional love.


Vessel of Christ

Love You like He Does

Love Alone Is Real

Pour out Your Presence

Birthday Blessing

For every hair upon your head,
As short as it may be,
I ask the Lord to bless you,
‘Cause you mean the world to me.

I love the smile on your face
and pray He lets it shine.
It shows the sweetness of your soul
And brings a smile to mine.

Your voice inspires hopefulness,
Reminding me of love.
The Lord give peace to you
And whisper wisdom from above.

The rhythm of your heartbeat
Is a miracle each day.
You keep the Spirit in this world
With every breath you take.

You take a path that’s all your own,
And no one can deny
You step in faith and walk with love,
For God is by your side.

For all the seeds of happiness
You’ve planted here on earth,
I pray they grow and bloom for you,
Because of all your worth;
And I ask the Lord to bless you
On this great day of your birth.


Happy Birth Day – Song

Happy Birthday!

Let Them Heal

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1. I’ve felt resentment, jealousy,
And more that drained the life from me.
But when I gave them up in prayer,
I found that healing waited there.

2. I’ve been depressed and worried sick,
So hurt I couldn’t eat a bit.
But Jesus set me free in truth,
And this is what I share with you.

3. Oh let us learn and let us be
Good soldiers in His company
To fight the battles, big and small,
And those within us most of all.

Let go, let God, let them heal (repeat).

‘Cause wounds don’t have to fester,
Let them heal.
Turn to the light of Christ,
And make a change that lasts for real.
‘Cause wounds don’t have to fester.
[3. Ya gotta] Let go, let God, let them heal.

When Teardrops Fall

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This song is for everyone experiencing grief, anger, pain, depression, or turmoil of any kind. My thoughts, support, and prayers are with you, that you find peace and strength even in the midst of adversity. For confidential, one-on-one spiritual support,
click here to send your prayer request.

When teardrops fall,
May they open our eyes
To see that peace and understanding flourish in our lives.
When teardrops fall,
May they water well
And make our hearts a garden where the Spirit blooms and dwells.

1. We can sow seeds of goodness
Or plant a world of hate.
And even in despair and asking why,
We still can pray.

2. We have so many feelings
Of anger, hurt and grief.
But we can ask the Lord to show
Which feelings are the weeds.

3. For we all tend a garden
Of heart and soul and mind.
And what we plant today
Will be the fruit at harvest time.

Lord, make our hearts a garden where Your Spirit blooms and dwells
When teardrops fall.


Salty Tears


Spirit Bright

Come Unto Me

Leave Them Where You Left Them

Blessing of the Elements

May the Earth of the North ground you
And keep your body strong.
May the Water of the West flow through you
And ease your feelings and emotions.
May the Fire of the South transform you
And clear your mind of negativity.
May the Air of the East speak through you
And breathe life everywhere you go.
May God’s elements of Nature bless your world
As He holds you in His loving hands forever.


Music, Elemental