Tired Gears #SixSentenceStories #Poem

The gears are turning round and round!
O hear that awful grinding sound?
They’re old and tired, full of woe,
And soon, my friends, they’ll have to go…
They’ve served me well. They’ve done their bit.
But finally, my gears are stripped!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Gear.

Seeds of Potential #Haibun #Poem

In my mind I return to the year I was 7 and in first grade. The puppets are the best part of the day, when Mrs. Basta tells a story or teaches us something with the lamb and other animals. I also like lunch. But perhaps my true favorite thing, even better than the puppets, is recess!

On the playground I collect fallen cherry buds with my friend, Iris. I put them in one of those little Halloween pumpkin buckets, the ones most kids use for trick-or-treating. I include grass, dirt, rocks, and whatever else I can find. Maybe I hope these seeds of potential will grow!

Soon hatsu hana
Bring hope before they blossom
Seeds of potential

Written for
dVerse Haibun Monday: Cherry Blossoms.

“Lament for Kilcash” #Music

Download “Lament for Kilcash” Mp3

This is a beautiful Irish air, written in the early 1700’s. My arrangement is played on ukulele, Oriole (soprano) recorder, alto recorder, and ends as a recorder trio with the soprano part, 2 alto parts, and continued ukulele accompaniment.

I hope you enjoy it!

At the Table #Writephoto

Gather round!

Sit down!

Find the chair that’s just your size!

Take a seat!

Enjoy a treat!

Let the Magic fill your eyes!

Enjoy a treat!

Happily greet

What the Universe supplies!

Open up!

Grab a cup!

Let the Magic fill your eyes!

Grab a cup!

Love and trust

That You are the All-Parent’s Child!

Claim your chair-

The head one there!

Let your Magic fill your eyes!