A spike in the weather
Brought raindrops in floods.
We ventured together,
Outpacing the mud.

All dressed up
With somewhere to go,
Our wedding was imminent,
Come rain, sleet or snow.

So onward we ventured
With faces aglow:
Outshining the downpour,
A bless-ed rainbow!

My Quadrille in response to De’s “spike” prompt at

Yes, there really was a rainbow on our wedding day, March 15, 2019! And the song we chose months ahead of time was “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” It was a blessed and beautiful day! ❤

Living Water

Before we met, I sipped your words
Like lemonade in Summer bright;
Then savored them as chocolate hot,
Indulging every Winter night.
I drank you in; you filled my cup
With satisfying sweetest brew;
My dehydrated mind and soul
Fulfilled and nourished, sipping you.

My Quadrille for Mish’s “sip” prompt at