“Kumbaya” DSE #7 #Music

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“Kumbaya,” also spelled “Kum Ba Ya,” is a well-known campfire song. I know I spent many happy Saturday nights around a campfire singing it as a child. Even those who couldn’t sing managed to catch on and make an effort.

No one really knows the song’s origin; in fact, there’s been some controversy surrounding it, as
this article
points out. To me it was, and still is, a common song that I, personally, have used to bring people together.

This is number seven in my
double strung experiments.
You will hear the melody played on zither, which has steel strings, and harmony on the lyre with softer, nylon strings. Notes of the melody and harmony echo each other at times. This is one of the many fascinating effects available on a double strung harp. As usual, it’s easier heard than explained, so I ask that you have a listen, and enjoy this peaceful arrangement!

Conquer Stone #Poem

Water seems a harmless thing,
Yet conquers even stone
By taking down a megalith,
As in the fall of Rome.

Music is the water heard,
Compassion in its tone.
It heals the broken-hearted souls,
Believing they’re alone.

So be the water, be the song
That conquers stone with love!

49 words for Sammi’s
Weekend Writing Prompt #175 – Megalith.

Journey of His Plan #Poem

Give me liberty or give me lemons!
Regardless of which one,
Be they fresh-squeezed or otherwise,
I pray “Thy Will be done!”

A blank canvas I seem to be,
But really I am not,
For God made me with plans in mind,
And so my life He brought.

The rainstorms cover me indeed;
He always brings me through.
Under the sea or on the land,
Our God cannot be moved!

Sometimes I’m like a tumbleweed
That’s tossed and blown about.
Tongue-tied, I call Him in my mind;
God takes away my doubt.

Though one green flash I’ve never seen,
I feel his loving hand.
And in it I remain throughout
The journey of His plan!

Another response to this week’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt!

The Grand Plan #Poem

My Spirit has a great grand plan
Through music bringing Light and Peace!
It’s not a green flash in the pan;
My Spirit has a great grand plan!
When tongue-tied I just seek God’s hand;
Life’s rainstorms nurture fruits fresh-squeezed.
My Spirit has a great grand plan
Through music bringing Light and Peace!

A Triolet in response to Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #38.

Though I haven’t done all of them, I really enjoy these prompts! So, yes, Linda, they’ve lived up to the hype! ❤

Cinderella’s Slippers: The True Story 3TC

Cinderella fell into the lowest income bracket. That’s pretty much common knowledge. What you haven’t heard is how she really ended up there. It’s simple. As so often happens, she ran out of quarters to feed the washer and dryer in the basement. She also lacked cash, cash back, checks, balances, debit, credit, home equity, friends, family members, and fairy godmothers. And it came to pass that the neighbor’s dog got loose yet again. While Cinderella had to admire his ingenuity, she didn’t appreciate having to lasso him to get her fuzzy bunny bedroom slippers back. Eventually she returned, victorious with slippers in hand. But let’s just say they were not fit to wear, even if no one else would see them. So she filled the kitchen sink with hot, soapy water and a cup of fabric softener borrowed from a sympathetic neighbor. All went well until she started drying the slippers with her hairdryer. The blasted thing had a short circuit and blew a fuse, which is the same thing Cinderella, the dog, and all the neighbors did when the hairdryer torched the fuzzy bunny bedroom slippers to bits and set off the fire alarm. The next day the poor dog scratched at her door. He gazed at Cinderella with sad eyes and dropped something at her feet. She picked up the paper and unfolded it. It was an eviction notice.

Written for the three things challenge at


Relaxation #SoCS

Relaxation? I would laugh, but frankly, I’m too tired.

If it’s not the academic, professional, or other work I have admittedly chosen to do, it’s the daily, or it seems hourly, ups and downs of marriage! I’m not going to disparage my husband here, although believe me, it’s sorely tempting!

What I will say is this. It is extremely difficult to meet all of my own needs, and all of his, as one person, on my own, with health issues as well, and no other people for support!

It seems he wanted an isolated marriage in which our sole contact is literally, as some old song goes, “just the two of us.” No, it’s not the lockdown, pandemic, etc. It’s been this way since before we got married, indeed since we moved here 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, and a day ago! He thinks this is fine.

Well, I can tell you, it certainly doesn’t work for me. It never has and never will. I also don’t think it’s healthy by any stretch of the imagination. I long for outside friendships, and that’s why I keep blogging. It doesn’t help me in real-time, in real life, and it only goes so far. But, it’s better than nothing!

Oh, that makes me sound ungrateful, which I am not, although he claims I am.

On the contrary, I’m grateful for every single blogging friend I have, whether you follow me, or I follow you, regularly or not, whether we’ve been corresponding for years or just today, whether you read every post (bless you if you do!) or just one. I’m especially grateful to those of you who listen to my musical posts!

If you do any of these things, and in fact, if you’re reading this, you are one of my blogging friends!

Thank you! Thank you for keeping me sane! Thank you for providing a break in the post-doctoral academic quagmire! Thank you for helping me not say all the things I want to say when he starts in on me at breakfast, before coffee! Thank you for keeping me company when I can’t sleep, and for giving me something (a video, podcast, or book recommendation) to keep my mind at bay so I can sleep eventually!

Thank you, one and all!

Now where was I? Relaxation? Oh yeah, I need to get on that one of these days!

And yes, I do realize it’s still Friday when I’m posting this! Thank you again!

My pulling-no-punches response to Linda G. Hill’s
Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS Prompt, -tion.

Bath Time! #Poem

O there once was a boy
Who found laughter and joy
In the bath that his mother would run him.
He loved swimming with ducks
Got by trying his luck
At the carnival where he had won them.

Every night after play,
His dear mother would say,
“Now it’s time for your bath, my sweet baby.”
And he ran to the tub
For a suddubsome scrub.
When he grew up, the lad joined the navy!

A tribute to Edward Lear, one of my favorite poets, nonsense or otherwise. 🙂 This was written for
MLMM Tale Weaver – #293.

Kettle Corn #SixSentenceStories

Have you ever tasted kettle corn? If you haven’t, let me apologize in advance and assure you that, if I could, I would gladly send you some, to no longer deprive you of the pleasure!

Yes, it’s cooked in a huge kettle, usually suspended over an outdoor fire. But it’s not just any old popcorn! Oh, it might start out that way, I really don’t know the mystery. But somehow, when they add the outdoor ambiance and all the sugary sweet coating, it’s transformed from kettle corn to KETTLE CORN!

Written for this week’s
#SixSentenceStories Prompt, Kettle.

My husband has never had kettle corn, poor man. 😦

Why are so many of my stories related to camping or the outdoors…?

Autumn Dream #Poem

Transition is so needed now!
The earth agrees, approaching Fall.
It touches one; it touches all.
The Universe knows why and how.

Your life, the field your choices plow.
What kind of harvest will you reap?
What dreams are sowing while you sleep?
Your heart’s own love will tell you best;
Eternal Mind fills in the rest.
Connect, and may it be complete!

Written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 23 (FALL) This week, it’s the B rhyme line.

Loch Lomand #Music

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Even if you’re not of Scottish descent, you’ve probably heard the folk song, “Loch Lomand.” There is also an Irish variant sung to the same tune, but with different lyrics, entitled “Red Is the Rose.” It’s a beautiful and recognizable melody, and I hope you enjoy hearing it on lyre!