I’m getting better every day!
Yes, even when it seems delayed.
I’ve paid my dues and born my pain,
And now I take a brighter way.

It’s not all hearts and flowers, no.
My progress many times is slow.
When one foot stays, the other goes.
But one thing is for sure: I grow!

The darkest hour before the day
Is when I falter, lose my way.
The Light of hope returns to say:
Lost? Surely not! I’m just delayed!

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From the Inside Looking Out: A Blind Journey

From the Inside Looking Out: A Blind Journey

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Morning come’s but none too soon,
For it’s always night in the mind of the blind.

Morning come’s but none too soon,
Just a bit of light is all one need’s to find.

Sometimes sound’s are merely enough to start the day.
First thought that come’s to mind is surely to kneel down and pray.
For the Lord has blessed you with one more day.
What’s the purpose of this extended stay?

The city wake’s with entirely too much noise.
The fact that God has granted one more breath
Fill’s the heart with so much joy.

Should it really matter what we can or cannot see?
Life’s destiny is not up to you or to me.

To overcome the bad day’s along with the good
Show’s the true strength of a man or a woman,
Even if you never thought you could.

Find that special inner strength
That we all possess;
Never let yourself get down
Or feel depressed.

The Light of the Lord is all we need to survive.
He’s kept us here this long
To live life to the fullest,
To love and continue to strive.

No matter your religious or spiritual affiliation,
Do whatever it takes to make it through the day!

May the Lord bless us all and keep us all safe!
–The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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Raining Change

It doesn’t really matter what I think about the past,
Or if my thoughts and words and actions hurt me looking back.

For only with a downpour, not a shower or a drizzle,
Can the tears within my heart bring on a change more than a little.

‘Cause the past is done and over, and the present is right now.
All the healing that I’m seeking, I can find by asking how.

When I’m living by the answer, it’s real changes that will last,
So the only thing that matters is to let the past be past!

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Farmer’s Market Visit

The coffee lady knows me;
The produce man says hi.
The barber does my haircut
And then gives me a pie.

The train guy lets me stand there
In awe just like my son,
And don’t forget fried veggies
We buy before we’re done.

The farmer’s market animals,
The cuddly goats and sheep,
Are my most favorite things,
But now it’s time to eat!

The burgers and the French fries,
A heart attack for sure,
But it’s good, and a bargain,
So I can’t ask for more!

The coffee lady knows me;
The produce man says hi.
The barber does my haircut
And then gives me a pie.

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Henry’s Last Crow

It wasn’t my idea to buy and raise chicks. But it was Easter, and they were cheap. Yes, cheap chicks. Now. Moving on.

One was spunky from the beginning. A rooster, he was named Henry. All went well until Henry became tyrannical and territorial. To be fair, he only wanted people to leave his Chicks alone. And leave their eggs alone too.

One day Henry pecked my brother, and that wasn’t the first time he picked a plucky fight with a person. I give him credit, but it lead Henry to his doom.

Next thing you know, Henry was on his way to the butcher. Let’s just say that when far away an interrupted cry sounded, it was Henry’s last.

What did my family do then?

Bring him in the house and make soup.

“Is that Henry?” I asked.

The silence told it all.

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Also non-fiction. Yes, it’s true. You can’t make this stuff up!

What I Need

After all this time, though it’s only been 2 years, I’m not sure I can say I chose him. Instead, I believe he was chosen for me. The old saying is true: “You don’t always get what you want. But you always get what you need.”

On my crazy days, he says I’ve lost my mind. On bad days, he says everything will be OK. On days when I can’t take on the world, he reminds me I don’t have to take it on alone.

No, I didn’t choose him. But I am choosing to stay with him. When far away an interrupted cry says LEAVE! ABANDON SHIP! I smile and remember that’s the crazy, the bad, the frustrated talking.

Then, I remember my promise of friendship, love, and loyalty. I choose to keep this promise to my husband, whom I love and need.

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I’ve been wanting to explore flash fiction for some time now. This is not fiction, but it’s a start. 🙂