Bees #Nonet #Poem

A bee’s life is valid in itself.
We could learn so much, if we tried!
Living in community,
Taking just what they need,
Giving all they can!
We miss the mark
Looking out
For MY

A Nonet for #TankaTuesday Synonyms Only. I used looking out for, and miss, for the given words of search and lost. You can join in here:

Joyful Noise #Decima #Poem

O music is for everyone!
You need no talent, training, poise
To make your spirit’s joyful noise!
Relax, let go, and have some fun
Each morning, noon, when day is done.
For music is the straightest line
Connecting us to God Divine,
A gift we, one and all, are giv’n,
A way to catch a glimpse of Heav’n!
O give your joyful noise a try!

Another Decima for Ronovan’s prompt at:

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” #Music

Download “All Things Bright and Beautiful” Mp3

Here are 2 musical settings for the hymn, “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” If you live in the United States, you’re probably most familiar with the first one, composed by William Monk. If you live in the United Kingdom, you probably know “Royal Oak,” the traditional melody for the second setting.

I hope you enjoy hearing these tunes on Oriole (soprano) and alto recorder (which plays the verses of “Royal Oak”), with ukulele accompaniment!

Break #Poem

Imprisoned in our self-made walls,
We want, yet fear, our breaking free.
And so we mend each spreading crack
To keep known negativity.

When wishing turns to painful pearls,
We make our choice and don’t look back!
The prison crumbles, disappears!
For our own thoughts release the trap!

Written (incorrectly, but the words are there) for the opposing forces prompt at:

Beneath the Waves #Decima #Poem

Sometimes I’m trapped beneath the waves,
Drowned out by loud and senseless noise.
Where is my hope? Where are my joys?
Is there a heart, a hand to save?

The brightness breaks in palest shades;
I miss the subtle change it brings.
The waves roll on, but softly sing
That feelings and emotions flow,
None meant to last! I must let go
And ride each wave to set me free!

Written for Ronovan’s Decima challenge at: