The idea for Mystical Strings, then called Peace Weaving, started taking shape in 2012. At the time I was a ministerial student and bachelors degree candidate of the University of Metaphysics. Ordained in 2013, I minister primarily through music and poetry.

In 2014 I received a masters degree in Metaphysical Science (M.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysics. My masters thesis, Journaling for Higher Consciousness, is available on request. Simply contact me if you’re interested in this research or a journaling workshop.

In March, 2016, I received the Msc.D. Doctor of Metaphysical Science degree for my dissertation entitled “Breathing and Voicework in Metaphysical Practice.” I now offer toning workshops and individualized sessions based on this research and practice. My dissertation is available on request for anyone interested in reading it.

Please note: As of March, 2016, the author name displayed with posts is Dr. Crystal Howe. However, it applies to the entire site, and this is a WordPress feature that cannot be changed. I just want to be clear that I did not receive my doctorate until March, 2016.

My intention is to choose self-empowerment for everyone. This goes beyond self-help, intellectual exercise, emotional growth, and behavioral changes. These things are often the result; however, empowerment comes from Spirit, Source, or your true spiritual nature. The connection with God-within, and living from that connection, is what I practice, teach and share.

Each of us has a song, i.e. a divine purpose, mission, and reason for living where and when we do. Nothing happens by chance. My intention is to support those who are ready, in awakening this inner song to share it with the world. By doing so we fulfill our souls’ purpose.

Creative Arts

My soul’s purpose is to share concepts, ideas, and experiences of mystical Oneness through the creative arts. Music is most prevalent; however, I also share poetry, meditations, prayer treatments, lectures, and articles. Through these – and my occasional weaving, knitting, and crochet work – Oneness is the common thread. It brings people together, as we are in God.

Musical Instruments

You will occasionally hear a recorder and some hand percussion. My main accompaniment instruments are ukulele and acoustic guitar.

I’ve had many ukuleles, as you’ll note when browsing my music collection. Each post includes which uke I played in the recording. Some early recordings have been updated.

As of April, 2016 I have one ukulele. Some folks like more; I prefer just one. 🙂 Brio is a Mainland Red Cedar Concert. I really enjoy the sound of Western Red Cedar as a tone (top) wood, and with rosewood back and sides this ukulele is great for me. I use linear (low G) tuning. So no traditional uke sound here, but it works for my songwriting style.

Over the years I’ve had 3 guitars: an acoustic/electric dreadnought and a nylon-strung classical, whose brands I don’t remember, and the one I call Tempo, a Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar. The others were adopted by people who felt more comfortable playing them. I found the dreadnought too large to hold comfortably, and the classical neck too wide for my hand. Tempo is special, and like the I.M.M. course of study, I couldn’t have chosen better if I tried!

Please note that I am not affiliated with any ukulele, guitar, or other instrument brand. I’ve chosen these instruments simply because they sound and feel right for me.

You’ll hear other instruments as well, and they are described as they appear. But Brio and Tempo are my long-term partners in musical, mystical strings. It’s not because of any magical or mystical power, but because they resonate with me, I like them, and honestly, they strike a pleasant chord in me and I understand them.

Degrees and Certificates

* Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree (B.Msc.), University of Metaphysics, 2013

* Ordained Minister license, International Metaphysical Ministry, 2013, renewed annually

* Professional Metaphysical Practitioner certificate, International Metaphysical Ministry, 2013

* Master of Metaphysical Science degree (M.Msc.), University of Metaphysics, 2014

* Doctor of Metaphysical Science degree (Msc.D.), University of Metaphysics, 2016

* Continuing education as a doctoral candidate in Relationship Dynamics, University of Sedona, 2015-present

Scanned proof of certificates and diplomas is available on request.


My work has also been published here:

* Seasons of the Moon
(as Crystal Spiritweaver)

* Vision through Words

These links will take you to the front page of each publication. To find out which pieces have been published where, type the magazine name into the search box on any Mystical Strings page. Some publications also contain work not published here.


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  1. My soul’s purpose is to share concepts, ideas, and experiences of mystical Oneness through the creative arts. -beautiful intention. Glad to have found your work.


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