“I Dream of County Carolan” #Music #Mp3

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One last nod to St. Patrick’s Day and the theme of Irish music–at least, for now.

Here is a medley played on zither, alto recorder (called treble in the UK and elsewhere), and lyre. It contains “Star of the County Down,” which is a traditional Irish tune, and “Carolan’s Dream,” written by
Turlough O’Carolan.

I call this “I Dream of County Carolan,” as a way of bringing the titles together. There is really no such county in Ireland. 🙂

“Star of the County Down” is played on zither. “Carolan’s Dream” begins with recorder and is then played on lyre. This is great for relaxation, stress relief, and meditation.

I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to download and share the mp3 above!

“Friendship” #Music

I wrote this song in 2002 as part of my Senior Graduation Project, a CD of 12 songs in 4 languages. My original version had lyrics in German and English, with guitar, pennywhistle, and hand percussion accompaniment.

Here’s an instrumental version on zither. Look out, it goes by quickly!

Also, check out my dream of writing a round (a musical round, that is),

Two Timeless Irish Tunes

Here are two Irish melodies that sound traditional I.e. old. Yet they are relatively new, and in fact, I haven’t recorded them because they are still under copyright. As beautiful as these songs are, I don’t have $70 each for a license to record and share them here!

So, I’m sharing two harp videos. The first is “Wild Mountain Thyme,” written in the 1950’s. The second is “Inisheer,” which was written in the 70’s. Yes, the 1970’s! Enjoy!

“Wild Mountain Thyme”


“Down by the Salley Gardens” #Music #Mp3

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This melody is the setting to
a poem
by William Butler Yeats, first published in 1889. It’s Irish title is “Gort na Saileán.”

In 1909 Herbert Hughes set the poem to the traditional tune “The Maids of Mourne Shore.” Though other composers have set it to different music, this is perhaps the best known melody, and “Down by the Salley Gardens” is still a popular song today.

I hope you enjoy hearing it on zither, arranged for 15 strings.

If you want to learn this tune, please feel free to
contact me
for a free tutorial, and don’t forget to download the performance mp3 above.