“The Last Rose of Summer” #Music

“The Last Rose of Summer” is set to a traditional Irish tune called “Aisling an Óigfhear”, or “The Young Man’s Dream.” The poem was written by Thomas Moore in 1805.

Here is this beautiful melody played on zither, lyre with Oriole (soprano) Recorder, and double strung harp. It also includes Ocean Drum to evoke the Irish coast.

I hope you enjoy “The Last Rose of Summer!”

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Download “The Last Rose of Summer” Mp3

“Maitland” #Music

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Download “Maitland” Mp3

“Maitland” was written by American composer George Nelson Allen and was first published in 1835. It is his best known melody and serves as the musical setting for several hymns, including “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?” and was adapted by Thomas A. Dorsey for the hymn, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.”

I hope you enjoy this beautiful melody played on double strung harp!

Fresh Air #Flute #Improv #Poem

Fresh, green Air and yellow Fire
Combining to fulfill desire!

Let the Air take pain away,
Replaced with Fire’s gentle rays.

Take a breath and be transformed
To more than you have been before!

Within your belly Fire’s flame
Is burning for your special aim.

The Air that keeps your thoughts inspired
Is fanning flames of true desire.

O let the Fire and Air renew
The purpose Spirit has for you!

Become transformed and stay inspired
In harmony with Air and Fire!

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Download “Fresh Air Improv” Mp3

Air: Koshi Aria chime and Spirit Flute 432HZ Mid A Minor
Fire: Koshi Ignis chime and ukulele

“Bringing in the Sheaves” #Music

Download “Bringing in the Sheaves” Mp3

Knowles Shaw wrote this hymn in 1874. The text is based on Psalm 126:6, which reads: “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” It’s considered an American Gospel song and Protestant Christian hymn. Although Shaw did compose music for his lyrics, the hymn is most often sung to the tune played here, composed by George Minor in 1880.

Today I play Oriole (soprano) Recorder accompanied by ukulele, then solos on zither, lyre, and double strung harp. These solo instruments are all stringed instruments with a very similar range. However, you can hear that they have very different sounds, and the double strung harp can play lovely effects and arrangements that the zither and lyre cannot.

I hope you enjoy “Bringing in the Sheaves!”

Self-blessing #Music #Poem

Download “Self-blessing” Flute Mp3

I wrote “Self-blessing” in August, 2015. You can listen to and download the vocal version

Today I play it as a meditation on the Spirit Flute 432HZ Bass in E Minor, made by High Spirits Flutes. I hope you enjoy it!

Chimes for #Relaxation #Download

Download “Relaxation Chimes” Mp3

Length: About 20 minutes

No explanation, no poem, just all 4 Koshi and 5 Zaphir Chimes for your relaxation and enjoyment! I thought if I needed this, someone else may be needing it, too!

You can play the file here or download it for later, which I hope you do. Also feel free to share!

Offer up Your Trust #Music #Poem

A reblog from July, 2016. Enjoy this original song!

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. The artist paints a canvas
With colors of all kinds.
The light of inspiration
Iluminates her mind.
The Source of all creation
Is beating in her heart.
The paintings just get better
When Love directs the art.

2. The cook works like it’s playtime
To gather, mix, and fold.
And everyone he honors says
It’s beauty to behold.
He serves to nourish body
And touch the mind and soul.
Love shines within his cooking
As a gift to keep us whole.

3. Each lifetime is a picture,
A banquet table fine.
Activities a-plenty
We do and intertwine.
Each duty we are called to
Is a blessing so divine.
Through eyes of Love we come to see
The Spirit deep inside.
Refrain: (Twice)

Offer up your trust.

Let the Spirit open you,
Filling you with Love
Over and above.
And make your heart a token, too.
Give yourself with Love;
Offer up your trust.

Download Mp3

Right click this link and choose “Save target as…” or similar to download and save.
Offer up Your Trust Mp3 Download.

“Finlandia Hymn” #Music

Download “Finlandia” Mp3

“Finlandia Hymn” is part of a larger tone poem entitled “Finlandia” by the Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius. It was written in 1899. Since then it has been the musical setting for many works, including the hymns “This Is My Song” and “The Lord’s Prayer.”

I hope you enjoy hearing this beautiful hymn on High Spirits bass and mid range 432HZ flutes!

Around the World #Music #Poem

Download “Around the World” Mp3

Length: About 5 minutes

All around the world
Is the music of Light!
It’s the Universe singing a song
All around the world!
It’s the music of Life;
There’s a place for your very own voice to belong!

Sing out!
Don’t be afraid just to
Reach out!
The Universe made you to

All around the world
Is the music of Light!
It’s the Universe singing a song
All around the world!
It’s the music of Life;
There’s a place for your very own voice to belong!

Written for Eugi’s wonderful prompt,
Around the World.

Thanks, Eugi! ❤

Enjoy the bamboo/redwood Harmony Rattle, Oregon myrtlewood triangular shaker, ukulele, and my 2 Spirit Flutes handcrafted by High Spirits Flutes! These flutes are tuned in 432HZ, said to be closest to the Earth’s vibrational frequency. I play the bass in E minor and mid range in A minor. I said it before, but these flutes are truly beautiful! I hope their beauty comes through in this song!

Consider the Lilies #Music

Download “Consider the Lilies” Mp3

1. Consider the lilies.
They don’t toil or spin.
They open their petals
So the Light can come in!
They live every day
In such splendor arrayed!
Are we not more worthy than they, than they?
Are we not more worthy than they?

2. Consider our Father,
As below, so above,
Who created the lilies
In beauty and Love!
We can live every day
In His splendor arrayed!
Are we not more worthy than they, than they?
Are we not more worthy than they?

A song written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Petals.

Recorded with 2 Spirit Flutes crafted by High Spirits Flutes. Both are tuned in 432HZ. They are the bass in E minor and mid A minor flutes. These are so beautiful!

Also Koshi Ignis/Fire chime, Koshi Terra/Earth chime, Rhythm Rock shaker, pear branch Little Spirit shaker, ukulele, and voice. Yes, I sing in this one! I don’t sing often enough, but I’m working to change that.

For a related song and the New Testament reference for both, have a listen to
Your Father Knows.

I do hope you enjoy this!