Seed of a Dream #Writephoto

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Every soul has the seed of a dream,
Planted within by the Spirit unseen.
Let it grow into a fruit-bearing tree
Over your path of life.

Your path may be winding through heather and hills.
You might become lost in the forest at will.
But seek and you’ll find it, the path to fulfill
The dream for your tree of life.

Repeat from beginning.

Seek and you’ll find it, the path to fulfill
The dream for your tree of life.

A song on lyre, written in response to
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Prompt, Dream.

Thy Kingdom Come #Poem

Thy Kingdom come within my soul!
I seek the Truth that I am whole,
To know and live my purpose here
And take the path that Heaven clears.

Thy Kingdom come within my heart!
I seek to love and do my part,
To share compassion, joy and peace
Through Heaven’s Christ that lives in me.

Thy Kingdom come within my hands!
I seek release from bonds and bands.
In Oneness with the living Christ,
By showing love I shine the Light.

Thy Kingdom come within my mind!
I seek to Heaven’s blessings find
And bring them into light on earth,
For souls open to all their worth.

Thy Kingdom come, not then, but now!
And seeking minds will find out how.
Becoming quiet, go within
To where the Heav’nly Kingdom is!

In the Garden #Music

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“In the Garden” is a much loved hymn, as I know from personal experience. It seems like one of those songs, hymns and Christmas carols in particular, that I was born knowing. I must have been so young when I first heard it, that the song is woven into the fiber of my childhood memory.

Although it’s a mystery when I learned the words, I vividly remember learning to play “In the Garden” on piano. It was a request from my uncle, Al, near the end of his battle with cancer. I not only learned the hymn, but recorded a cassette tape of myself playing it, along with other hymns. On our last trip to Connecticut from Pennsylvania, I was able to sing and play the song for uncle Al. It was a precious gift to him and is still a precious memory to me.

I hope you enjoy my zither arrangement of “In the Garden.” It was written by American songwriter C. Austin Miles in 1912 and is still very popular today.

Divine Sunrise #Writephoto #Song

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1. The sunrise brings another day,
But mists of mind, they veil my way.
I look within and meditate
Upon the Great Eternal Flame.

2. The rising sun is in my mind,
And all the mists, I leave behind.
I seek within, that’s where I find
The rising sun, my Light Divine.

3. You rise the sun with each new day,
And all the mists You clear away.
And when I meditate and pray,
I know the Light is mine to stay.

O when I meditate and pray,
I know my Great Eternal Flame.

My response to Sue Vincent’s
#Writephoto Prompt, Veiled.

I composed this music on my lyre named Sunny 🙂 after reading the prompt word, veiled, and Sue’s photo description. But the lyrics were spontaneous, and I transcribed them from the recording. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, to write a song in the moment. It is improvisation in a way, but different, because I wanted the lyrics to rhyme. Please let me know what you think of the piece and the process!

Thank you to each and every one who takes the time to listen and comment! I truly appreciate it and hope you are calmed and uplifted!

Guardian Spirit #Writephoto #Song

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Guardian Spirit of rocks and the sea,
Is there a Spirit for me?
Offering safety that’s caring and kind,
Guidance and peace of mind?

Guardian Spirit, Highest of All,
Catching me when I fall;
Guiding my journey on life’s stormy seas,
Finding the peace I seek.

Guardian Spirit of cliffs bold and steep,
Nature is wondrous to see.
Everything comes from the Lifeforce of All,
Whether it’s great or small.

This is my Spirit, a miracle too;
This is my Nature True.
Guardian Spirit of seen and unseen,
You are the Spirit in me.


This is my Spirit, a miracle too;
This is my Nature True.
Guardian Spirit of seen and unseen,
You are the Spirit in me.

Infinite Spirit and Source of all things,
You are the Spirit in me.
Closer than close every moment I breathe,
You are the Spirit in me.

Guardian Spirit in me.

Played on zither (also called plucked psaltery or lap harp) and written in response to
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto prompt, Guardian.

I can’t see Sue’s photos, but she is kind enough to describe them. Her descriptions and the word prompt speak to the mind’s eye, my imagination. I am a Metaphysician by nature as well as profession, and the prompt always inspires me. Thank you, Sue!

Being Love – Metaphysical Treatment #Prayer #Song

Oh God, thank you for being my life! Thank you for being the power that created me in your image. Thank you for being the source that sustains me every moment. Thank you for being love.

You are the universe, the infinite, eternal substance. You are all there is! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are mine, and I am yours. Even when I feel separation, I am always with you, because you are with me and within me. You are here, even when I don’t feel you. You are here, even when negativity surrounds me. You are here, even when my mind is full of trouble.

With one single breath, by your power I can move away from negativity, closer to the truth, to your everlasting, ever present truth. Your truth is my essence and resides within me each moment. No matter what I encounter from the world or from the illusions of my mind, your truth, your love, is still my source, my nature, my being. If I have not love, I am nothing.

I am something, I am someone, I am special, because I am your creation. I was not created and left. I am created and kept by you, through you, and in you. Therefore, I always have love, indeed I am love.

I affirm that by giving up the personal ego daily, or as often as needed, I am aware of this truth, your truth, my truth, the truth of love.

By your power that is mine, I am a manifestation of love, I am the Word made flesh. I demonstrate love through my actions, words, thoughts about others, and above all, my thoughts about myself. I speak kindly to myself. Silently and aloud, I affirm love, because love is who and what I really am. Nothing can separate me from love. This is my substance. This is my awareness. This is my truth. This is how I live.

In love I give thanks! I let it be so with every breath I take!

And so it is! Amen.

I Am Love

Original Song on Ukulele

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May the Force Be with You #Poem

May the Force be with you
That you can find the strength
To handle every circumstance
You meet throughout the day.

May the Force be with you
To ask for what you need
Believing in Its Power
For all that you receive.

May the Force be with you
That you can see the Light
And feel it shine within you
Creating in your life.

May the Force be with you
That you can feel the Love
Embrace your world and being
Around, below, above.

May the Force be with you
As soothing peace of mind
That looks beyond a problem
To where solutions lie.

May the Force be with you
For this is who you are!
And realizing will show you
The brilliance of your spark!

Thank You for the Music #Poem #Song

Thank you for the music
and the instruments I play.
Thank you for the gentle tones
that help me through the day.
Thank you for creative flow
that shows me who I am.
Thank you for the Truth I know:
Because of You, I can!

Bless the flowing music
and the instruments I hold.
Bless the crew and builders,
and let their work unfold.
Bless all those who listen,
and let them be renewed.
In the loving flow of music,
Let us all hear one thing: You!

Power of a Song


After a Bad Day #Prayer #Poem

Today has been a letdown,

But it’s over! Thank you, Lord!

I pray tomorrow’s better

And my patience will endure.

I pray that when the morning sunlight

Kisses grass and trees,

It sends your peace and hope and love

Shining down on me!

And when tomorrow’s ended

As the gentle night begins,

I pray, whatever happens,
Help me turn to you within!