Summer Solstice #Decima #Poem #Writephoto

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This Solstice day we make a wish
The Sun within to shine without
To manifest and voice aloud
Desires, goals we seek and fish.
Our open hearts and hands, a dish
Accepting blessings’ filling flow.
Regardless of the winds that blow,
Still, deep within remains the Light,
Through Solstice day and darkest night:
Our Life, Creator, Pow’r of Love!

Written for
KL Caley’s #Writephoto Prompt, The Fisherman
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 62: (BLOW) in the C rhyme line.

Recorded with set of 4 Koshi chimes, Zaphir Sunray/Summer chime, and Egg of Creation shaker.

What Have I Done? #Decima #Poem

I ask myself: What have I done
For Good alone and not my whim?
When have I gone out on a limb
To show “another” we are One?
Not for a list of races run,
Not for a trophy on the wall;
But in the Service, large or small,
Of Life that lives and loves and breathes
Vibrations to realities!
What have I done for One, the All?

Flutter #Poem

Play or download this poem with musical accompaniment.

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Thoughts taking wing
Released from their cocoon
May they ripple outward for good
The negative to positive
Productive in their time
Free to take wing

A Butterfly Cinquain written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt, Flutter:

Reading accompanied by double strung harp and a Harmony Ball musical pendant.

“O Perfect Love” #Music

Download “O Perfect Love” Mp3

This is a prayer hymn that was written for, and is often still sung at Christian wedding ceremonies. Dorothy F. Gurney wrote the lyrics in 1883 for her sister’s wedding. In 1889 Joseph Barnby composed the melody most commonly heard today.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful hymn played on Oriole (soprano) recorder and lyre! Apologies for the sneezes in the background! You know what they say: “In sickness and in health…”

Travel Blessing 3TC #Poem

May the road rise up to meet you*
And the challenges before you
Be just under what defeats you!
And still may you be assured to
Keep on going in the Presence
Of the Life that gives you living!
May the road rise up to meet you
And your taking be forgiving!

*Old Irish blessing.

Written for
#Threethingschallenge #498.