The Good Book #Poem

Book, chapter and verse,
Some quote it impressively.
Do they live the Word?

Do they live the Word?
Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson…
Truth from any source.

Truth from any source!
Religions choose just a few;
Some leave out the heart.

Some leave out the heart,
But it’s all we really have
To discern the truth!

This is a Shi Rensa Haiku. You can learn how to write one

“Kumbaya” DSE #7 #Music

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“Kumbaya,” also spelled “Kum Ba Ya,” is a well-known campfire song. I know I spent many happy Saturday nights around a campfire singing it as a child. Even those who couldn’t sing managed to catch on and make an effort.

No one really knows the song’s origin; in fact, there’s been some controversy surrounding it, as
this article
points out. To me it was, and still is, a common song that I, personally, have used to bring people together.

This is number seven in my
double strung experiments.
You will hear the melody played on zither, which has steel strings, and harmony on the lyre with softer, nylon strings. Notes of the melody and harmony echo each other at times. This is one of the many fascinating effects available on a double strung harp. As usual, it’s easier heard than explained, so I ask that you have a listen, and enjoy this peaceful arrangement!

Journey of His Plan #Poem

Give me liberty or give me lemons!
Regardless of which one,
Be they fresh-squeezed or otherwise,
I pray “Thy Will be done!”

A blank canvas I seem to be,
But really I am not,
For God made me with plans in mind,
And so my life He brought.

The rainstorms cover me indeed;
He always brings me through.
Under the sea or on the land,
Our God cannot be moved!

Sometimes I’m like a tumbleweed
That’s tossed and blown about.
Tongue-tied, I call Him in my mind;
God takes away my doubt.

Though one green flash I’ve never seen,
I feel his loving hand.
And in it I remain throughout
The journey of His plan!

Another response to this week’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt!

A Simple Gift #Poem

Play or download the poem, accompanied by lyre, one of the oldest known stringed instruments.

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When you feel broken, you can mend.
When you have fallen, take these wings.
They carry you on weightless strings,
For music is a trusted friend.

As notes and words and voices blend,
Your soul is free and mind is clear.
Your heart refuses now to fear.
In time your body knows the wealth
Of perfect love and joyous health
From Spirit’s music given here.

This is a Décima for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 22 (BLEND) This week, it’s the A rhyme line.

I’ve been reading some of the responses for weeks and finally decided to try writing one! I really enjoyed it!

This bass line and chord progression are the same ones I used in
Song of the Bluefin Tuna,
but different accompaniment and rhythm change the mood. 🙂

Song of the Bluefin Tuna #Poem

Play or download the poem with zither accompaniment.

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I opened up a can one day
And heard a chilling song,
Lamenting how our human wants
Have done the tuna wrong.

It sang, “You fish and fish for me,
When you have had enough,
For something you call sushi
And that other money stuff.

“I keep the balance in the sea
Atop the chain of food.
I dive with such quicksilver speed,
Fins flashing as I move.

“I’m not a goldfish in a bowl;
The ocean is my home.
I live on up to 40 years,
In breezy mists to roam.

“So, when you eat your tuna,
Because I know you will,
Take time to give a little thanks,
A moment to be still.

“The red rock desert of your heart
Is where it all begins.
Expand yours like my ocean home
Of harmony within.

“Take what you need and nothing more,
And let the others live.
Though we may be endangered still,
You understand the gift.”

I listened to the tuna’s song,
And then I bowed my head
To thank the Lord for blessing me
With tuna fish and bread.

For Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #36, Endangered Species,
with bluefin tuna facts from
World Wildlife Fund.

Serenity #Writephoto #Poem

Play or download this serene Sonnet with lyre accompaniment.

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We wonder if serenity is real.
Can it be found in ever changing life,
Despite the negativity we feel,
Beneath the rolling boil of strain and strife?

Serenity is really in plain view,
A Purloined Letter*, right before our eyes.
So simple that we think it can’t be true
And close enough to touch, but in disguise.

Serenity is deep within the mind,
At center where the heart and soul are one.
As nature does, it’s something we can find,
Returning through the gate from which we’ve come.

Our birth right, we have only to un-learn
The concept that serenity is earned.

*Purloined Letter: Reference to the story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe.

My response to Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Serenity.

New Moon Prayer #Writephoto #Music

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A song with the silvery sound of the zither.


Crescent moon,
Shining through the golden break of dawn.
Crescent moon,
Lighting every tender dream begun.

Teach me to know the nature of flowing life;
Living and real, the dreams that I feel inside.

Crescent moon,
Shining through the shadows of the trees.
Crescent moon,
Lighting up the path that’s right for me.

My intuition gives me a mission sure;
Help me to live the part I am given ever more!

Crescent moon,
Shining through the golden break of dawn.
Crescent moon,
Lighting every tender dream begun.

Crescent moon.

For Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Crescent.

Send the Light #Music

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Charles H. Gabriel wrote this hymn in 1890. The melody is a tune he entitled “Mccabe.” With its march tempo and evangelical lyrics, “Send the Light” is one of the most popular missionary hymns of all time.

Personally, I marched down the church aisle as a child, singing what lyrics I knew with the rest of the congregation, during the Alabaster Offering. Alabaster is an offering specifically designated for building mission churches around the world and is participated in by many traditional Christian denominations. I don’t mind admitting that as a 3-5-year-old, it was more of a play break from the usual order of service. 🙂

As time passed, I, too, had an Alabaster Box containing whatever change I had to contribute. I put my little box inside the one shaped like a church building and marched back down the aisle to one of the 2 back pews that my parents, grandparents, siblings and I filled to capacity.

Besides the marching, the most memorable part were our pastor and a young man who played trumpets, and the 2 ladies who played piano and organ. Needless to say, the semiannual Alabaster Offering became a treat of sorts, that I still remember many years later.

I’ve come to realize that “Send the Light” is not all about money. It’s about sharing whatever you do, whatever you have (your time, talent, and treasure), and above all, whatever you are. It’s not for their conversion to your belief system, but for the love of other people. We are all God’s creations, whether we want to admit it or not. Because God loves each and every one of us equally, the same Presence within us can help us love ourselves and others as much, if we invoke the Spirit of Healing and Love to work through us.

I hope you enjoy hearing this hymn on lyre! More importantly, I pray you send your own light to those you know, those you love, and those you haven’t met yet! We are all eternally connected in the Light of God, and that will never change!