Easter Poem

To Aaron with love;
To anyone who has ever been a child…

In Spring the Easter Bunny comes
And everything is new.
The flowers bloom just like the love
That grows inside of you.

Oh, you are special! You are light!
Your heart is full of love.
So, let it grow, and let it bloom
Like flowers in the sun.

Have a blessed Easter, because it’s just celebrating the new life we can choose at any time!

Aareen, the Woven Easter Egg

Aareen, Woven Easter Egg

This cute little Easter egg toy is named after my son Aaron, and small loom designer Noreen Crone-Findlay.

As you appreciate this, I hope you will use these affirmations:

I allow fun into my life! I embrace the joy life freely offers! I revel in the newness of each season, each week, each day and each moment! I give thanks for the ability to always choose something new and different. And so it is!

Discontent is divine too!

Oh great. So God wants us to feel discontent? Doesn’t that sound like traditional Christianity? Isn’t that what we’re trying to sublimate or evolve?

Yes, and no. God does not “want” us to feel discontent! However, when we do, it’s an opportunity to create something better.

Dr. Masters and other metaphysicians say that we are all one. And we are. At the same time, we experience individuality, ego and what we sometimes call duality, so that we can participate in the creative process – the process of creation.

So, while feeling discontent is not ideal, not paradise, it isn’t contrary to evolution. It is the discomfort before the pearl emerges from the oyster. If the oyster didn’t feel discontent (assuming they do, which may or may not be true…), there would be no pearl.

If we didn’t feel unhappy with something, there would be less pull to evolve further. Discontent is a springboard, not a stopping place. It’s the kindling, not the fire. It’s the stepping stone, not the foundation.

As long as we choose to see discontent as a divine opportunity, we keep our power. We don’t give more power to the discontent, than to the God within us. Instead, we can re-frame it: I’m moving to something better. This no longer serves me, so I lovingly release it. I look forward to my next step. I’m excited by the unfolding of my Higher God nature!

Next time you feel uncomfortable…

Will you choose dismal discontent? Or divine discontent? And how will that change the course of your life, and how you feel about your journey?

Instrument of Peace

This was part of our musical week in Poetry and Prayers of Unity. Like Harp and Drum, I wrote this in 2010. It’s still as powerful now, if not more so–so powerful in fact, that I remembered the whole poem, even though I thought I’d have to read rather than recite it… That is the goodness of allowing Spirit to speak through us: It sticks! This one has become one of my signature poems. 🙂

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Accompanying instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

Even in the silence,
Your instrument is sounding,
Sending out a message
To everyone around you.

What is it you’re saying?
Is harmony the essence,
Or dissonance unsettled –
Within your very presence?

The peace and joy within you
Is what you truly are.
So let it be the message
You spread both near and far.

Your instrument is sounding;
You vibrate all the time.
So practice peace and vibrate love
For centered heart and mind.

Nightmares, Emails, Energy Patterns–Oh My!

I recently had a nightmare…that was really disturbing, to say the least. I guess that’s why it’s called a nightmare!

I also deleted a boatload of emails, starting from September of last year, all the way up to yesterday.

What do these things have in common? The removal of energy patterns.

When we have a nightmare, it has a beginning and an end. We may not know just when it started, but we know it had to start sometime. And we know it ended–at least technically it did–because we woke up. But the essence of it, the feeling we had, the horror of it most often, stays with us. That is its energy pattern.

When we send an email, sometimes it’s kept in the Sent folder. And we don’t think about it, until someone says, “Uh, I tried to send you this, but it said your mailbox was full.” That’s what happened to me. So I started deleting old messages. I’m not generally a saver, but I forgot about that Sent folder. Every message I ever sent using this service, was still in that folder!

But even when I deleted them from the Sent folder, they were still in the Trash. Their energy pattern still existed, even though the messages weren’t readily visible anymore. So, to get rid of the energy pattern, I had to empty the Trash folder too.

In this way I transformed 2 energy patterns: the horror of the nightmare, and the fullness of the email box. But what does this have to do with life? Glad you asked…

As Dr. Paul Leon Masters points out, everything has an energy pattern. An imprint, an essence, an outline if you will. This is very apparent when someone loses a limb or other body part. I felt this after my eyes were removed. Phantom pains, light that I couldn’t really see but thought I did, oh it was very strange for a while! Because even though I knew I didn’t “have eyes,” I remembered when I did. I lived as if I still had them, and I experienced the same things–light perception, pain, etc. Because their energy pattern remained.

When we have nightmares, experience physical loss, or even delete emails, there are several things to clear. We focus on clearing the physical manifestation, but life is always more than that, more than the sum of its parts. We need to focus also, on clearing the mental, emotional and psychic imprints of what has passed on from physical form. Only when we’ve done this clearing, can we replace these old energy patterns with new, positive, beneficial ones.

Energy Clearing Affirmations

All old energy patterns are being sublimated by positive new ones in my life.

All physical imprints are cleared, making way for new, evolved manifestations in my experience.

All emotional ties are sublimated, through love, into positive connections.

All negative subconscious aspects are removed now. I affirm the power of positive aspects in my life.

All mental thought fields are cleansed, renewed, open and revitalized. My thoughts are bright, evolving and of service to me and all others.

All negative psychic causes are transformed into spiritual light causes and manifest in perfect ways in my life.

I give thanks for my true nature of spiritual God-Light, the power of my Higher God-Mind, and the co-creative process I tap into when I create my life with God. And so it is!

Star – Relaxation Music

I wrote this instrumental on the ukulele, in November, 2010. In December it naturally became a harp piece, as you find it here. It’s called Star, after my favorite shape, something to shine, look up to, and be comforted by.

Nothing is Insignificant

“Nothing is insignificant.” This stirred me deeply when I read it recently. I took it as a comfort, although I understand how it could seem threatening… Uh-oh, if nothing is insignificant, that means everything is significant, and so I’d better be mindful of what I say, do, and most of all – think!

And indeed, we’d better!

This statement came to me when I was feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed, and inadequate, among other things. (Not a yummy soup…) Like few things have, it pulled me right out of that mindset. But why?

Because it spoke to my core beliefs. “Nothing is insignificant.” Everything I feel is important. And everything I feel will attract something back to me. We know in metaphysics, that like attracts like. In this way we can better understand the truth in this statement. Every thought, every feeling, every word and action, will attract SOMETHING back to us. That’s it in a nutshell.

The question is, what kind of SOMETHING do we want? More unappreciated-ness? More overwhelm? None for me, thanks!

When we want something other than what we have, we need to realize that what we have, is significant. It’s no more, or less, important than what we want. So, first we need to accept where we are.

Then, we focus on what we want. Not how we’ll get there! That’s the Universe’s, or God’s job! Our focus and vibration are significant. Our true self-image, dominant thoughts, and true emotions are things that make up our vibration. And our vibration is what attracts people, circumstances, things and events.

Your vibration is significant. It is the soup made up of your thoughts, beliefs, self-image, and still more. Is the soup good overall? If it’s not, shift your vibration with something that’s easy for you. Listen to music, take a walk, hug someone, pet a favorite animal, say hello to a stranger, call an old friend. Pray. Meditate.

Allow your significance as a co-creator with God to sink into your mind and heart, reminding you that truly, nothing is insignificant, including you!

Kids, Weaving and Being Born-again

It all started with a birth – everything does!

Six years ago today, on a cold, windy afternoon, my son Aaron was born. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Aaron at racecar

It’s pretty obvious when people are born. One moment there’s no baby, but it’s clear that something’s happening. The next? Hello, newly manifested physical person! I’m blessed that was how the birth unfolded – joyfully and, yes, painlessly and quickly. Less than an hour from start of labor to baby in arms.

Yet, most births aren’t that obvious. Every day, every hour, every minute, with each “simple” thought we think, we are birthing something. I consider birth to be another word for manifestation. Something that was an idea, a thought, when it’s birthed, now expresses in physical form.

Sometimes we see the beauty in that form. My thoughts at the birth of my son were of miracles, awe, peace, possibility and love. Six years later, they are amplified!

Other times we see limitation. How many babies are born “deformed?” With problems? Disabilities? Imperfections? I know, I was called one of those.

And how many things do we manifest/see in our lives, that we label bad? Wrong? Too this, too that?

One of Aaron’s birthday presents started out as one of those “wrong” things. Yes, here I am again, admitting how I occasionally put my metaphysical foot in my figurative mouth!

basketweave pattern

The cloth is a modified basket weave. See the pattern? That’s fine, except that that was not “supposed to be” the pattern. It “should” have had 2 layers instead. But I chickened out at the last minute before attaching the warp to the loom and chose the basket weave. Thought 2 layers were “too much” for me.

So I wove, glad to have avoided what I perceived as a problem, and the basket weave cloth came off the loom.

Washed, dried, fringe trimmed. Uh oh, cloth is “too short!”

Too short for what? For the scarf I’d decided somewhere along the line, to create from it.

And so the cloth waited a long time in the bin where I keep stuff that’s waiting for me to see it differently.

maple recorder

Gently, easily and over time, as the cloth waited and I wasn’t thinking about it, I was thinking about Aaron. He loves music, thank God! And he loves instruments of all kinds. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to give him my recorder. It wasn’t my first recorder – that one is long gone. But it was my first wood recorder, made of smoothly finished maple, with a warm, resonant sound. Perfect birthday present for my little music-lover.

Thing was, it had no case. SO out came the basket weave cloth that was “too short.” Except now, it was just the right length to make a recorder bag!

handwoven recorder bag

The thick basket weave texture offered a cushion. Some extra length beyond the recorder dimensions created a flap. And with some help from my needle, crochet hook, cotton yarn and a snap closure, it became the best recorder bag I’ve ever seen!

When Aaron opened the present, he actually stopped when he saw the bag. Kids generally tear into presents and go on to the next one. He usually does the same. 🙂 But not this time. Aaron stopped, presumably looked at the bag, and said, “Mommy, you weaved this. It’s so nice.”

I was a little teary-eyed. 🙂 He continued, opened the bag and said, “Wow! A whistle!” I told him that it was a recorder and shared the story that it had been mine, and I was passing it on to him. I know how he appreciates instruments. But even I was surprised at how touched and impressed he seemed. There were moments when I figured that would be his least-favorite gift, because it wasn’t the toys he said he wanted.

Oh, Aaron likes his toys! But he also really enjoys his recorder and its bag.

I know it’s because that gift flowed. When I opened up to the possibility of birthing something good, something good came. When I let go of limitations and labels – about the cloth, whether Aaron would like it, etc – the Spirit came brilliantly through.

What are you birthing? What do you want to birth, to manifest, in your own life?

It may not be a child, or maybe it is! It could be a creative project, like the bag. It could be a business venture, or a personal relationship. It can be anything at all!

When you believe you can, by the God-Power within you, you are being born-again, in your own mind. (By the way, that’s the only place you can truly be born-again!) When you are born-again in consciousness, you can do, have or create your desire. You can birth it, manifesting it into physical form. Not you alone, but You, by the Power that created you.

Choose possibility! Choose openness. Choose love, because Love is the great Creator within each and every one of us, during each moment of our lives.

And Love is the thing that, on your birthday and every day, celebrates You in your divine perfection!

For this we give thanks. We let it be so.

And so it is!