Discontent is divine too!

Oh great. So God wants us to feel discontent? Doesn’t that sound like traditional Christianity? Isn’t that what we’re trying to sublimate or evolve?

Yes, and no. God does not “want” us to feel discontent! However, when we do, it’s an opportunity to create something better.

Dr. Masters and other metaphysicians say that we are all one. And we are. At the same time, we experience individuality, ego and what we sometimes call duality, so that we can participate in the creative process – the process of creation.

So, while feeling discontent is not ideal, not paradise, it isn’t contrary to evolution. It is the discomfort before the pearl emerges from the oyster. If the oyster didn’t feel discontent (assuming they do, which may or may not be true…), there would be no pearl.

If we didn’t feel unhappy with something, there would be less pull to evolve further. Discontent is a springboard, not a stopping place. It’s the kindling, not the fire. It’s the stepping stone, not the foundation.

As long as we choose to see discontent as a divine opportunity, we keep our power. We don’t give more power to the discontent, than to the God within us. Instead, we can re-frame it: I’m moving to something better. This no longer serves me, so I lovingly release it. I look forward to my next step. I’m excited by the unfolding of my Higher God nature!

Next time you feel uncomfortable…

Will you choose dismal discontent? Or divine discontent? And how will that change the course of your life, and how you feel about your journey?

3 thoughts on “Discontent is divine too!

  1. I’m not a big fan of discontent, but I try to remember that contrast is good. It helps me realize what I do want in my life and the joy seems to feel that much stronger once the discontent passes. Thanks for the reminder.


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