Wisdom Journey 3TC #Poem

They say that life is a journey.
This makes it hard
for those who need a destination!

We want to know what’s going on.
Hasn’t it occurred to you
that if you don’t know, maybe no one else does either?

Many search for meaning in life,
but very few find it.
We must enjoy what we have without regret for what we’ve “missed.”

Because in time,
the clock runs out,
and the challenge stops…

Words and support fail us,
and it’s like open-heart surgery
just to talk to those we once loved–or did we?

The road suggested
is rarely the one taken,
and regular detours are in order.

Perhaps there is no other way,
but to draw strength
from the journey itself!

Written for yesterday’s
#Threethingschallenge Take Seven.

“Hope for Hard Times” #Music #SixSentenceStories

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There are times when we could all use a filter, especially when we feel tired and run down or in pain.

Maybe it’s a coffee filter; these days it’s probably a mask, or even a mask with a filtering element.

Whatever you use and whatever you need, I pray that yours is a filter of hope!

Not to prevent hope–oh no–but to prevent some negativity from entering your heart, mind, soul, and outlook!

Here is a medley of two pieces I composed years ago, “Hard Times” and “Hope.”

May this meditation with zither, alto recorder, and Oriole soprano recorder be a hopeful filter for you during these difficult times!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Filter
Tale Weaver #310: Tired and Run Down.

“Light” #Yule #Christmas #Music

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This is an instrumental version of a
Metaphysical Christmas song
I wrote in 2010 and posted here in 2012. It affirms the birth of Light, or Christ Consciousness that can occur within, and for, each one of us, at any time. Christ Consciousness is simply the awareness of oneness, connectedness, positivity, peace, healing, and love that is innately ours. Living in a stressful world, we tend to lose awareness of the Christ Mind, but It is still there, within us and available to us at all times.

I hope you enjoy both versions of “Light,” the one with lyrics linked above, and this one with ukulele, Oriole soprano recorder, and viola! And no matter what you choose to call it, I hope you recognize the Light within yourself, now and always!

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Time and Eternity

It’s human nature to ask questions. When we lose a loved one, we ask why God took them from us. When someone we love has a serious accident or becomes very ill, we ask why it had to happen to them. When we feel emotional despair, we ask God why He has forsaken us, when all we want is for the pain to go away and peace to enfold our minds and hearts. When we see violence, hunger, suffering, and hardship in the world, we ask why God doesn’t stop it.

There is nothing wrong with our questions. It’s human nature to ask why. But we look at Him through the wrong end of the long telescope of time. We only see our present lives and circumstances, thinking there is nothing more. But God sees everything, all at once, through the telescope of Eternity!

A prosery piece of 144 words, using the line in bold from “The Hummingbird” by D.H. Lawrence, for Kim’s prompt at

Resistance is Futile #SixSentenceStories

Whoever said, “Resistance is futile!” was right.

Resistance really is futile, because change is inevitable!

We don’t have to like the deal, but we do have to deal with it.

How we choose to deal with it is what makes change either easy or difficult, good or bad for us; not just the change itself, but the whole transition process involved.

Because transition, too, is inevitable!

There will be bumps in the road, oh yes indeed, but do we ride with them or rail against them–that is the question!

For Denise’s “resistance” prompt at

Looking for Love #Poem

The thing we think is love, is not!
It’s need that fools a foolish mind.
In time we feel constrained, confined,
As growth provides a different plot.

So fixed on love, the mind forgot
To listen with the Spirit’s ears.
If truly sought, true love appears!
We cease to cling, but open wide!
Our needs are met, but from inside.
To love another, conquer fears!

A Decima inspired by Ronovan’s post and written for this week’s challenge,
Look. This week, it’s the C rhyme line.

As you can see, I used “appears.”

The Story of the Mind #SixSentenceStories

How elastic the human mind is!

It’s changing and changeable, contracting and contractible, expanding and expandable, a true wonder of nature!

Unfortunately, it’s also elastic in its habits, obsessively returning to them, building their negativity, over and over and over again.

Just when we think we’ve dealt with an issue, moved past a hurdle, forgiven someone, conquered guilt and fear, or grown at last, we find our minds taking that same old trip down that well-traveled, all too familiar negative spiral instead, again and again and again!

What can we do about this insanity, for insanity it is, if insanity really means doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting different results?

We must constantly, elastically, over and over and over again, give up our minds to the Great Higher Mind, the One that changes nature, and the One that makes nature willing to change!

A little story about a huge thing, written for
Denise’s #SixSentenceStories Prompt, Elastic.

Please also read
Elastic Truth by Frank Hubeny,
which inspired this story and was written for the same prompt.

The Good Book #Poem

Book, chapter and verse,
Some quote it impressively.
Do they live the Word?

Do they live the Word?
Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson…
Truth from any source.

Truth from any source!
Religions choose just a few;
Some leave out the heart.

Some leave out the heart,
But it’s all we really have
To discern the truth!

This is a Shi Rensa Haiku. You can learn how to write one

“Clipping Changes” Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Challenge #Poem

I feel like I’m clipped
Having wings but cannot fly
I’m a world apart

I’m a world apart
In a void of my making
I long to be free

I long to be free
Even if in the same place
To spread my wings wide

To spread my wings wide
I must leave this patterned life
Choosing change renews

This is my attempt to write a Shi Rensa Haiku, created by Ronovan. You can learn how to write one and take part in this week’s challenge, using the words clip and wings,

Thanks for the words and the form challenge, Ronovan!

Rounding the Bend #SixSentenceStories

I don’t remember the first bend I encountered on my journey through life. But I’m sure that whatever it was, some people thought I should take it, and others discouraged the idea. They say that history repeats itself, and I’ve found this to be true. No matter what we face in life, everyone has an opinion and will express it, if given even the whisper of a chance. However, it’s your own opinion, your sense, your knowing, your desire that is most important. Remember: It’s your choice which corners you turn, because it’s your life!

My response to this week’s
Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up, Bend.

This is my first time participating, and I like the idea of a story so concisely written that it needs only 6 sentences. Here are this week’s stories from two of my blogging friends that inspired me to participate:
Abbie Johnson Taylor
Frank Hubeny.