Centered in the Storm

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I wrote these lyrics while I was fasting and praying for those affected by hurricane Irma last Sunday, 9/10/17. My prayers continue for those who were injured, who lost loved ones, and who are still without electricity and other things that have become essential. And may we all be thankful for all the good things and people in our lives, and not take them for granted.

Wind so wild and raging,
Rains are pouring down.
Let Your children rest in
The peace that’s Yours alone.

‘Cause You know all Your children
By name and so much more.
Please show Your grace and peace O Lord,,
Centered, centered in the storm.

News of devastation,
Everything at stake.
Still Your love is stronger
Than any storm that breaks.

‘Cause You know all Your children
By name and so much more.
Please show Your love and power,
Centered, centered in the storm.

“We don’t know Your purpose
Or understand Your ways.
Guide us and protect us;
Thy will be done,” we pray.

‘Cause You know all Your children
By name and so much more.
Please help us sing Your praises,
Centered, centered in the storm.

‘Cause You know all Your children
By name and so much more.
And life is for Your glory,
Even centered in the storm.

For You are centered in the storm.
Centered in the storm,
You are centered in the storm.


Long-distance Love: A Gift from the Heavens

Long-distance Love: A Gift from the Heavens

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Blessings to all of Gods Children. Once again my thoughts on some of the wonders of the World.

In this vast world of ours, there are many things that are unexplainable. The true meaning of Life is one. And the definition of Love is surely another one of life’s mysteries.

There are many types of love indeed, but to be blessed to have a true love from afar also has to be one of the hardest. There is an old saying that goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” You finally fall in love with someone that you can’t wrap your arms around each and every night as you would want to. Then, you have to start from the beginning and ask yourself: Are you really in love at all?

If you have been in this world long enough and also have had other relationships that were not good at all, believe me, you truly know love when it hits you. There is a feeling of euphoria that overcomes you each and every time you hear that person’s voice on the phone. Suddenly you are overwhelmed by the element of surprise. All you do is think about that person each and every minute of every day. As a full-grown adult, you almost feel like a teenager again. But that’s OK, because there is no better feeling in this world.

Then, knowing that after all of these years, the Good Lord has finally sent you someone that makes your life complete. The two of you complement each other. And then you wonder to yourself, what has taken so long to truly and honestly find your everlasting soul mate? And if your faith in the Lord is sincere and strong enough, you know within yourself, that He and only He will find a way to bring the two of you together. He brought those kindred Spirits together for a reason.

Each and every one of us has a soul mate out there somewhere. Trust in the Lord, and He will lead you in the right direction.

May god bless us all!


The Blind Poet, Freddy G.


Soul Mates – A Mystical View

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Love and Peace: How Long Does It Take?

The following was written by my friend, U.S. Navy veteran Frederick Douglass Grimes, III. He lost his sight in 2003, and his first experience ever using a computer wasn’t until Summer of 2016. He learned to touch-type, and has written some 30 stories in less than a year. It is my honor to share this one. Freddy has a sweet spirit and a special way of sharing God’s grace with all who read his work. Everyone, raise your coffee cups to The Blind Poet, Freddy G. 🙂

Love and Peace: How Long Does It Take?

I am always fascinated by most of the news that I am able to obtain on my computer from N P R. For those of you who don’t know, that is National Public Radio. I love this station because not only do you receive all of the world news, you also hear news that one would not expect to hear from a news channel. One segment is one called All things considered. Today I heard that explorers of science have discovered skull and bone fragments of what appears to be human bones dating back 315000 years. They were found in Morocco. But what was more fascinating to me was the time frame for what appears to be the first humans. This disputed an earlier claim, but who really knows?

My point is a simple one indeed. If what they claim is true, then why have we as a whole human race, after all of those years, still not learned to Love, Respect, Protect, and cherish each other’s love and kindness in this massive world of ours?

Here we are in the year 2017 with all of the amazing technology, Medicines, and other unbelievable accomplishments. But as a whole, as one nation under God, haven’t learned one simple gesture, and that is the power to love. All you have to do is simply turn on the TV or the Radio. And what is the very first thing that you hear? Wars and turmoil all over the world.

For the past five or six days or so, it has been raining nonstop down here in Miami. Now if you believe the weather channel, they will tell us that between the months of June and September is always known as the hurricane season. But I beg to differ. I believe it is the Good Lord crying tears of sadness, hurt, and pain.

Love and Peace is not as hard as one might think. May god bless us all and keep us safe from harm.


The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

A Puppet’s Gift

for Freddy, Dominic,
and all ye of the holey, holy socks

A sock with holes can always start anew.
The wider world is waiting for your play.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

A puppet is the great escape for you.
So let it out to greet the shining day.
A sock with holes can always start anew.

You make the puppet from a piece of you,
The one that keeps the words you never say.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

You give the puppet purpose and a use
And help the lost in you to find its way.
A sock with holes can always start anew.

So let your socks and puppets pay their dues
And free you from the prison of your ways.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

Your peaceful puppets prosper as you do.
The world awaits your wisdom in a play.
A sock with holes can always start anew.
There’s more to life than hiding in a shoe.

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Breaking Free

Lenten Mischief

For Lent we’re giving up the giving up
And sacrificing sacrifices due.
We’re pouring out the pouring of the cup,
Uncorking every cork to try the fumes.

But drinking now is not a drinking binge;
It’s taking for the taking of a rest.
For those controlling self-control to win
Have not the need to have not all the best.

So give up all your giving up I say,
But keep your learning learned, as well you should.
When breaking free at breaking of the day,
You moderate in moderation good.

Lent helps us as a fast, we fast forget,
But from the wine and wining of regret!

A Sonnet for NaPoWriMo day 14, with no disrespect to all those–myself included–who made Lenten sacrifices!

When we choose next year’s Lenten activities, let’s remember to fast from things that truly harm us, things like gossip, self-criticism, complaining, defensiveness, and other negative mental, emotional, and spiritual behaviors, as well as physical things.

Ideas of Love

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. Are you tired of the marketing yet? Society loves to skew our ideas of love! It’s no wonder we can’t find it – or find what we think love is. Honestly we have no clue what we’re looking for. And by not knowing, we’re missing the purpose of life, which is to love!

Romantic relationships are part of that, or at least the positive ones are. But right now especially, we overlook the love we have by searching for something else. Someone said, “Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.” And, “Man plans; God laughs.” True statements… But there is hope, and there is love, in this very moment, whether we have romance in our lives or not.

Love is infinite, eternal, and universal. That means love is yours, mine, and everyone’s. May this song, as limited as it is, remind us to snap out of it, laugh at the marketing, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day with those forms of love we already have!

This does not mean we should ignore our desire for other forms of love. In fact, ignoring it is detrimental. However, if we focus on what we don’t have, we get more negativity. By fully embracing the love in our experience, we open the door to more! And we feel better in the meantime, because we’re not living in lack. Life already loves us! Why not love it in return?

May we learn to love from the Spirit of Love that created us! And may we improve a society that believes love can be bought and sold!

Ideas of Love – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Let go of your ideas of love,
And let the Father show you his!
Let go of your ideas of love,
And see the good already in your life to give you bliss.

1. Children love a pizza just as much as they love you.
They focus on the happiness it brings.
They love their bikes and friends and toys and makin’ messy things.
Kids really pick the perfect thing to do!

2. Our cats and dogs, they love to run and greet us comin’ in.
They know the fullest happiness right now.
Pets eat and play and sleep and play, and people wonder how.
But we could take a tip or two from them!

3. Love is the greatest of connections God has made in us.
It flows through all our time and breath and space.
Let’s use it everywhere we go to look in every face.
The love we give is never given up!

Let go of your ideas of love!

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Top 5 Things I Learned from Writing Christmas Cards

This post is a big deal, not because my hand hurts from writing, but because this is the first year I’ve given Christmas cards. I know some people and families who do it every year; I’ve even received some of these cards myself. But I’ve never taken the time to choose them, write them, seal them snuggly in envelopes, put names on them, and send them out into the world to bless others. After this experience I have only one question… Why did I wait so long?

Top 5 Things I Learned from Writing Christmas Cards

5. I have more friends than I thought! And not just a few–with each card written, I thought of another one I could have written.

4. The message sent through your heart and hands is always just the right one.

3. You, unwrapped, unfiltered, undivided, are always the greatest gift!

2. Peace is tangible: You touch it every time you touch someone else.

1. The cost is minimal, while the love is priceless!

So write your Christmas or other holiday (or no holiday!) cards with joy, because that joy will return to sender many times over!