Your opinions about me
are not about me at all.
They are really about you.

Whether consciously or not,
every time you think of me,
you think in truth of yourself.

Am I pleasing you right now?
Am I saying what you want?
Am I validating you?

Do I feel the way you do?
Do my emotions match yours?
Do I make you feel secure?

Do you approve of my work?
Does what I do disgust you?
Do you like my responses?

When you ask me how I am,
does my answer fit your mood?
Do I join your misery?

Do I affirm your choices,
your situation, your life?
Do you feel uncomfortable?

If you don’t, perhaps you should.
How can you ask for freedom
when you don’t extend the same?

You ask me not to judge you,
but you judge me constantly,
simply for my existence.

It’s OK. I understand.
I know just why this happens.
Don’t worry. I forgive you.

Your opinions about me
are not about me at all.
They are about your ego.

If you treat me this badly,
when you don’t know me at all,
I am left with one question.

How much worse
do you treat

Letting Learning Hold You Back

Learning is wonderful! They say that knowledge is power, and while this can be true if used positively, learning itself can hold you back from sharing what you already have.

I’ve experienced this in two ways. First, as someone who enjoys learning, it’s possible to get caught up in the quest for knowledge itself. This can show up as the following main objections:

“I don’t have a degree in that field.”

Assuming you need more education can be a pitfall. There’s nothing wrong with education! However, there are other ways to obtain knowledge, including experience, common sense, intuition, or even your lifestyle, self-imposed or not. These avenues are just as valid as educational degrees, and perhaps more practical and helpful.

For example, I’ve been totally blind all my life, except for light perception as a child. I don’t have a degree in social work or rehab counseling, but there are things I can share with other blind people, things that sighted counselors with degrees cannot teach them. If I can help someone, why shouldn’t I?

“I’m not qualified. I need more education.”

Once started on a degree path, it’s easy to keep climbing. Again, this is not a problem in itself. However, if it keeps you from using what you already have, any educational path can be a vicious cycle. Know what you truly need, and, more importantly, realize what you already have to offer. If you do need more education, obtain it, and keep sharing what you have at the same time.

The second way learning can hold a person back, is the sheer amount of options, programs, etc. For one who is always striving, it can feel like you’ll be good enough when… When I finish this program. When I have that skill set. When I get the certificate. And meanwhile, people are missing out on your uniqueness, your particular way of sharing or teaching, and the inspiration you give them, often unknowingly.

Learning comes easily to some people, but not to others. Whichever is true for you, let learning be an asset and a joy, not a hindrance or obligation. Be confident in your worth as a person, and in the value of what you yourself can give to others.

The most important learning, the most powerful knowledge, does not come from a degree program, but from the inner work we choose to do on a daily basis. To know yourself is the greatest knowledge anyone can have!

On Love, The Greatest Human Experience

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Maybe you’re in a good love relationship, and you like Valentine’s Day. If so, congratulations and keep reading!

Or maybe you hate Valentine’s Day, because 1. you’re not in a relationship, or 2. you’ve been in a bad one. If this is you, you have my sympathies, and keep reading!

Love is the highest of all human experiences. But what is love?

Falling in love is euphoric. Getting married is supposed to be wonderful, but is also, in reality, extremely stressful. Being married? Well, it’s both. And the reason is, expectations. Yours, your partner’s, and to a lesser extent, other people’s.

The only expectations you can control are your own. So let’s talk about those.

If you expect too much, you will be disappointed. If you don’t expect enough, you’ll still be disappointed. But what does this have to do with love itself?

In a word? Everything!

The most important, and therefore also the hardest thing you’ll ever do is to love without expectations. Practically speaking, there are things you expect from any relationship. But spiritually, in order to love truly and fully, and to be loved truly and fully, we must release all expectations.

We must love, even when we receive nothing in return.

We must love, even when we receive negativity.

We must love, even when we’ve already given all we can.

We must love, even when we’re asked to give something we feel we don’t have.

We cannot be everything to another person. But we can love, even when we can’t provide what they need.

How do we pull this off?

Well, personally, we don’t. In fact, we can’t. It’s impossible.

But universally, with the help of God-within, we can love as the Spirit does: Fully, truly, and unconditionally.

In order to have love in our lives, this greatest and highest of human experiences, we must seek spiritual love first. And as the Bible says, “All these things will be added unto you.”

Seek the Presence of God, of Universal Consciousness, of Love. It is not outside you, not in a religion, not even in another person, though you can certainly see it through another. It is right here, right now, within your soul and spirit. It is the Essence of you. God is Love, and therefore, so are you. Seek this Love within you, and you will find Love in many forms!

Five Practices Christians Should Avoid (Or not!)

Happy New Year, everyone! Please don’t do what I’m doing and start the year with a bit of a ranting, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek article! This was not my plan. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I considered not saying anything. But everyone else has opinions, and most folks have no problem expressing them. Why should I be any different, as long as I do so in my own space, without hurting anyone?

With my justification out of the way, here’s what prompted me to write this article. This morning I listened to a video called “How the New Age Destroyed my Life.” I won’t link it here; you can find it if you choose. Now, I knew it might be triggering. After all, while I don’t label myself New Age, I agree with some of its philosophy, beliefs, and practices. So well I knew I wouldn’t agree with everything (anything?) this very well-meaning, fellow human being had to say. I knew that, yet I kept listening.

I would have stopped after the first part that said, “The New Age movement is full of demons, and all its practices are demonic and evil.” What kept me listening was the oft repeated quotes, “God is not the Universe. God is not the world.” And, “God is not the Source.” To which my question was, “Then who, or what, is?”

With that, here are 5 practices Christians should avoid, or not!

5. Don’t do Yoga.

Yoga came to us from the East. Some believe this fact alone makes it suspect at best, and evil at worst. But do they know that the word Yoga means “Union with God?” Do Christians want to be One with God?

4. Don’t meditate.

There may easily be as many types of meditation as there are people who practice it. However, the fear of its origins and the unknown makes some Christians panic and run the other way.

At its essence and the way I practice it, meditation is a means of relaxing the mind and body, in order to contact the Divine Spirit within. Is God out there somewhere, not caring about our lives? I don’t think so, and this is why I meditate.

Also, do I really have to mention the Saints, monks, nuns, and Christian mystics? They spent a lot of time in meditation and contemplation. Are they all wrong?

3. Don’t do Reiki or energy healing.

The word Reiki (ray-key) means Universal Lifeforce Energy. The same Power that created the Universe is the Source and the healer in Reiki. Science has proven the existence of energy fields, and Reiki and other energy healing practices seek to balance these fields. It can be for relaxation, self-development, getting over emotional hurdles, and realizing a spiritual Presence beyond your physical reality.

Some Reiki practitioners even pray before they begin, not to mention the idea that Jesus himself healed people. Now, I’m not saying He practiced Reiki, but He did heal. Ask yourself, is it wrong to offer yourself or someone else positive, compassionate, loving energy? If so, then God help us all!

2. Don’t use the law of attraction.

Here’s the one that made me write this. Above I quoted this Christian woman as saying, “God is not the Source.” I.e. when you use the law of attraction, you’re not asking God, and whatever you receive is not coming from God. And my question was who or what is the Source, and where do blessings come from?

Of course, the lady in the video said the source of anything received via the law of attraction is Satan. And yet, this same person still prays and (You guessed it!) asks for things! But because Christians call it God rather than Universe, that makes it ok.

Stay with me here. It’s the same process: “Ask and ye shall receive.” But it’s only right if you ask “God” specifically. Do you have to ask in English too? Or does He understand everyone? Does His, or Its, Universal Lifeforce Energy, which creates galaxies, know my heart, my needs, my desires? It must, or I probably wouldn’t be here. No, it’s a fact, I would not be here if something didn’t care for me.

It says, “Ask and ye shall receive; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” It does not say, “Call me God, and ask in this way only.”

1. Don’t study Metaphysics.

Never, ever, under any circumstances study Metaphysics if you’re a Christian! Why? Because if you do, you’ll realize, for yourself and not by taking someone’s word as Gospel, that there is indeed a Higher Power, that it is universal, and that it is within you, right now and at every moment.

Go ahead. Read that paragraph again. I’ll wait.

The Creator does not make things or people, and then leave them. No, it sustains them, blesses them, guides them, and though we’re not always aware of it, lives within every person at all times. What about, “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.” “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Do they apply to you as they do to Christian mystics, or are they just pretty words?

If you’re a Christian and you’ve read this far, God bless you! If you understand, then I’ve done my job. If not, remember this: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” And, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

Golden Rule, anyone? Is that still a thing? If you don’t want someone looking down on you and your spiritual practices, please, don’t do that to others.

At ease, carry on, and thank you for reading!

May the loving Universe bless you abundantly!

You Still Have My Love

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Discernment is extremely important in all relationships. We use our discernment (judgement, sensitivity, enlightenment, discrimination, taste) in communication, behavior, speech, and of course, in choosing partners and the kind of relationship to have with them. Written in 2017, this song came out of that discernment for me. I ended that relationship, and Freddy and I became closer. We are married now, another positive discernment!

You Still Have My Love – Lyrics

1. I have feelings of sweetness for you
And all these dreams that I want to come true.
I have wishes, but I’m not confused.

I know that I can’t be your honey, honey,
But you still have my love.

2. Life happens, and people get hurt.
Tables turn, and relationships don’t work.
Looking forward, I am alert.

3. Love is a tree with fruits untold
And all the beauty of life to behold.
If we cut it down, love can’t unfold.

4. I have feelings that tell me to stay
And all these dreams that are gonna have to wait.
I have wishes, and I keep them at bay.

No, I can’t be your honey, honey,
But you, you still have my love.

I Do

I Do because you offered more
Than anything I had before.
You changed my world and brought me through;
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because you made a way
To ease my mind and fill each day.
My greatest gift on earth is you;
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because we always care,
And burdens large and small, we share.
I hope to measure up to you;
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because my only love,
Besides the Lord in Heav’n above,
Now took me in, and I am true.
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do, am I the only one
To ask until the day is done,
If I am doing right by you?
Is that enough to say I Do?

I Do because God told me yes;
I asked for love, and I am blessed.
And so I give myself to you,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, and with a woman’s heart,
I pray that I will do my part.
And may the Lord help me improve,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, but it’s a winding road,
And who can say they really know?
I reach for more to be and do,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, but all the people talk!
Yet mine is not the path they walk.
I must let go and live my truth,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

I Do, and I am striving still;
I promise that I always will.
Beyond the mind, my love shines through,
And that’s enough to say I Do.

This poem is a
It’s kind of a double Kyrielle, if there is such a thing, with stanzas 1-5 sharing a repeating line, and stanzas 6-10 sharing another.

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The Truth About Wedding Planning

Seasons for the Spirit: The Spice of Life

Seasons for the Spirit: The Spice of Life

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
These are the Seasons in which we live.
It may be hard to tell
Which Season best describes each one of us.

Some of us may relate better to the Winter season:
Cold, callous, selfish uncaring;
Building walls so no one can enter,
But at the same time
Not building any bridges either…
Such a shame!

Some may better relate to the Spring season:
Happy, full of life, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed;
Ready to take on the world,
Cheerful personality, always greeting folks with a smile!

Or are you better matched with the good old Summertime:
Hot, spicy, ready to drop it like it’s hot;
The typical party animal,
Setting the world on fire!

Or does the Fall season best suit you as a person:
Laid back, calm, peaceful;
Just letting the world go by
Without a care!

But there are other seasonings in life also.
Just as one would season their food for the right taste,
It can’t hurt to season your life to fit the perfect you!

Dealing in your own life always takes time,
But when you have the right herbs and spices,
One can never go wrong.

Whatever season best fits you,
Always remember to take a little time
To add some flavor to your life!

God bless always!
–The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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Salty Tears

Good Friday Sestina

He bore the heavy cross despite the pain.
And did He trudge and stumble in the rain?
It took His earthly strength to stand the strain.
Though in His mind, did Christ the man complain?
‘Twas more than any human could sustain,
But by His love, he took our guilt and shame.

With stripes upon His back, He carried shame.
And did He think to wallow in the pain?
I can’t imagine all Christ did sustain!
O as He walked, did teardrops fall like rain?
His human mind, it may perhaps complain,
But by His love, Christ rose beyond the strain.

What fortitude it cost to bear the strain!
And who would take another’s sin and shame?
His destiny it was; did He complain?
O who for anyone could stand such pain!
The earth shook, and the sky began to rain,
But by His love, the Savior could sustain.

A living hell did Christ the King sustain!
And did He ever crumble from the strain?
Now every year the sky is filled with rain
To clear the air of sinners’ guilt and shame.
Was there a consolation in His pain?
Yet by His love, the Lord could not complain.

I’m sure that, in His place, I would complain,
And even faith I hardly could sustain.
I cannot fathom all His depth of pain!
Profoundly though, He took on every strain
And great despair, erasing people’s shame!
And by His love, compassion fell like rain!

Now each Good Friday, clouds release the rain,
And as His children, we cannot complain.
The King of Kings who took away the shame
Did go through more than we could e’er sustain.
Did Jesus, as a man, resent the strain?
As by His love, He washed away the pain.

As brothers shame is nothing to sustain!
When we complain, just think, He took our strain.
And by His love, the rain renews. No pain!

A Good Friday

Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter weekend!


Easter Day

I Am the Life

Power of His Love

Easter Poem

The Easter Season: A Time for Reflection

The Easter Season: A Time for Reflection

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III.

Blessings to all of God’s children. One more day that the Lord has truly blessed us with, this being Palm Sunday. Here we are merely one Sunday away from the holy day of Easter, or as some choose to refer to as Resurrection Sunday. It doesn’t matter what reference you choose, as long as we are aware of its meaning.

Palm Sunday is the day when all the worshippers of Jesus greeted Him with cloths and palms of reverence and respect, as He was coming to Jerusalem. He humbly rode in on the least of the animals, a donkey. Jesus has always tried to teach us so many lessons in life to take full advantage of, such as Him riding in on a donkey, the least of these animals, that one would not begin to compare to this holy man of God. But that act in and of itself should be a constant reminder to us all not to ever look at the least of anything or anyone.

Jesus also taught us to love one another, not just some of us, but all of us. No matter what color, race, creed, or sexual orientation. None of us is any better than anyone else because we all are made in the likeness of our Lord. But sadly in this troubled world of ours, there are and most likely will remain narrow minded people who refuse to see the Light, even when it’s shining so brightly it could blind you.

For me, being totally blind for almost 20 years, I feel truly blessed each and every day of my life. For one, that the good Lord in all of His grace and mercy chooses to wake me each and every day. Secondly, that I was also blessed enough to be raised by good and decent parents that taught me to love one another in every sense of the word. We as God’s children should be able to love whomever we choose, no matter what anyone thinks, because we have to live our lives for ourselves, and not for anyone else. And when we go before the Almighty, we definitely will stand alone and won’t have anyone to speak for us but ourselves. When the Lord asks, did we love one another to the best of our abilities? What will be our final answer?

The Easter season should also be a time to really reflect on just how much the Lord truly loves all of his children. After all, He sent His only begotten son to make the ultimate sacrifice that not many of us would dare to give. All because He loved us so much that He gave His own life for us. How many of us can honestly say we would do the same?

Now for me personally the Lord has blessed me with an angel named Crystal, whom I without any hesitation would give my life, and I honestly without a shadow of any doubt know that she would do the same. smile. But that’s a story for another day. I just hope and pray that each and every one of God’s precious children will one day find their soul mate for life as I have, and also take heed to all Of the lessons that Jesus has so profoundly taught us. It’s never too late to receive one of God’s memos. Smile.

May the love and mercy of the Lord grant us peace within our souls and keep us all safe from harm. Amen.


The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

The Truth about Wedding Planning

It’s not about the people
Who come to eat your food.
It’s not about the spectacle
And planning every move.

It’s not about the music,
The timing and the notes.
It’s not about the speeches
Or the words the preacher wrote.

It’s not about the dresses
Or the flowers in your hand.
It’s all about the love
Between this woman and this man.

And thinking for one moment
That your love is any less
Could make the perfect wedding,
But the marriage cannot last.

So plan your wedding carefully,
But know right where you stand,
For when the wedding’s done,
It’s just this woman and this man.