I’m about 6 years old, and my family and I are on a Summer camping trip. This is nothing new; I was 3 when we took our first trip. But this one is different.

I’m standing near the grill, hungrily waiting for my dad to make some burgers. To this day everything tastes better to me on the grill! But my excitement turns to pain and panic when a bee stings me, right between my fingers. I’m blind, so I don’t see it coming. The sighted kids get stung all the time anyway, but this is my initiation if you will.

I stand still, then burst into tears, clutching one hand with the other. Lunch is a little delayed while my hand is taken care of. After that it’s back to the suddenly serious business of camping. And I learn to respect bees. So small, yet so powerful!

Best camping darkens
Explosion of pain and fear
Enormous bee stings

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Dreadful Droplets

Fred could tell when his wife woke up that morning that something was terribly wrong.

“How did you sleep?” he asked.

She responded with a grumble.

“Are you in pain?” he tried.

Her reply was a grunt.

“Is something bothering you?”

She merely growled. If only he could read her mind – but then again, he surely would regret it if he could.

“Can I help?” he posed one final question.

“Yes!” she exploded. “You can put more than droplets in my coffee cup!”

Flash fiction for today’s
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As a tiny preemie,
I was very sick;
Hospital existence,
A devastating trick.

Adopted shortly after,
I wondered about them;
They answered in abundance
When I took sick again.

My parents wrote a letter
To my first mom and dad,
Determining the reason
My health became so bad.

A glacial cold responded..;
Briefly hurt and sad,
Now I’m forever grateful
For the folks I never had!

66 words of non-fiction for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt,

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers,
biological, adoptive,
men in a mentoring role,
and every man who has a heart for children!
Thank you!
Be blessed!

Farmer’s Market Visit

The coffee lady knows me;
The produce man says hi.
The barber does my haircut
And then gives me a pie.

The train guy lets me stand there
In awe just like my son,
And don’t forget fried veggies
We buy before we’re done.

The farmer’s market animals,
The cuddly goats and sheep,
Are my most favorite things,
But now it’s time to eat!

The burgers and the French fries,
A heart attack for sure,
But it’s good, and a bargain,
So I can’t ask for more!

The coffee lady knows me;
The produce man says hi.
The barber does my haircut
And then gives me a pie.

My response to Sarah’s market prompt at

Henry’s Last Crow

It wasn’t my idea to buy and raise chicks. But it was Easter, and they were cheap. Yes, cheap chicks. Now. Moving on.

One was spunky from the beginning. A rooster, he was named Henry. All went well until Henry became tyrannical and territorial. To be fair, he only wanted people to leave his Chicks alone. And leave their eggs alone too.

One day Henry pecked my brother, and that wasn’t the first time he picked a plucky fight with a person. I give him credit, but it lead Henry to his doom.

Next thing you know, Henry was on his way to the butcher. Let’s just say that when far away an interrupted cry sounded, it was Henry’s last.

What did my family do then?

Bring him in the house and make soup.

“Is that Henry?” I asked.

The silence told it all.

Another entry for
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Also non-fiction. Yes, it’s true. You can’t make this stuff up!

What I Need

After all this time, though it’s only been 2 years, I’m not sure I can say I chose him. Instead, I believe he was chosen for me. The old saying is true: “You don’t always get what you want. But you always get what you need.”

On my crazy days, he says I’ve lost my mind. On bad days, he says everything will be OK. On days when I can’t take on the world, he reminds me I don’t have to take it on alone.

No, I didn’t choose him. But I am choosing to stay with him. When far away an interrupted cry says LEAVE! ABANDON SHIP! I smile and remember that’s the crazy, the bad, the frustrated talking.

Then, I remember my promise of friendship, love, and loyalty. I choose to keep this promise to my husband, whom I love and need.

My response to Sue Vincent’s
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I’ve been wanting to explore flash fiction for some time now. This is not fiction, but it’s a start. 🙂

Walking Tour

Walking to the street car
Trudging through the snow
Ambling to the coffee shop
Finding warmth aglow…

Flying first on airplane
Rumbling on a train
Taking trips at one time
I would never take again…

Walking through the storefronts
Trudging through the snow
Ambling through a foreign land
Finding what I know!

Memories of my trips to Germany, with thanks to Petra for doing all that walking with me! Written for Anmol’s prompt at