The Shepherd’s Walk Home #Poem

My goats search for a sprig of mint
to calm their bellies before sleep.

The moon walks softly up the horizon,
as the sun sinks below…

On our way down the mountain,
we pass our favorite waterfall.

Forget-me-nots line the path,
reminding us of the goodness of day and the restfulness of night.

The crows have carried the sun away
by the time we reach my garden scarecrow.

Today was like any other herding day,
uneventful, peaceful…..

The same,
yet different.

Tomorrow will be similar,
but different just the same!

Written for Linda Kruschke’s
Idyll Paint Chip Poetry Prompt.

Thank You, Mr. Goldman! #Decima #Poem

Thank you! Thank you, Mr. Goldman!
You gave me the gift of writing,
Showed me how a word could brighten,
Listened to my songs unfolding.

Though your class was prose, not poem,
Words and music came together,
Bringing both to something better!
What a tapestry and knotting,
Worlds discovered, made with plotting;
You encouraged every letter!

A Decima to my High School Sophomore English teacher, Mr. Goldman, written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 46: (KNOT) in the D rhyme line.

Talking Talents #Poem #Writephoto

As the ghost of the dawn filled the sky,
Forest animals gathered nearby.
All the birds and the bees
Filled awakening trees,
And the lion called, “Business!” with pride.

“It is time! We shall stage a defense,
Because none of these humans make sense!
They have relished their hate
And destroyed what God made…
We must help better futures commence!”

Came a gurgle from whirlpools of fish,
“No, they never do act as we wish.
So now why would they hear
When they haven’t for years?
Said the turtle doves, “Hope is our gift!”

“We cannot send a parchment with words,
But could sing them a message–we’re birds.”
“Or a web thin as gauze?
Could that further our cause?”
Asked the spider, who, spinning, still heard.

“I have thought of a plan; let me know
If you think it might work, and if so,
We will send him out soon,
For there’s no time to lose.
We must act, or the hardship will grow!”

“I am on pins and needles,” said Deer.
“We must do something; that is quite clear.
Tell us now what you think;
After all, you’re our King,
And you rule with compassion, not fear.”

Bear chimed in, “Share the plan in your thoughts!
Tell us! Surely, it’s better than naught!”
“We can send the crow out,
For his voice is so loud.
They won’t like it, but that’s as they ought!”

It was Crow who then strongly agreed.
“Yes, perhaps I am just what they need!
Since God gave me this voice,
I’ll proclaim there’s a choice!”
And the animals cheered and believed.

Indeed, Crow was appointed to tell
Of the moral we know very well:
That our Earth we must love
Just as Heaven above,
For destruction creates only hell!

And another great moral is there:
Of our talents we must be aware!
We must use them for good;
They are gifts, and we should,
Bringing hope unto those in despair.

An extended Limerick written for Linda Kruschke’s
Fun with Fables and Paint Chips Prompt
and Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt: Appointed.

Two Harp Announcements #Tanka #Poem

My double strung harp,
Arriving to enjoy Spring,
Perhaps will bring strength.
A dream laid by, unfulfilled,
Rekindles desire at last!

A Tanka written for
#Threethingschallenge #499
MLMM Tale Weaver #313: Finding Something Forgotten.


1. My double strung harp will indeed arrive in Spring, in April if not
sooner! This is my dream harp and the only one I will ever purchase.
Someone out there is laughing right now, because, “You never have just
one harp!” And, “Whatever harp you purchase now won’t fit you
forever.” If those are the rules–and I’m not saying they are–then I
am the exception to both.

2. I’ve enrolled in the Therapy Harp Training Program, a certification
course for playing clinical healthcare music. This has been my dream
since I first took harp lessons about 10 years ago! The cost and
travel requirements of most training programs have been prohibitive
for me until now. This program doesn’t require travel and has
installment payment options, on top of being a well-rounded,
compassion-based program that includes both scientific and spiritual

I’m so pleased and excited!

Mr. Seagull Speaks #SixSentenceStories

I am Mr. Seagull, not to be confused with the rest of my family–that is, my mate and hatchlings. I am the Big Cheese, and that’s the way it is. I shouldn’t have to tell you I live near the ocean.

You think I should be content just eating fish, but here’s something that will really knock your beach sandals off.

My favorite food is French fries, especially when I swoop down and nab them from an unsuspecting, scared child! AH AH AH, yum yum yum, BLISS!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Ocean.

Needless to say, I was the child in the story… :-()

Marvel #SixSentenceStories

Some people can play nearly any musical instrument they encounter. They may not play professionally, or even very well, but they can at least make a sound or squeeze a few notes out of any instrument they hold.

I don’t consider myself a professional musician, although I probably should, since I’ve often been paid to perform for others.

Still, one of my favorite things is to explore a new instrument, because I’m blessed to get a sound out of every one I’ve tried.

It’s truly a marvel! And believe me, I never take it for granted!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Marvel.

First Thing, Last Thing #SOCS #Poem

First thing was probably a slide whistle.
Yes, the one I climbed the washer and dryer
and nearly fell,
while trying to retrieve it,
from the cabinet.
You know, the high cabinet where Mom hid it,
because I wasn’t supposed to have it.
First thing, I’m pretty sure,
was that slide whistle
shaped like a fish!

Next things were
little cymbals,
a triangle,
and a tambourine…
Followed by bamboo flutes
and anything else I could get my hands on!

Finally, at age 10,
I officially became a musician!
But it was organ lessons they wanted for me.
I, of course, had other plans–
plans that were fulfilled
when my parents bought the piano I wanted,
along with the organ they wanted for me!

God bless the lady who had to move
and couldn’t take them with her!
She didn’t know it,
but in selling her precious piano,
she gave me a pathway to peace
that will last my whole lifetime
and, I pray, beyond!

After the piano,
in no particular order, came
Mountain dulcimer,
other flutes and whistles,
violin, later viola,
zither and lyre,
banjo and banjo ukulele,
frame drums
and handbells of all kinds…

I know I’m forgetting some,
and I feel bad for that.
Because each instrument,
no matter how well or badly I played it,
gave me something
I still have today.

I still play,
still love,
still feel the magic,
and still find peace
on the musical journey
that is my life
and the life
I share with others.

This is my Tao, my Way to
wisdom and understanding…
My path to
compassion for myself and others…
In short,
my path to God!

Music was my first thing.
It is my current thing.
And it will be
my eternal
last thing!

My response to Linda G. Hill’s
Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS Prompt: First thing.

Seven Worlds, Seven Steps #Cinquain #Poem

before the rain
told all to stay inside.
Of course, not everyone obeyed…

after the rain,
with the coming of dawn,
the bright-shining symbol of a
new leaf.

Our own
Garden of Eden,
where perhaps no storms rage,
only exists eternally
in Light.

we find
matcha for tea,
giving thanks for supply;
respecting, taking what we need
to live.

of avarice
is fed by humankind…
Yet we always have the option
]to choose!

Black tie
around his neck
chokes off the serpent’s greed.
And Light is always here, beyond
false dark.

We live
in half-and-half,
Light and dark together.
Which we see depends on our own

My response to Linda Kruschke’s wonderful
Chance Cinquain Paint Chip Prompt!

On the Horizon #SixSentenceStories

Original Song on Ukulele

Download Mp3

Well, the New Year is finally coming!

That means a new horizon for everyone–or at least, for those of us who choose to see it that way.

Right now I’m asking myself what is on my horizon?

Increased well-being, more hope, and the ability to see and embrace new opportunities!

I would also say less stress, but I’m a realist.

So, I’ll say choosing better ways to handle stress and more positive, productive responses in emotional situations are on my horizon!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Horizon.

What’s on your horizon? Leave a comment if you want to share!

Beam #SixSentenceStories

A beam of light shot across the sky on that long-ago night. Was it a UFO? A meteor? A shooting star? Or a sign that the world was ending–or just beginning? Ask your heart, and you’ll receive your answer!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Beam

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