Soaring #Decima #Poem

A seagull soars above the beach
In search of fresh and fragrant fish
Or maybe crispy, crunchy chips!
You can’t avoid his dive and reach!

So, as your skin the sun does bleach,
Beware of seagulls flying high!
Their home is in expansive sky,
And yet they do approach the land,
Perhaps to steal what’s in our hands
To soar again in sheer delight!

A Decima written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Soaring
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 68: (BEACH) in the A rhyme line.

Gone? #Poem

“Look, Mom! No hands!”
I rode my bike with abandon.
And suddenly it became a horse,
My faithful steed,
Transporting me from the world where I lived
To the world where I wanted to live…

To a world without limits,
Free of judgments and pain—
A world of love
And possibility!

My trusty steed is gone,
A too small bike discarded.
But I still hold the magic
In my mind
And heart!

Seeds of Potential #Haibun #Poem

In my mind I return to the year I was 7 and in first grade. The puppets are the best part of the day, when Mrs. Basta tells a story or teaches us something with the lamb and other animals. I also like lunch. But perhaps my true favorite thing, even better than the puppets, is recess!

On the playground I collect fallen cherry buds with my friend, Iris. I put them in one of those little Halloween pumpkin buckets, the ones most kids use for trick-or-treating. I include grass, dirt, rocks, and whatever else I can find. Maybe I hope these seeds of potential will grow!

Soon hatsu hana
Bring hope before they blossom
Seeds of potential

Written for
dVerse Haibun Monday: Cherry Blossoms.

Escape from Reality

We all want to escape the realities of our lives at some point. Maybe it’s stress. Maybe it’s violence, whether physical, emotional, or otherwise. Maybe we’re feeling bored, lonely, isolated, or trapped. Whatever the reason, an escape from reality is often welcome!

If we can’t leave the people we live with, can’t move, change jobs, or go on vacation, we feel especially stuck. But there are still ways we can escape, albeit temporarily.

We can lose ourselves for a time in books or movies.

Meditation transports us to other dimensions that change us and might even improve our realities!

My 99-word flash nonfiction response to

A Chipmunk Sneezed #Poem

Through whirling wind and swirling leaves,
I’m sure I heard a chipmunk sneeze!

No other thing or person round
To make that funny “HAH!” like sound.

Through swirling wind and whirling leaves,
Could chipmunks, too, have allergies?

“Bless you!” I whispered, soft but clear
To let him know I care and hear.

Through whirling wind and swirling leaves,
I’m sure I heard a chipmunk sneeze!

A true story, immortalized in verse for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Swirling.

Call me crazy, but I know what I heard! 😀

In the Thick of It

Recently it was brought home to me that when I’m in the thick of it, I don’t realize just how much I actually accomplish!

I have a bunch of things on my plate besides the personal stress of life and relationships, including 2 different training programs I’m not only enrolled in, but diligently studying. I also regularly write at least a few weekly poems. On top of that, I learn, perform, and publish 2–and often 3–new musical pieces every week!

Writing this now, my mind is admitting, “Yes, that’s a lot of stuff!” But I didn’t realize it until I heard another musician talk about learning new tunes or pieces. This kind-hearted, busy lady is the director of a healthcare music training program, is a working clinical healthcare musician herself, and plays professionally in at least one band. And that’s just what I know about her. I.e. I’m sure she does a million more things than what I’ve listed here, and does them all to the best of her ability!

She was talking about playing sessions with traditional Irish musicians. And she said, “They learn a new tune every week! I can’t do that!” And I thought, “Well, I learn at least one; lately it’s been 3… And I can do it. But it is stressful!”

This is why, after this month, I’ll be slowing down. I may still learn one new tune weekly, or I might return to original music–which I do miss. Or improvisation/meditation music, which is part of the training program. But I’ll be taking a break in some form.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to point out, even indirectly, “Hey! You do a lot!” And then the light bulb finally comes on! But not when I’m in the thick of it, apparently!

My response to Michael’s
MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt: In the Thick of It.