Oneness Prayer

This metaphysical prayer treatment is most effective combined with meditation. This way it’s not just a prayer for oneness, but when used while in contact with the God-Mind in meditation, is truly a prayer from the state, or experience of oneness.

I acknowledge and recognize that there is but one Mind and one Life in the Universe. That Life is God, the Universe itself, Cosmic Intelligence, One-Mind, Universal Consciousness, First Cause, Source of all, and Creator of all things. I know that this Mind is eternal, and that all that exists within it, exists also in the single moment of eternity.

I know that I am one with and within the Eternal Mind. I accept this oneness now, and realize that it is the Truth of my being.

I know that all that I think, feel, say and do sets up psychic vibrations that radiate within the Universal Mind. I know that each vibration I radiate affects Life and the world within and around me.

Therefore, I choose to set aside my personal ego sense of identity, and consciously connect myself with the God-Mind within me. I allow myself to know and experience oneness.

In this way, the psychic vibrations I emanate are in alignment with the Higher God Mind. They promote love, joy, peace, prosperity, creativity, fun, openness, intuition, and fulfillment, in my life and in all individualized expressions of the one Life that is God made manifest.

Through and within each person and thing, God is made manifest. In choosing to align myself with God-Mind, I amplify my awareness of the God-Presence within every being.

I allow myself to rest in God, to live in Universal Good, to be fulfilled by Universal Plenty, and to experience and share Cosmic Peace with the world around me. For in oneness there is no inside, no outside, no time, no space, no self, and no others. There is only one Life, and that Life is my Life now.

For this realization and experience of God’s oneness, I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

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What is Self-expression?

Christina Katz, The Prosperous Writer is one of my favorite inspirational authors. She writes for writers, particularly mom-writers. I have a child as some of you know, but Christina’s work goes far beyond offering practical writing advice to moms – although she does that too! What really draws me to her, is her joyful, prosperous spirit and consciousness.

I don’t know Christina personally and have no idea where she stands on religion and/or spirituality. And it doesn’t matter! What matters is that she applauds self-expression. Though she teaches writing courses, her approach is not a cookie cutter one where every author’s work comes out seeming the same. She encourages people to follow their own voice, heart, style and platform. I really enjoy Christina’s work and wish her continued prosperity, peace and joy!

I mention Christina now because she asked herself 3 questions in her Writer Mama Every Day in May Book Giveaway post. I loved these questions; they truly spoke to my heart so much that I want to answer them for myself.

So here they are…

1. Is self-expression an important part of your life today, why or why not?

Self-expression is a very important part of my life. In fact, it is my life.

“My life” to me, means what I, as a unique individual, am here to bring forth. Why am I a manifestation of God/Spirit now? Why me, in this particular body, with this mind, and these things I love? What am I as Spirit, here to express as this person?

Throughout my pre-training as I call it, ministerial training, music and more, I’ve come to realize that Self-expression is just that – Highest Self expressing in the world. That is my frame of reference, and I’m grateful for it!

Prior to that, I thought life was just, what can I do? But it’s not about what I, or anyone else, DOES. It’s about what I AM, and what YOU ARE. Because when we fully express that, the doing falls into place and is authentic, without us even thinking about it. That is Self-expression, and it’s important enough to put me right here, right now.

2. What does self-expression mean to you and how do you do it in the world?

Self-expression is Spirit expressing through and as me. I do it through contacting the God-Presence within myself, that is my True Self. Without this contact, it would simply be self-expression, with a lower case s, expression of personality and personal ego. There’s nothing wrong with personality, and having one! We all have one; I think it’s Spirit’s way of expanding itself and making the world colorful and beautiful! But when all we express is personality, we sell ourselves, God and the world short.

By making and maintaining contact with God-Within, we can Self-express. To me, this is always much deeper, more joyful and more fun than expressing a personality. It’s better than black and white vs. color TV. And you thought that was good!

So how do I self-express in the world? I contact the God-Presence, connect myself consciously to it, and express how it leads. Right now these means are writing, music, weaving, teaching, speaking and ministry in all sorts of ways! But I’m open to change! I’m conscious to stay open, not to be in a specialization rut, where “this” is “all I can do.” Instead, I affirm that all channels are open to me for Highest Self-expression. I allow Spirit to express through me into the world.

3. How does your self-expression impact the worldβ€”your family, your friends, your readers, and everyone else?

On this, I can only recall what I’ve heard others say. But I also know that nothing can exist in a vacuum. Let me explain…

I’ve heard people say that I’m easy to talk to. I’m glad.

People attend and benefit from my classes. Good, that’s why I offer them.

People read and enjoy my writing. Awesome, I do too. πŸ™‚

And that, my friends, is the whole thing. I self-soothe with my self-expression. I soothe and re-align my personal ego to the God-Mind, using my own work. For instance, I keep many of my songs on my mp3 player. When I feel less than positive, I listen to them, or sing them, to remind myself that I’ve felt good before, and I can again.

How does this impact the world? Well, like The Butterfly Effect and You, one person’s alignment with Highest Good can and does have far-reaching effects! And thank God for that! My self-expression gives hope, encouragement, inspiration and spiritual law, so that others can contact and experience God-Within for themselves.

Thank you, Christina, for this reminder of what self-expression means to me and how important it truly is!

The Butterfly Effect and You!

Something awesome will happen through you today!

Try this. Go around looking for it, “Where is it? Where is it?” And you will find it, whatever it is. Remember too, that things do not happen to you – they happen through you, by the grace and power of God within you.

So look for the “miracle,” knowing as you do, that you are part of it. A drop of water on the sand is still part of the ocean. A grain of sand is a valued part of the beach. Each leaf, flower and fruit is just as important as the tree itself.

And you are a valued asset to your family, friends, community, the outer manifest Universe, and above all – the God-Mind that is the Source and Substance of all things!

Everything you say, do, think, feel, and believe contributes to the “rest of the world”. You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect? Where a butterfly’s wings affect life on the other side of the world… Amazing, isn’t it?

But that’s not only true for our butterfly friends! It applies just as much to every person in existence now. Because we have the ability to think and to allow our thoughts and feelings to affect us, we also choose how they affect us. Our response, in turn, affects everything around us.

Will something good happen through you today? Yes, if you allow it! Choose positivity over negativity, not just in your thoughts, words and actions, but on a deeper level, for that is where it matters most and promotes lasting change.

This is not work! It’s pure joy and peace, found in contacting the God-Presence within you. Conjure up for yourself a feeling of oneness. Unconditional love, acceptance, and oneness with all things. Maybe start with the butterfly and feel yourself at one with it. This unity is the God-Presence. Then, meditate on – relax with, contemplate, be still with – this feeling, and when you’ve finished, take it back with you into your daily activities. It will color your thoughts and activities with a brightness and unity that can be yours any time, and all the time.

Enjoy this day and this eternal moment – because eternity is yours, right now!

Affirmative Prayer Class Week 5

This is week 5/6 of Affirmative Prayer: What is it and why Should I Care? (Click to review previous weeks.)

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We began with some metaphysical prayer treatment. Talk is cheap as the saying goes; so I wanted everyone to participate in the treatment experience.

Treatment for Health

This treatment and the following one, are spontaneous, channeled prayers. I transcribed them later from my class recording.

Right click and choose “Save target as…” or similar to download this treatment with harp accompaniment. Download Metaphysical Treatment for Health mp3

I acknowledge and recognize that there is one Mind and one manifesting body in the Universe. This Mind is the God-Mind, and the body that is the Universe, is God’s body. This body that is God’s is my body now. I know that God within me is the source of health, strength, and vitality in my own physical body.

I know that when I experience pain, it’s a signal to my mind and body to reconnect with the Presence of God within me. Pain is only a signal; it is neither good nor bad. Illness and the appearance of any sickness, is an opportunity to reconnect and bring my awareness back to the health that is my divine right.

I realize and I accept that health can be mine, through the God-Presence within me, that is all-loving, all-knowing, and all-seeing. Limitations as to how health can come to me, or what has to happen for me to be healthy, fall away. I bring my faith and my awareness – my inner knowing – back to the God-Presence. And I release physical outcomes. I accept that God knows I have physical needs, and that I can have the health that is my divine birthright. God-Mind wants its creations to be healthy, and I as a child of God, am healthy now.

I allow the reality of my ultimate, divine health to manifest itself in all perfect ways. These include mental health, physical health, emotional health and well-being, strength and vitality whenever and wherever I need it.

In the peace and calm of this time, I release attachments to having to do things to create my own health through a personal ego sort of action; physically oriented steps. I know that when I must take physical action to manifest health, I do so with divine inspiration. SO that the actions I take are the right actions for my path, according to the God within myself.

As I realize my own health on all levels of my being, I give thanks. I let it be so, now and always. And so it is!

What is God’s Body

I’ve never used those words in a treatment before. But they came up this time, and someone asked what they meant. πŸ™‚

If God-Mind is Universal Mind or consciousness, then God’s body is the physical universe. The manifest Universe, everything that has any form at all, is God’s body.

If your personal mind is an individualized manifestation (form or part) of God-Mind, then what is your physical body? An individualized part, as a drop is of the ocean, of God’s body.

In the Bible the body is called the Temple of God, Temple of the Holy Spirit, body Temple, or body of Christ. What is it really a Temple of? God-Mind. Our bodies, as the physical forms they are, contain the God-Mind. They contain it in that they are vehicles to manifest God-Thought. And they contain it, because our bodies are made of, and come from, God-Mind or Universal Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is another name for the God-Presence within us. So the body of Christ, is truly our body (including our physical bodies) as well.

Treatment for Financial Well-being

Right click and choose “Save target as…” or similar to download this treatment with harp accompaniment. Download Metaphysical Treatment for Finances mp3

God-Mind within me, Universal Consciousness of all, I know that You know I have financial needs.

I know that Your desire for me, as one of Your creations, is that I have all I need to have a fulfilling life on this earthly plane of existence. I know that my desire to fulfill all my financial obligations is good, and I know that it comes from You, the Source of all things.

I know that the people I receive services from are one with You. They come from Your oneness, and they are made of Your presence, just like I am. It is right that they receive their compensation for the services that they provide.

I know that money is a form of exchange here on this earthly plane. And I know that at its essence, money is Your presence. All desires of my heart and my mind are implanted by You, and where there is a desire, there is always fulfillment.

And so I release all attachments that I have to sources of income, means of payment, ideas of how money must come to me, or how obligations must be met. You must have ways of meeting obligations that I, in my personal mind, know nothing about. I accept the possibility that somewhere, beyond my ego and any attachments I hold, all my financial needs are met, now.

In Your peace, I rest in the realization that the people who provide me services, the people that I owe money to on this plane – their needs are met as well. Because You are the Source of all desires, you are the Source of all fulfillment. Nothing can exist apart from Your presence.

I allow Your presence to meet all of my needs and the needs of those who provide me services here.

I accept that all my financial obligations are immediately met. I do not need to know how they are met, and by what means. I only need to know and realize that in Your ultimate presence, all needs are met.

I give thanks for the meeting of these needs, in whatever form that manifests. It could be money, but it might not be. And I give thanks for the infinite number of ways, that You have in Your wisdom and presence, of meeting the needs of all Your creations. In peace I realize that I am one. I am one with You; I am one with any desire and its fulfillment. And for this, I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

The Treatment Experience

Everyone in the live class, myself included, felt relaxed after our prayer treatments. Some felt a sense of possibility and openness, and that their focus shifted from the problem, to a better state of mind.

The rest is yours! It is for you to take the time to pray/treat. It’s up to you to allow the God within you, to expand your conscious mind. Even when working with a Practitioner, it’s still your allowing that makes a treatment successful – or your not allowing that makes it seem like it didn’t work.

Where does prayer/treatment come from, and what should I pray for?

Prayer comes through us. If you’ve ever enfolded someone in love, sang and wondered where “that voice” came from, or felt amazed at something you created or accomplished; then you’ve had the experience of being a channel.

“Lord, make me a channel (or instrument) of Your peace…”

When we pray out loud, the words flow through us. We simply allow them to be spoken, or written by our voice, or our hands. Our sense of personal, solitary existence falls away; and we feel divine oneness. This is like a meditative experience and can also be felt in prayer. For me, that feeling comes when I know, no question, that the prayer is answered. We call this step realization.

Prayer comes from the Divine Mind. It comes from God, the Source of all desire and fulfillment of desire.

And that is how we know what to ask for in prayer. We ask, aloud if need be, for the prayer to come through us. We ask to be a vehicle or channel of God-Thought. And the prayer is carried out, answered or demonstrated through us.

If we don’t know what to pray for, or how to pray, or what words to use, we ask for divine clarity and intuition. Then, we let go of personal agendas and give thanks for the ability to channel God-Thought into our minds, hearts and lives.

Letting go is the key. Put down the personal ego, release the intellectual thinking mind, set down the monkey-mind (you know, the one that chatters on and on endlessly all day long…), and go within where Truth lives. This is a peaceful place, and many of us have trouble being here. It’s because we’ve been taught to struggle. But whatever we’ve learned, we have the choice and opportunity to unlearn. Whatever we’ve accepted to be true and real, we can sublimate with something better – Ultimate Truth. Meditation and prayer, done separately at different times, work together to bring us back to oneness, where isolated, personal existence is less dominant. And all I can say to that, is, “Thank God!”

What is a Successful Treatment?

Simply and beautifully, a successful treatment shifts perception and perspective.

Did you start our treatment for health with a list of issues? Possibly, and that’s ok.

Did you end with a peaceful knowing? A sense of possibility and openness? Even relief on any level? If so, then the treatment was successful for you.

A successful treatment brings our awareness and perception back to ultimate, divine reality. Now, it’s not far off and something we just read about; it’s ours and we know it in a conscious way.

Yet metaphysical treatment itself doesn’t do that “for us.” Neither does meditation or any other practice. Metaphysical practices are just tools. Each of us individually, needs to allow and cultivate our own connection to God-within.

Class Outline

Follow along below in the last section of the class outline. Explanations begin with *.

VII. Prayer Practice Guidelines

* You are encouraged to create a prayer practice that is a joy to you! Below are just some things to consider as a starting place.

A. Quiet yourself as much as you can

* Using meditation, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, and/or focusing our attention on a calm feeling, we allow the mind to become quiet. Anyone can pray anywhere, at any time! And the more consciously we pray, the better. This is why inner quiet is encouraged.

B. Go within, directing attention to God at the center of your mind

* Phrases like:

* God-Mind at the center of my mind

* God within me

* Higher Mind at the nucleus of my mind

* Universal presence within

* Spirit at the core of my being

And more are used to direct our attention inward. Christ said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” This is where we direct our attention before and during prayer – to the core of our being which is Universal, God, Spirit, Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.

C. Adopt the right attitude of prayer

* See last week for a refresher of the attitude or mental space to hold for effective prayer.

D. Pray at least 3 times daily

* Why? Isn’t that a little strict?

1. As continual treatment of your consciousness

* Prayer, like any other thought, is cumulative. The more we pray, the more our mind is being opened and expanded. And the more we live as though our prayer is answered. So we pray for instance, 3 times a day, to continually tune up our mind to the Truth.

Since prayer doesn’t take long and can be done anywhere, it doesn’t have to be a large time commitment. Prayer may take longer at the beginning, but the more we pray, the more quickly we realize–make our prayer real to us. The more quickly we “realize,” the less time prayer takes.

2. To expand this “treated” positive consciousness

* Again, this is an opening of consciousness, or personal mind. As we pray, positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs accumulate. Where? In our subconscious mind, which controls our surface, or conscious mind. So regular prayer expands both the subconscious and conscious mind, improving the root of our beliefs and our daily attitude all at once.

3. To keep consciousness open to the power of God to answer

* We’ve said before that more doubt than prayer, breeds answers that take longer. Regular prayer keeps positive, ultimate reality at the forefront of our minds and hearts. It keeps us open to and conscious of the God-Power within, and its ability and desire to answer our prayers.

4. To strengthen your faith that the prayer is answered

* Prayer feeds itself. It feeds strength, faith, intuition, knowing, and daily life. Doubt and negative feelings feed themselves too… So our choice is, which will we feed? Prayer, or negativity? Faith, or doubt? Knowing, or wobbling? More faith, through prayer, gives us more faith. When we live this faith, from an inner knowing that it is so…

5. As a tool, use with visualization of, and meditation on the prayer in completed form (demonstrated)

* then so it is! Use verbal or written prayer as a tool. Combine it with meditation and/or visualization. Be conscious of visualization, as not to limit the outcome. Ask for, “This (visual or feeling picture) or something better.” This way we don’t limit what the God-Mind can express to and through us. See the prayer already manifest, answered, formed or demonstrated. See it done; live it done. Because in God-Mind, it is already done. The sooner we intuit this, the sooner manifestation happens.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

The Taste of Fiber

People often tease me because I braid or twist things more easily away from me, rather than working toward me. So, when I braid ends or twist fringes, I hold the ends in my mouth. The standard comment is, “Are you eating yarn again?” And I say, “Well, fiber is good for you!” πŸ™‚

But today I’m not eating yarn. I’m eating popcorn instead. And I admit it, popcorn tastes better than yarn!

What causes our experiences of taste? Our subconscious mind, and the patterns, beliefs and experiences stored there. I think most of us would agree that popcorn tastes better than yarn. But could someone enjoy the taste of yarn? Yes, someone could, and for myself I’ve come to look upon the bits that get into my mouth with humor. I may not be able to braid or twist moving toward myself. But hey, I can braid and I can twist, so nothing is wrong here.

But that taste? It’s so much more than just a taste. It’s a whole lot of things, rolled up into what we experience as taste. Mostly, it’s beliefs.

If the popcorn were ice cream, what might some of us think?

* Ice cream tastes good.

* It’s smooth.

* It’s cold.

* It’s creamy.

* Eating ice cream feels refreshing on a hot day.

Now watch, this is where the unproductive ones start, if they haven’t already!

* That ice cream is going right to my hips!

* It tastes good, but now I have to walk it off.

* What price do I have to pay for this little pleasure?

And now, suddenly the ice cream is bad…? Yet it felt pretty good when we focused on the fun stuff?

The taste of fiber – if you will – is like everything else. We create our own reality. In an ultimate sense, we are one with all things – the popcorn, the yarn, the ice cream. And we can choose how we experience them.

I could gripe about how I can’t hold my braiding ends on the edge of a table “like everyone else does”. I could complain about it so much that I don’t even want to braid anymore. And I could quit an activity that could have been really fun and rewarding.

Or I could laugh about how funny it is to get that little bit of extra fiber! How others will always remember my crafts because who would ever forget seeing someone with braids in their mouth?

I could eat the popcorn, or the ice cream, and reflect on good, funny things like this. Or I could let them be a catalyst for creating more negativity.

The choice is mine.

You see which I’ve chosen.

And now, as always, the choice is yours!

You may not find braiding or weaving or “creative arts” appealing. But you do eat! SO will you eat with gratitude, humor and joy? Will you allow yourself that pleasure? If you will, Universal God-Mind will respond with more goodness, fun, light-heartedness and also bring you people who radiate those qualities.

Try it! Next time you eat something you enjoy, but your pre-programmed thoughts say you shouldn’t, do this:

Bless what you will eat, with positive feelings. Eat it, enjoying the taste, the texture, the smell and any other elements you identify. If you have a negative thought, gently let it go, and find a positive one. Eventually your good ole’ subconscious will get the idea, and start supplying positive thoughts for you. Until it does, it can be gently guided, with love, expectation, peace and yes, humor!

Affirmative Prayer Class Week 4

This is week 4/6 of Affirmative Prayer: What is it and why Should I Care? (Click to review previous weeks.)

To download this post in .doc format, right click this link and choose “Save target as…” or similar: Download Affirmative Prayer Week 4 Notes

Follow along as we cover section VI. of the class outline. Explanations begin with * .

VI. Right Attitude for Affirmative Prayer

* What is the attitude, or mental atmosphere, that makes metaphysical prayer treatment effective?

A. Positive – State prayer with positive words and feelings

* When we pray in words, we use positive ones. Affirmations, present-tense statements that declare the prayer in a positive manner. That’s why it’s called affirmative prayer.

But, before we can say and mean positive words, we must feel them to be true for us. Consciously or not, the feeling always comes first. It may be a subtle feeling, but it still comes before physical manifestation in words.

When we consciously allow the feeling to create the words we use in prayer, our prayers become much more authentic, aligned with our Higher Self, and effective.

Often when we speak in daily life, we say what we’re expected to say, what we “should” say, and the kicker – we say what we really believe is true about ourselves.

For instance, you grab a second piece of cake and say, “I know I shouldn’t eat this.” And yet you eat it. So, the question is not, why am I eating this cake? It is, why did I say I shouldn’t eat this cake? Well, probably because others’ personal ego opinion of you is that you shouldn’t; you know that and respond accordingly. But deep down, do you believe that, too? The answer is often, yes, you believe you shouldn’t have the cake. That belief is what makes you say you shouldn’t have it.

Now you understand why adopting a positive attitude from the inside out, rather than through empty or habitual words, is the most authentic, effective, and real way to pray.

Feel first. Then speak, in prayer and in life. Feel the Truth, and speak from it.

B. Acknowledgment – God can, will or has – it’s already yours in the Mind of God

* God is infinite. Universal Consciousness is Life itself. You can’t ask for anything that isn’t already yours!

Think about that. The Universe is within you. That’s why the Bible says, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” That Kingdom is the entire Universe. So, in this Universal God-Mind, what you’re asking for, already belongs to you, right now.

You may not see it yet; but as we said, believing is seeing and not the other way around. Ultimately, in a spiritual, universal sense, you own and have unlimited access to everything you desire!

“Reality” is no more real when you see it, than it was as a picture in your mind. That is, nothing is more real than anything else; the sports car you visualize is no more real when you drive it, than it was in your visualization.

However, if it does not seem real in your mind first, it will never be a physical manifestation. That’s what makes fear so powerful – the fact that it seems so real. How much more quickly could our prayers be made manifest if we let goodness seem that real to us?

C. Realized – feel that what you want is real and true for you now, adding details to strengthen mental picture and belief

* Taking this further, this reality is Ultimate, not just a mental picture or visualization. We can actually live in that reality now; and we must in order for it to manifest.

I often create what I call a feeling picture for myself. How do I feel in that reality? How do I feel within myself? Happy? Peaceful? Free? Financially prosperous? Creative? Blessed? And what do those things mean to me – i.e. how does that feel? My feeling experience won’t be the same as yours; you will have the joy of creating your own.

If I want to live on a farm, how does that feel? What do I do? What do I smell? What activities are my responsibility now that I live there? I see, hear and touch the animals. I bake bread, and make that a real experience to me. That’s helpful because I’ve baked bread before.

But what I’m doing, and what you’re doing with any visualization or meditation you choose, is bringing your personal conscious awareness into that reality. You’re moving, so to speak. You’re moving from one “house” (reality) to a new environment. The more real that new environment seems to you, the less you’ll struggle to get there.

Focus less on the visualization of specifics, because that could be limiting. Go more for the sense of well-being in this new place, situation, relationship, state of health, etc. The picture will fill in itself; the God-Mind will never short-change anyone – as long as you allow yourself to receive its best.

The key is to live that feeling now; not to wait for the manifestation. Not to say, “I’ll be happy when ___.” Be happy now and the ___ will fill in, usually better than you imagined!

D. Thankful – your prayer is already so and is becoming physical reality

* Even as you ask, your prayer is taking psychic form. Really think about that, not intellectually, but feel it to be true. Is that powerful or what?

Now, before getting specific about your desire, give thanks! Because as we’ve said, in Spirit it’s already done.

Before you form a prayer into words, already the Universe is moving to fulfill your desire. We cannot, and do not live in a vacuum. God gave you a desire. If, when you meditate or pray, you release personal attachment (This is how it must look…), then that desire will be fulfilled. The more positiveness you feel around it, the faster it will appear.

Yet long before that, like a seed in the ground, it exists in full. You don’t plant an acorn and return to the store to get a pear seed, because didn’t you know an oak tree can’t grow from an acorn, it needs a pear seed too? You don’t see the full-grown, majestic oak in that acorn. You don’t see a fully grown adult human in a baby. But it exists, and in time, we see it fully formed.

We don’t even think about those things. So if we let our prayers be fertilized with thanks, that they already are fully answered, that is allowing the Power of God to work in our lives.

Be thanks-giving before you see “something to be thankful for.” Be thanks. Make it your attitude, and you’ll have an overabundance of things to be thankful for!

E. Faithful, allowing it to be so – “seal” with “And so it is”

* Be faith-filled. Know within yourself that God is working for and through you. Cultivate a sense of thanks and faith. Give thanks from the faith that your prayer is heard, and what the Universe hears, it must answer!

Repeated prayers are not wrong. They are continual positive treatment of consciousness. So if you choose to repeat a prayer, do it with the faith that it is already so – you’re just repeating it for the benefit and focus of your personal mind.

This is why in metaphysics we say, “And so it is!” sealing our prayer with faith and letting it go, as it already is so.

5-finger Activity

1. Trace your hand on a piece of paper and cut it out.

2. Writing one on each finger, make yourself a reminder of the right attitude for affirmative prayer:

* Positive

* Acknowledge

* Realized (or real now)

* Thanks

* Seal of faith


3. Decorate the hand as you see fit. πŸ™‚ Carry it with you or hang it on your refrigerator or computer monitor where it will be a positive reminder.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

Affirmative Prayer Week 3

This is week 3/6 of Affirmative Prayer: What is it and why Should I Care?

Right click this link and choose “Save target as…” or similar if you’d like to download this post in .doc format. Affirmative Prayer Week 3 Notes

Meditational Prayer Treatment

We began with the following treatment, to integrate what we’ve discussed and open to new ideas.

Download treatment mp3

Follow along below as we continue with section V. of the class outline. Again, further explanations begin with *.

V. Truths Underlying Affirmative Prayer

* What is the mystical/metaphysical Christian basis for affirmative prayer practice?

A. “Your Father knoweth you have need of these things before you ask.” –Christ

* Who knows you have need before you ask? Your Father. But who, really, is your Father?

“Father” is the Mind, the Presence in Christ and in all of us. It is Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Life, Source, Creator. Christ also said, “The Father and I are one.” He didn’t just say these things because they applied to him; Christ said them on our behalf. Everything that was/is true for Christ and the Christ-Mind, is also true for us.

Christ on earth, was a manifestation of God. So are we. The difference, if there is one, is that Christ knew and acknowledged his divine connection. Many times we don’t; however, as Truth students we “remember” and bring our awareness back to that knowing.

1. So why ask?

* Why bother to pray, if the Father (within you) already knows you have need?

a. TO align your personal mind with God-Mind

* We are individualized expressions of the One-Mind. We come from oneness; at the same time, we have an individual, unique, personal mind. In prayer we align the personal mind with the Higher God-Mind within us.

We do not come from oneness, drop, and then live in a pile of subconscious goo. Thank God! We come from oneness, take the oneness with us as we manifest as human individuals, and have a choice. What is that choice? It is whether we allow the oneness to create our lives, or we let the subconscious and personal ego live our lives.

In prayer the subconscious mind, the personal ego, the personality, and conscious mind are being aligned with the God-Mind. We’re coming back into step with the oneness we came from.

So, we ask in prayer, so that the mind (human mind) is in line with Mind (God-Mind). We don’t ask in order to benefit God-Mind; the benefit is to the human mind.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” –St. Paul

b. To match daily attitude with your prayer

* We also ask in order to match our daily attitudes with our prayers. We’ve already mentioned that praying 10 minutes daily, and doubting 23:50 is tipping the scales in the direction of what we would call “unanswered prayers”.

That’s an obvious comparison. But our daily attitudes are often much more subtle. So, besides prayer itself, how can we stay aligned (in line) with what we’ve asked?

In class we talked about timing. Generally morning and evening are great times to pray and/or meditate. One student discussed noticing her surroundings in the morning, giving thanks for what she perceives (sunshine, rain, birds, other sounds), and asking that God/Spirit “keep me ever mindful of your presence in my day.”

Personally, I find night time is easier for me. So before I sleep, I meditate, then pray. I find that if I haven’t done that, my night sleep and the next day just feel off somehow.

The important thing is to continue in a positive direction.. That is, when you realize you feel off, just say a prayer or do what works for you. This, as opposed to beating yourself up for forgetting morning meditation AGAIN! Always intend to be in the flow, going downstream, not resisting. In this way your daily attitudes are more flexible, more positive, and more easily directed by the Universal Mind within you.

In this alignment, we’re focusing more on the spirit of alignment rather than the letter. For instance, if you pray for health, you’re not just aligning your daily attitude with a healthy body. That would be limiting. You’re aligning yourself with health in all things – your body, mind, spirit, finances, relationships and every aspect of your life.

And more than that, we’re aligned with the spirit of oneness. That’s where our prayers and meditations come from. So the more we align with it, the more our lives will reflect that.

What is that reflection? It can be many things, including physical things. It can also be, and first often is, a knowing, a good mental feeling, a sense of joy or peace. Detach yourself from purely physical manifestations as answers to prayer. Every spiritual and mental step toward oneness, is as celebrated as a new home, a fulfilling relationship, money received, etc. As we said last week, nothing is bigger (or better) than anything else. We know this intuitively when our daily attitude comes from a divine Mindset.

c. To more easily allow your good to manifest

* For good to manifest in physical form, it must already exist in our minds. Beyond that, it does already exist in God-Mind. However, if we don’t believe it personally, we won’t see it manifest. Seeing is not believing; believing is seeing.

Also, before good is a physical form we can point to and say, “This is good,” it is a mental form. It exists first on a spiritual level in the God-Mind. Then, we sense it, not knowing how or why or when it will come to us, but also not caring. It’s a knowing, an intuitive sense of calm that it’s already done, formed, answered, manifest.

Maybe we also hold a mental picture of it, though we need to be mindful of that picture. Are we limiting God, telling Universal Life exactly what we want to see? Or it a general picture of happiness? I call these feeling pictures. Though I have no physical sight, I still visualize in my mind. I find it far more effective, though, to feel the picture. Not so much, “What do I have and what does it look like?” but, “How do I feel with this goal manifest?”

Then, when you already know, believe, feel and live as if that good is yours, it quietly slips into physical form. But that won’t happen easily, unless we ask.

We talked a lot about physical manifestation in class. Some parts of metaphysics have become mainstream. I.e. Law of Attraction, scientific prayer formulas, The Secret, As a Man Thinketh, etc. However, in many ways they miss the key point of metaphysics – meta – and focus on the physical things. Those looking for a quick fix often begin some form of (meta)physical study, but they want the material benefits first.

There is nothing wrong with having material things! But if we are committed metaphysical students, we know that good does not only manifest as physical things. There are ideas, creativity, mental clarity, intuitive senses, laughter, peace, and all manner of good things! Wonderful things I think we all want, but things that are not physical forms.

Some people come briefly to metaphysics, not wanting to let go of the urgency of physical needs. They miss the spiritual foundation, where you truly know “Your Father knoweth you have need of these things before you ask.” They still feel pressured to have what they lack.

I truly feel for people in this situation. But at the same time, I can’t hand them the metaphysical experience all wrapped in a nice package. It must be their own, as it must be your own.

I focus on the “meta” meaning “beyond” physical. Because only when we go beyond the physical appearance, can we be truly free, secure, and loved. And in the end, that’s what we all want. Many of us are just still wrapped up in how real appearances seem to be.

Lasting love, lasting security, does not come from material things, no matter what anyone says. We also talked about addictions of all kinds. People choose these things to fill a void. But it never works. We need the spiritual basis of metaphysics to be our security and our love. When we realize this for ourselves individually, addictions will be a thing of the past.

So what does this have to do with good manifesting in our lives? Plenty! πŸ™‚ We need to realize (make it real) for ourselves, before we can physically see it. And if we are so attached to the acquiring of material things, we need to ask, “Where does my security come from? What is my lasting security?” When that becomes clear and real, we ask, and act, from a divine place. And then, good does easily come into our lives, even as material things.

Along with manifesting material things, we talked about giving material things away. I encourage detachment, allowing yourself to be guided as you give things away. Sometimes you think you know where you want the things to go, or who you would want to have them.

However, the God-Mind does not short-change anyone! The Universe won’t sell anyone, or anything short! So when we pray, we ask for “(this) or something better.” Because the God within knows, and when we cultivate the mindfulness of allowing, we can carry out what is best. When we do, we know that it is best for all involved – for us, who give the things away, for the person receiving them, and for the things themselves. This stretches farther than we can imagine; this is why we ask for the highest good to be done.

d. To shorten the “required” time interval between prayer and its manifestation/demonstration

* Often, prayers “take long” to be answered, because of our own use of thought time.

What do many of us spend the most time doing? Worrying, being afraid, feeling like we lack something, wondering whether we’re good enough… We’ve said before that this is a waste of valuable thought time.

By worrying and so on, we create our own time intervals between our prayers, and their answers, manifestations, or demonstrations.

Allowing, on the other hand, creates the openness for answers to come through us. It’s been said, “God can only do for you what He can do through you.” This is a powerful metaphysical Truth.

So, is there a “required” time interval between a prayer and its answer? Only if we let it be so!

Answers seem to take longest when we’re struggling against something. So the key is to release the struggle. We can do this through prayer itself, or I like a combination of meditation, prayer, and visualization. Whatever removes your focus from struggle, is a tool for you. Use your tools and focus on the good. Remember, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

B. “It is your Father’s pleasure to give you these things.” –Christ

* We said the Father is the God-Presence and Mind within each of us. It’s also Mother, Spirit, Love, peace, joy, oneness, Source, Life, Cosmic Consciousness, Universe, and more. Whatever source of goodness you relate to, that is the Father. And Its pleasure is to give you all you need.

We don’t need to suffer. We don’t need to struggle through life. We can have an abundant life, a good life, one that feels peaceful, fun and joyful. Why is that? Because it is Life’s pleasure to give us everything.

This concept is repeated throughout Christian metaphysics. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

These are all saying the same thing. The Father, or Kingdom of God, is already there. Where? Within you! And you ask, so that you receive all you need.

C. “All of you are equal unto me.” –Christ

* The things mentioned above come from Jesus. He repeated them in different forms throughout his teachings. They applied to him; they were true for him and he knew and acknowledged that.

What was true for Christ, is true for us! That is why he says, “All of you are equal unto me.” Christ is not better than the ordinary praying individual (You or I). We are all equal.

The Father (God Consciousness) took care of Christ. And it takes care of us, from within us, as it did from within Christ himself.

Christ didn’t have anything better than we do. He had no more, and no less, access to God-Power than we have right now. Christ simply chose to live in the awareness of that Power, and to use it for the highest good. We can make the same choice. To God, there’s no difference between Christ and You.

D. “Greater things than these, you shall do.” –Christ

* It’s said that Christ walked on water. If you truly believe you can do that, and you want to do that, you can! The power that Christ used when he walked on water is the same God-Power you activate with every desire of your heart.

In class I said I don’t care about walking on water. It’s not something I personally want to do. So it doesn’t mean anything to me. But I go beyond that. I see “greater things than these” meaning “greater things than you think.” So, “Even greater things than you think, you shall do.”

I use “think” here to mean intellectual thinking. I described wanting to weave tapestries. But tapestries are woven pictures, and I can’t see. So how could I weave a tapestry?

I released the limitations my intellect put on me, and decided, no matter how I physically accomplished it, that I was going to weave a tapestry.

For several days before starting to weave, I meditated to open myself to the belief that I could, indeed, do this. And I’ve woven several small tapestries. I still can’t physically see them. But I know what they look like because I was part of the creation process.

What are the “greater things than you think” that you want to do? What do you truly dream of and desire, that maybe your intellect says you can’t do?

These things, you can do, because the Christ Consciousness within you has the power and resources already. All you need to do is be open and allow them to flow through you.

TO be open, we give up all sense of personal ego identity. When I wove these tapestries, I let go of everything I thought I knew about weaving. Everything I’d been taught, or thought, or read, I released. It was a feeling of being guided by something. And that’s truly what it was – the God-Power within guiding my heart and hands to fulfill that desire. The manifestation, or answer to that prayer, was the physical tapestry, and more than that, the realization that I could create it.

Had my ego been a part of it, the weaving would have been a struggle, instead of the fluid, peaceful process it was. And I’m sure the tapestries would have been less beautiful as well. πŸ™‚

“Let the mind be in you that was in Christ.” –St. Paul

One student started an interesting discussion about whether Christ was taught to perform miracles. I don’t have an opinion on that; it’s not important to me whether he went to schools as a child, studied mysteries, etc. But some students were interested in that.

So we talked about some of the mystical schools Christ may have attended, religions and philosophies he might have studied, and what he might have learned. Possibilities mentioned were Buddhism, meditation, a school called The Right Eye of Horace, Egyptian and Tibetan mysteries…

Someone asked, “If Christ was the manifestation of God on earth, why would he have to be taught anything?”

A revelation for me that could have only come from within, was that we can only be taught what we are open to learn. And even if we attend schools, classes, retreats, etc, the teachings are only a vehicle. Through them, we remember what we already know in Divine Mind. It’s not the schools or other people that teach us anything. They are vehicles for the answers and knowledge that really come from within ourselves.

Maybe Christ did attend various retreats, mystery schools or other things as a young person. But if he did, it was just the fruition of what he already knew.

Someone else asked if negativity is necessary for God. Is it a “must” that we experience negativity?

No, God doesn’t require negativity. Suffering, fearful feelings and so on, are not “allowed” by God.

However, what we call negativity, can also be called contrast. Contrast is necessary on a human level, because without it, there can be no creation.

If you experience contrast, and you don’t like it, then you’ve established what you don’t want.

Obviously that means there’s also something you do want. So we use that seeming duality to create what we want in our lives.

What is truly not necessary, is that we call things negative. We can change what we call them, and we can change our reactions to them. That’s beyond the scope of this specific class; but the answer is, negativity is not necessary to God, and when we experience it, we can use it to our advantage, rather than playing victim and letting it control us.

E. “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.” Job 22:28

* Picture this – a prayer treatment:

You turn inward. Here, you are aligned with Universal Mind. The Presence that lives and moves and breathes all things, is the same Presence within you. You know and acknowledge this Presence as your Life, the Source of all you have, and the Creative process itself.

In this oneness with the Higher God-Mind, you feel your attitudes and feelings aligning now. You realize that your thoughts are God’s thoughts; Your words are God’s words.

In this realization, you decree a thing. You declare in prayer, what you desire. You know that the God-Mind within you, knows you have need of this. You accept its manifestation in your life.

See the Light of the Universe shining within you. And see it shining on your path, and on what you just declared.

You give thanks for this realization. You now release it and allow it to be so.

And as you let it be so, so it is!