The Taste of Fiber

People often tease me because I braid or twist things more easily away from me, rather than working toward me. So, when I braid ends or twist fringes, I hold the ends in my mouth. The standard comment is, “Are you eating yarn again?” And I say, “Well, fiber is good for you!” 🙂

But today I’m not eating yarn. I’m eating popcorn instead. And I admit it, popcorn tastes better than yarn!

What causes our experiences of taste? Our subconscious mind, and the patterns, beliefs and experiences stored there. I think most of us would agree that popcorn tastes better than yarn. But could someone enjoy the taste of yarn? Yes, someone could, and for myself I’ve come to look upon the bits that get into my mouth with humor. I may not be able to braid or twist moving toward myself. But hey, I can braid and I can twist, so nothing is wrong here.

But that taste? It’s so much more than just a taste. It’s a whole lot of things, rolled up into what we experience as taste. Mostly, it’s beliefs.

If the popcorn were ice cream, what might some of us think?

* Ice cream tastes good.

* It’s smooth.

* It’s cold.

* It’s creamy.

* Eating ice cream feels refreshing on a hot day.

Now watch, this is where the unproductive ones start, if they haven’t already!

* That ice cream is going right to my hips!

* It tastes good, but now I have to walk it off.

* What price do I have to pay for this little pleasure?

And now, suddenly the ice cream is bad…? Yet it felt pretty good when we focused on the fun stuff?

The taste of fiber – if you will – is like everything else. We create our own reality. In an ultimate sense, we are one with all things – the popcorn, the yarn, the ice cream. And we can choose how we experience them.

I could gripe about how I can’t hold my braiding ends on the edge of a table “like everyone else does”. I could complain about it so much that I don’t even want to braid anymore. And I could quit an activity that could have been really fun and rewarding.

Or I could laugh about how funny it is to get that little bit of extra fiber! How others will always remember my crafts because who would ever forget seeing someone with braids in their mouth?

I could eat the popcorn, or the ice cream, and reflect on good, funny things like this. Or I could let them be a catalyst for creating more negativity.

The choice is mine.

You see which I’ve chosen.

And now, as always, the choice is yours!

You may not find braiding or weaving or “creative arts” appealing. But you do eat! SO will you eat with gratitude, humor and joy? Will you allow yourself that pleasure? If you will, Universal God-Mind will respond with more goodness, fun, light-heartedness and also bring you people who radiate those qualities.

Try it! Next time you eat something you enjoy, but your pre-programmed thoughts say you shouldn’t, do this:

Bless what you will eat, with positive feelings. Eat it, enjoying the taste, the texture, the smell and any other elements you identify. If you have a negative thought, gently let it go, and find a positive one. Eventually your good ole’ subconscious will get the idea, and start supplying positive thoughts for you. Until it does, it can be gently guided, with love, expectation, peace and yes, humor!

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