Affirmative Prayer Class Week 4

This is week 4/6 of Affirmative Prayer: What is it and why Should I Care? (Click to review previous weeks.)

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Follow along as we cover section VI. of the class outline. Explanations begin with * .

VI. Right Attitude for Affirmative Prayer

* What is the attitude, or mental atmosphere, that makes metaphysical prayer treatment effective?

A. Positive – State prayer with positive words and feelings

* When we pray in words, we use positive ones. Affirmations, present-tense statements that declare the prayer in a positive manner. That’s why it’s called affirmative prayer.

But, before we can say and mean positive words, we must feel them to be true for us. Consciously or not, the feeling always comes first. It may be a subtle feeling, but it still comes before physical manifestation in words.

When we consciously allow the feeling to create the words we use in prayer, our prayers become much more authentic, aligned with our Higher Self, and effective.

Often when we speak in daily life, we say what we’re expected to say, what we “should” say, and the kicker – we say what we really believe is true about ourselves.

For instance, you grab a second piece of cake and say, “I know I shouldn’t eat this.” And yet you eat it. So, the question is not, why am I eating this cake? It is, why did I say I shouldn’t eat this cake? Well, probably because others’ personal ego opinion of you is that you shouldn’t; you know that and respond accordingly. But deep down, do you believe that, too? The answer is often, yes, you believe you shouldn’t have the cake. That belief is what makes you say you shouldn’t have it.

Now you understand why adopting a positive attitude from the inside out, rather than through empty or habitual words, is the most authentic, effective, and real way to pray.

Feel first. Then speak, in prayer and in life. Feel the Truth, and speak from it.

B. Acknowledgment – God can, will or has – it’s already yours in the Mind of God

* God is infinite. Universal Consciousness is Life itself. You can’t ask for anything that isn’t already yours!

Think about that. The Universe is within you. That’s why the Bible says, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” That Kingdom is the entire Universe. So, in this Universal God-Mind, what you’re asking for, already belongs to you, right now.

You may not see it yet; but as we said, believing is seeing and not the other way around. Ultimately, in a spiritual, universal sense, you own and have unlimited access to everything you desire!

“Reality” is no more real when you see it, than it was as a picture in your mind. That is, nothing is more real than anything else; the sports car you visualize is no more real when you drive it, than it was in your visualization.

However, if it does not seem real in your mind first, it will never be a physical manifestation. That’s what makes fear so powerful – the fact that it seems so real. How much more quickly could our prayers be made manifest if we let goodness seem that real to us?

C. Realized – feel that what you want is real and true for you now, adding details to strengthen mental picture and belief

* Taking this further, this reality is Ultimate, not just a mental picture or visualization. We can actually live in that reality now; and we must in order for it to manifest.

I often create what I call a feeling picture for myself. How do I feel in that reality? How do I feel within myself? Happy? Peaceful? Free? Financially prosperous? Creative? Blessed? And what do those things mean to me – i.e. how does that feel? My feeling experience won’t be the same as yours; you will have the joy of creating your own.

If I want to live on a farm, how does that feel? What do I do? What do I smell? What activities are my responsibility now that I live there? I see, hear and touch the animals. I bake bread, and make that a real experience to me. That’s helpful because I’ve baked bread before.

But what I’m doing, and what you’re doing with any visualization or meditation you choose, is bringing your personal conscious awareness into that reality. You’re moving, so to speak. You’re moving from one “house” (reality) to a new environment. The more real that new environment seems to you, the less you’ll struggle to get there.

Focus less on the visualization of specifics, because that could be limiting. Go more for the sense of well-being in this new place, situation, relationship, state of health, etc. The picture will fill in itself; the God-Mind will never short-change anyone – as long as you allow yourself to receive its best.

The key is to live that feeling now; not to wait for the manifestation. Not to say, “I’ll be happy when ___.” Be happy now and the ___ will fill in, usually better than you imagined!

D. Thankful – your prayer is already so and is becoming physical reality

* Even as you ask, your prayer is taking psychic form. Really think about that, not intellectually, but feel it to be true. Is that powerful or what?

Now, before getting specific about your desire, give thanks! Because as we’ve said, in Spirit it’s already done.

Before you form a prayer into words, already the Universe is moving to fulfill your desire. We cannot, and do not live in a vacuum. God gave you a desire. If, when you meditate or pray, you release personal attachment (This is how it must look…), then that desire will be fulfilled. The more positiveness you feel around it, the faster it will appear.

Yet long before that, like a seed in the ground, it exists in full. You don’t plant an acorn and return to the store to get a pear seed, because didn’t you know an oak tree can’t grow from an acorn, it needs a pear seed too? You don’t see the full-grown, majestic oak in that acorn. You don’t see a fully grown adult human in a baby. But it exists, and in time, we see it fully formed.

We don’t even think about those things. So if we let our prayers be fertilized with thanks, that they already are fully answered, that is allowing the Power of God to work in our lives.

Be thanks-giving before you see “something to be thankful for.” Be thanks. Make it your attitude, and you’ll have an overabundance of things to be thankful for!

E. Faithful, allowing it to be so – “seal” with “And so it is”

* Be faith-filled. Know within yourself that God is working for and through you. Cultivate a sense of thanks and faith. Give thanks from the faith that your prayer is heard, and what the Universe hears, it must answer!

Repeated prayers are not wrong. They are continual positive treatment of consciousness. So if you choose to repeat a prayer, do it with the faith that it is already so – you’re just repeating it for the benefit and focus of your personal mind.

This is why in metaphysics we say, “And so it is!” sealing our prayer with faith and letting it go, as it already is so.

5-finger Activity

1. Trace your hand on a piece of paper and cut it out.

2. Writing one on each finger, make yourself a reminder of the right attitude for affirmative prayer:

* Positive

* Acknowledge

* Realized (or real now)

* Thanks

* Seal of faith


3. Decorate the hand as you see fit. 🙂 Carry it with you or hang it on your refrigerator or computer monitor where it will be a positive reminder.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

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