My Be-attitude – Metaphysical Talk

What is our ideal attitude? What is a christed attitude? Find out in this metaphysical spiritual talk and meditation!

Companion to My Be-attitude – Spiritual Song. Yes, the song came first. 🙂

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I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Matthew 5:1-12 (NKJV)


I bless God as Supreme Creator. And I bless each creation as an expression of God. My attitude of blessing is made and maintained by God. I bless others by the Power of God working through me. For each blessing given and received in and through my attitude, I give thanks. And so it is!

My Be-attitude – Spiritual Song

Based on Matthew 5:3-10 “The Beatitudes” (NKJV). See also companion talk.

My Be-attitude – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

1. Bless’d are the poor in spirit
Without the ego’s pride.
Bless’d are the meek and those who mourn-
Their kingdom is inside,
For they keep the attitude of Christ.
And as for me

2. Bless’d are the ones who thirst for God,
For they shall be made full.
Bless’d are the pure and merciful
Who live His Golden Rule
And who sow the seeds of what is good.
And as for me

And may I be a peacemaker
And love all those who say
That the Truth is but a fiction
And try to quench my faith,
‘Cause I know that Heaven is my place!

Through God I am the heart and mind
Of never-ending Love!

My attitude shall be a blessing
By the Power of God!
I’ll shape it as a loaf of bread
And let it rise above
To demonstrate the heart and mind
Of never-ending Love!

Sell your crap… And Live your Purpose

Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what You Love.

This post was written, and the accompanying video shared by Deborah Lindsey at International Metaphysical University.

Most of us have felt trapped in a life situation we’ve created, whether consciously or unconsciously. But there is a way out! After watching this video and reading Deborah’s story, I urge you to think of the spiritual implications of the lifestyle you choose.

Today I heard a sermon that said, “Your purpose in life is to please God.” I whole-heartedly agree with that statement! How that purpose happens, by what means, is different for each of us. Some are ministers, teachers, trash collectors, agents of all kinds, because it takes all kinds of people to manifest all different aspects of the one, infinite, universal God! And isn’t that wonderful?

What we all have in common, is the purpose to please God.

We can buck that purpose–God knows most of us have done that at some point, I know I have! We can let our personal sense of identity run our lives, as Adam talks about in the video. And, as he also mentions, we can let experiences be our identity. But none of these approaches further God’s pleasure, or our harmony with God.

You are not your bank account, your relationship with anyone–be they friend or foe, parent, child, significant other, students, and all the other people you’re blessed to encounter in life! This is not You! This is personal identity.

You are not the things you have, the degrees you hold, your job, your home, or anything else you identify with! You are not even the things you enjoy–music, nature, art, walking, prayer, meditation, vacations, books, food…

So who are you? What are you?

You are God!

A bold statement, and the Truth! Your ego is not God; your sense of personal identity is not God. However, your essence, your core, your Lifeforce, is God.

You are an individualized manifestation of God-Presence! You are here to bring God glory, honor, love and praise!

For as the Christ Mind speaking through Jesus said, “Why call ye me good? I of myself do nothing. It is the Father within me that doeth these works.”

He also said, “I am about my Father’s business,” and, “The Father and I are one.”

When we can truly live these things, letting them come forth through our lives, that is when we’re living out God’s purpose for our being here.

Our purpose, your purpose, my purpose, is to please God.

If for you that means getting rid of stuff, and/or debt, do that! Because no one else will do it for you! But by the Power and Presence of God, it can be done through you.

If it means something else, take your conscious awareness, mind and heart by the hand and let it be lead by God. If you need clarity, ask God! For goodness sake it’s all within you already; your only work is to, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” Why? Because “all these things shall be added unto you.”

God knows your purpose. God knows how it will be carried out through you. You may not know. It may not make sense, and your mind may very well shout out against it with all kinds of reasons why you cannot do this!

And still, your work is to seek God’s kingdom, clarity, and guidance within you, and let the Universal Power of God flow through you to bring forth pleasure, love, honor and glory into your life.

And let others see your good works, not to glorify and praise you, but “to glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

May we each let it be so in our own lives, and give thanks that so it is!

Ordained by God: Who Says?

I’ve been doing a lot of meditation lately. No surprise there, as meditation is a core metaphysical teaching, first for mystical contact and oneness with God-within, and then for positive re-programming of the subconscious and conscious mind.

Through meditation I’ve sought clarity on the establishment of religion. Here I offer only the insights gained from this meditation. They are not professional or legal advice of any kind and should not be taken as such.

Some of the questions I’ve been asking in meditation are:

* What makes me a minister? Whose authority? What activities? And what proves I really am?

* If I don’t serve an incorporated church, am I no longer a minister?

* What about Jesus? No one ordained him that we know of. He had no single church building. And he never called himself a minister, though others called him Rabbi, or teacher. So how does this un-ordained, non-physical-church situation Christ experienced, relate to me?

You can see how these questions deepen, with that last one being the true heart of the matter. Religious metaphysics as I practice and teach it, is a Christian mystical tradition.

There, I said it. I welcome those of all faiths, but as you know, I do turn to Christ’s words and teachings more often than to others’. I respect all spiritual teachers and leaders for their contributions. And I’m open enough to know that at their core, all “established religions” teach the same things in their purest forms. I simply choose Christ’s teachings as a spiritual foundation.

I have recently said to myself, out loud, “What would Jesus do?” And most of the time I’m not one to ask that. I don’t look to the Bible for every little thing, or wear a “WWJD” bracelet. But I do desire to express whatever the Christ-Mind, the same mind that was in Jesus, divinely orders to be expressed through me.

So, “What would Christ-Mind do?”

First, conscious mind meditates and becomes one with Christ-Mind. Then, all things are made clear, through the Power and Presence of this One Mind.

Jesus didn’t have a church building. He roamed around quite a bit in what we presume to be about 3 years of ministry. The hillside was just fine for him more often than not. And it’s fine for me too! I haven’t spoken or preached on a hillside yet, but God knows I would! 🙂

The most important thing I gained from meditation, is the Spirit:

* The Spirit of the Law, and not the letter. I.e. Divine Law over man-made doctrine.

* The Spirit of Christ, not the physical trappings of a “church”.

* The Spirit of service, not the proof of specific activities that make me a minister.

* The Spirit of Truth, not “by whose authority are you ordained? And under what laws are you protected?”

I don’t need legal protection of any kind. And if at any time I do, it will be provided to me in ways that are in harmony with my spirit.

How do I know this? Because I have the Christ-Mind, the Supreme Source, Creator, Protector and Provider of all things to all creations! And it’s right here within me, always and forever, in this human lifetime, and in any and all other lifetimes of my soul!

And by what laws am I protected? The same law by which I live: The Law of Love, Law of Mind… The Law of God!

And so, I choose to remain an independent minister. No “This is my physical church building right here.” No articles of incorporation. “Just” the Chapel Within as I’ve come to call it; and my life as a vehicle of God-Mind, a lamp post, directing others to their own Chapel Within.

Because my Chapel won’t do for them! They–you and every person–each have their own! That is the beauty of God expressed as and through each one of us!

For this realization, and the freedom of God-within, expressed as everything we ever need, we give thanks, and let it be so!

And so it is!

Perceived Limitations

“Just remember: when you go to court, you are trusting your fate to twelve people that weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty!”—Anonymous

Believe it or not, I always thought it would be neat to serve on a jury. Before I considered myself an aware person, I wanted to play a part in deciding who was right, and who was wrong. Then, when I became more aware, I wanted to be a vehicle of divine order – manifesting higher purpose in the world. But I never thought about the process of being on a jury, what a juror does, and how they do it.

Recently, the above quote made me think. I read it in a friend’s email signature and remembered my desire to serve on a jury. I wondered why so many people want to get out of jury duty, and then there’s me: I’d love to be called, but never have been. What’s up with that?

I asked someone that question and got hit over the head with that cosmic baseball bat. The response was, “Well, there would be evidence that you’d have to see. And you can’t see.”

My reply was, “Oh really? Uh, I guess that’s true, but I never thought about that.”

I never considered myself limited in that way. And I still don’t! I also no longer want to serve on a jury! But I digress. 🙂

The important thing is, we have a choice. We choose how to perceive others, and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. We can see lack and limitation. We can see appearances and call them limiting. Or we can have a desire, and see opportunities to fulfill it!

Are you limited by some physical, mental, emotional or other block? Your personal ego and sense of individual identity may shout out a resounding, “Yes!” But as Byron Katie says, “Is that true? Do you absolutely know that it’s true?”

And the answer, the ultimate Truth, is a resounding, “NO!” You are not limited by anything.

We create limitation by our perceptions, our sense of separation from Supreme Intelligence, Spirit, God – that which is All There Is. But ultimately, that separation is an illusion. At any time we can reconnect with the Truth of our being, and manifest, that is, bring into form, the fulfillment of our individual purpose and any desire that is in harmony with that purpose.

Will I serve on a jury? Probably not. But it’s not because I can’t, blind or not! It’s because that desire isn’t in alignment with my purpose. But manifestation of Higher Awareness? That is in accord with my purpose.

So, I’m thankful for this opportunity to become clear about limitation and most of all, about potential, opportunity, and possibility!

POP: Potential, Opportunity, Possibility!

That’s the purpose of true metaphysics, and why each of us are here: to POP in our own way, to manifest God and the universe, in all its versatility.

And so it is!

Praise the Lord – Song

Fun, metaphysical take on Psalm 150 “Praise the Lord!” Companion song to Praise God Within – Metaphysical Talk

Praise the Lord Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

1. God is great, and in King David’s day they gave him praise
With the sound of instruments, and we can do the same!
‘Cause we’re another instrument He’s made!

We are God’s sanctuary;
We’re His firmament!
We live by His mighty acts!
He’s our very breath,
So praise the Lord!

2. Hear the mighty trumpet blast and clashing cymbals strong!
Praise our God within and let it carry far and long!
‘Cause all our life and living is His song!

3. Hear the lute and harp that give the one Creator praise.
Even as we rest , we know the Truth of ancient days.
‘Cause God creates and lives in us always!

4. Now the strings and flutes arrive to share their joy and peace.
Let us sing and dance in gratitude just like a feast!
‘Cause God’s the only one that does not cease!
Refrain: (3x)

Praise the Lord!

Oneness Meditation Treatment

I recognize that there is but one Life in this Universe. That Life is God’s Life, and that Life is my Life now.

God is Love. God is Power. God is Good. God is Cause. God is Eternity. God is Infinity.

God is Source. God is Substance.

God is Beauty. God is Peace. God is Joy. God is Breath.

God is Spirit. God is Energy. God is Lifeforce. God is One. God is All.

God is Universal. God is Cosmic. God is Creator. God is Creation. God is Love.

I unite my mind with God-Mind now, knowing that I am already one with Higher Consciousness. Because God is Consciousness, and God is All.

There is no separation between God and my Life, that is God-Life individualized. God is All there Is, now and always.

I declare, therefore, that God is living as me and through me in this moment. There is only one moment in Life. That is the Eternal Moment.

I align my mind with the Eternal Moment. I open myself to know, think, feel and experience all the good that God is, and has for me. God wants to manifest fully, through me. Otherwise I would not exist.

I know that there are many paths to God, and I know that my own path can and will evolve. For this I give thanks!

I realize that Divine Guidance and Order are at work in my life, because God is my Essence. Therefore, as my path evolves, I affirm and seek within for that Guidance. As I align with it, I receive it, through any and all channels.

I give thanks to God when I receive any and all good, no matter how small it seems. Because all Good is God, and all God is Good. The Essence of my Being is God.

For this realization and experience of being one with God, I give thanks!

I let it be so in this eternal, infinite moment that appears as my individual life, and beyond.

And so it is!

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64304_224983860989784_243733957_n (1)

Photo Credit: Sun Gazing on Facebook

Some would say it is Impossible!
Others would say it is Difficult!
Many still would dismiss it as sentimental,
An idea only fit for pen and paper!

“Not so” dear ones!
A little word of kindness here,
A little compassionate listening there!
A little hug, a gift, an encouragement!

Little Acts of Love!
Like tiny drops of water,
Running frequently and constantly,
Form a large pool!

It is worth Trying!

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Praise God Within – Metaphysical Talk

Metaphysical talk and meditation on authentic praise.

Click here for companion song!


I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Psalm 150 (NKJV)


By the power of God’s presence within me, I have breath. I praise God for the greatness of my life, because it is God’s Life individualized. I use my voice, creativity, and any musical talent I have to praise God and manifest His glory. I give thanks for God’s music, that which I co-create and that which I enjoy from others. And so it is!