Sell your crap… And Live your Purpose

Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what You Love.

This post was written, and the accompanying video shared by Deborah Lindsey at International Metaphysical University.

Most of us have felt trapped in a life situation we’ve created, whether consciously or unconsciously. But there is a way out! After watching this video and reading Deborah’s story, I urge you to think of the spiritual implications of the lifestyle you choose.

Today I heard a sermon that said, “Your purpose in life is to please God.” I whole-heartedly agree with that statement! How that purpose happens, by what means, is different for each of us. Some are ministers, teachers, trash collectors, agents of all kinds, because it takes all kinds of people to manifest all different aspects of the one, infinite, universal God! And isn’t that wonderful?

What we all have in common, is the purpose to please God.

We can buck that purpose–God knows most of us have done that at some point, I know I have! We can let our personal sense of identity run our lives, as Adam talks about in the video. And, as he also mentions, we can let experiences be our identity. But none of these approaches further God’s pleasure, or our harmony with God.

You are not your bank account, your relationship with anyone–be they friend or foe, parent, child, significant other, students, and all the other people you’re blessed to encounter in life! This is not You! This is personal identity.

You are not the things you have, the degrees you hold, your job, your home, or anything else you identify with! You are not even the things you enjoy–music, nature, art, walking, prayer, meditation, vacations, books, food…

So who are you? What are you?

You are God!

A bold statement, and the Truth! Your ego is not God; your sense of personal identity is not God. However, your essence, your core, your Lifeforce, is God.

You are an individualized manifestation of God-Presence! You are here to bring God glory, honor, love and praise!

For as the Christ Mind speaking through Jesus said, “Why call ye me good? I of myself do nothing. It is the Father within me that doeth these works.”

He also said, “I am about my Father’s business,” and, “The Father and I are one.”

When we can truly live these things, letting them come forth through our lives, that is when we’re living out God’s purpose for our being here.

Our purpose, your purpose, my purpose, is to please God.

If for you that means getting rid of stuff, and/or debt, do that! Because no one else will do it for you! But by the Power and Presence of God, it can be done through you.

If it means something else, take your conscious awareness, mind and heart by the hand and let it be lead by God. If you need clarity, ask God! For goodness sake it’s all within you already; your only work is to, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” Why? Because “all these things shall be added unto you.”

God knows your purpose. God knows how it will be carried out through you. You may not know. It may not make sense, and your mind may very well shout out against it with all kinds of reasons why you cannot do this!

And still, your work is to seek God’s kingdom, clarity, and guidance within you, and let the Universal Power of God flow through you to bring forth pleasure, love, honor and glory into your life.

And let others see your good works, not to glorify and praise you, but “to glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

May we each let it be so in our own lives, and give thanks that so it is!

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