“The Bluebells of Scotland” #Music

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Here is another traditional Scottish folk song, called “The Bluebells of Scotland.” Dora Jordan, an English actress and writer, wrote this song, which was first published in 1801. It remains popular today, both in Scotland and elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy hearing this lovely melody on zither!

Otherworldly #Haiku #Poem

Instruments, silent
While music rings joyfully
In another realm!

Written for
Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille: Death Poem,
contemplating my own transition from earth.

Think of Me

Original Song on Ukulele

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When I wrote this song 3 years ago, my nephew said, “I’m gonna sing this at your funeral!” It wasn’t as morbid as it might sound. I laughed and felt good, because I want to be remembered fondly!

Lighthouse #Decima #Poem

Light is covered by the veiling,
Never gone, however darkened.
To its calling we must harken,
If we seek a smoother sailing.

Shooting stars with tails a-trailing,
Closer, closer now they shimmer…
Even as the light grows dimmer!
Let us see with mind and spirit!
Heart and soul, be always near it:
Light within forever glimmers!

Written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 41: (SHIMMER) in the C rhyme line.

Marvel #SixSentenceStories

Some people can play nearly any musical instrument they encounter. They may not play professionally, or even very well, but they can at least make a sound or squeeze a few notes out of any instrument they hold.

I don’t consider myself a professional musician, although I probably should, since I’ve often been paid to perform for others.

Still, one of my favorite things is to explore a new instrument, because I’m blessed to get a sound out of every one I’ve tried.

It’s truly a marvel! And believe me, I never take it for granted!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Marvel.

You Are not Alone

Mary Oliver said, “Sometimes the great bones of my life are so heavy.” I really know nothing about her life, only her wonderful poetry. But judging by this quote, she must have known pain, suffering, fatigue, and even simply the common stresses of life in her time. Whichever it was, Mary knew and understood.

Perhaps she put this down on paper for herself, as a catharsis or release. After all, that’s one reason many of us write.

But reaching beyond herself, Mary Oliver’s words are still shared today, reminding us that we are not alone in the pain, suffering, fatigue, and stresses of life we experience.

I am grateful to writers, past and present, who reach out to let us know, in no uncertain terms: You are not alone!

My 129-word response to
dVerse Prosery: Bone Weary,
containing this Mary Oliver quote.

It uses the line, but doesn’t really fit the prompt, which requires a story with beginning, middle, and end.

“Largo (Going Home)” #Music

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The lyrics to “Going Home” were written by William Arms Fisher (1861-1948). The melody, however, is not the African-American spiritual many people believe it to be. In reality, the melody is taken from Bohemian composer Antonin Dvorak’s “Largo” theme, from his Symphony No. 9 (From the New World), Op. 95. In the symphony this theme is played on English horn. Dvorak was not involved in writing the lyrics or arrangement that later became “Going Home.”

I hope you enjoy hearing Dvorak’s “Largo” theme played on lyre!

This Is Not a Lyre #Music #Poem

Original Lyre Music

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This is not a lyre.
It looks like one, if you know what a lyre looks like.

It has a rounded soundbox from which two arms reach to the sky.
One arm is shorter than the other,
but it has no disadvantage.

The top of the lyre comes to a point
that, on this one that is not,
faces away from the player.

From the point, the long arm slopes sharply toward the player,
almost like a sliding board.

Along this arm are tuning pins.
You guessed it–
the strings are attached to these
and tied to a bridge on the lower part of the soundbox.
Yes, it looks like a lyre.

Yet this is not a lyre.
It is a music box to say the least,
a magic box,
a mystical box,
the bottle containing
the alchemist’s elixir of immortality.

It won’t make you immortal.
But think about it.
Would you really want to be
immortal, ever remaining in your current form?
I didn’t think so!

But the music
of the mystical,
musical box
can lead you
to your immortal soul.

This is not a lyre,
but you might misconstrue its unassuming form,
if you didn’t know better.

But you, dear reader,
know better!

is not
a lyre…

An object poem for

Lifeboat #Decima #Poem

O life can ever pull us down
And shake our moorings, rock our boat.
But somehow we can stay afloat!
We find a sudden path to ground;
We’re battered, bruised, but haven’t drowned!
And that’s the reason people say,
“Where there’s a will, there is a way.”
Despite hard times, it must be true.
There is a way for me and you.
So let us lift our sails of faith!

Written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 40: (FLOAT) in the B rhyme line.