Schubert “Impromptu” #Music

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Happy birthday, Schubert!

Franz Schubert was born on January 31, 1797. In honor of his birthday, I posted
“Die Forelle” (The Trout)
on zither last year.

Today I’m sharing a simple arrangement of Schubert’s “Impromptu, Opus 90, Number 3”. To me this piece contains elements of his “Ave Maria,” which I love.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement on alto recorder, viola, and lyre!

“Sweet Hour of Prayer” #Music

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“Sweet Hour of Prayer” was written by William W. Walford, who lived in England from 1772 to 1850.

This hymn is about private prayer, rather than congregational prayer in a church service or other setting. This is deep, intense, personal prayer of petition; thanksgiving; and again, petition, but from a waiting, faithful soul who is aware that God already knows what is needed.

American songwriter, William Bradbury, composed the fitting music for this hymn.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful, contemplative melody on zither!

Symphony of Love #Decima #Poem

Sweet music is my one true love,
Regardless of the place and time.
It brings me joy and peace sublime,
An earthly gift from Heav’n above.

In strains descending as a dove,
I’m perfect, whole, contented, free!
Sweet music keeps reminding me
To live, to love, to laugh and care;
To be compassionate and share
A love-inspired symphony!

Instrument of Love

Original Song on Guitar

Harp and Drum

Poem with Music

Instrument of Peace

Poem with Ukulele Accompaniment

Written for
Ronovan Writes D├ęcima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 42: (CARE) in the D rhyme line.

Mr. Seagull Speaks #SixSentenceStories

I am Mr. Seagull, not to be confused with the rest of my family–that is, my mate and hatchlings. I am the Big Cheese, and that’s the way it is. I shouldn’t have to tell you I live near the ocean.

You think I should be content just eating fish, but here’s something that will really knock your beach sandals off.

My favorite food is French fries, especially when I swoop down and nab them from an unsuspecting, scared child! AH AH AH, yum yum yum, BLISS!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Ocean.

Needless to say, I was the child in the story… :-()

“A Red, Red Rose” #Music

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It’s Burns Night once again! Every year on January 25th, many people in Scotland and other countries hold suppers in honor of the great poet, Robert Burns, born January 25, 1759.

This song is often known by its first line, “My Love is like a Red, Red Rose.” Burns did not write it, but based his poem on traditional sources. We owe Burns a debt of gratitude, because if it were not for his desire to transcribe traditional Scottish tunes, many beautiful melodies like this one would be lost to time.

I hope you enjoy my zither arrangement!

“Praise Him Praise Him!” #Music

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It seems I post these hymns later and later every Sunday! I apologize for this. I do my very best to abide by the International Metaphysical Ministry Ordination Vows and Code of Ethics, which contain a requirement that says (my paraphrase), “I vow not to let my personal struggles and problems interfere with my work.” I have always taken my Ordination Vows and Code of Ethics seriously, and I am deeply committed to the work I’ve chosen. But lately, it’s been extremely difficult! I thank all of you for your patience and continued support!

Today’s hymn is entitled “Praise Him Praise Him!” It was written by the incomparable Fanny (Frances Jane) Crosby in 1869. I sang this in church as a child, but this is the first time I’ve played it. I hope you enjoy listening to this hymn on zither!

I wish each and every one of you peace, health, strength, and above all, both the knowing and feeling that you are loved!

“The Bluebells of Scotland” #Music

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Here is another traditional Scottish folk song, called “The Bluebells of Scotland.” Dora Jordan, an English actress and writer, wrote this song, which was first published in 1801. It remains popular today, both in Scotland and elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy hearing this lovely melody on zither!